Dreams Related To Brother in law

Brother-in-law visiting

An unexpected visit by brother-in-law.

Dreaming about an unexpected visit from your brother-in-law is a sign of bearing a grudge against him or being misunderstood by him currently or in the past and trying to amend this situation.

Brother-in-law sprinkling salt around

My brother-in-law was sprinkling rough salt in the house and telling everyone to go out of the house.

Dreaming about seeing this person sprinkling salt inside the house could be a symbol of rejection he may face due to his opinions in regards to some family matters or issues. You could be witnessing that he is surrounded by people who do not share his beliefs and ideas, and dealing with them poses some difficulty for him. Furthermore, this dream vision portends a period filled with conflicts and disagreements within the walls of your own home or among the members of your and his families.