Dreams Related To Breath

Someone intoxicated by breath

Female. In my dream, a man I know in waking life was very taken and intoxicated by my breath. He kept moving in closer. It wasn't sexual though.

Your breath in this dream vision could symbolize self-confidence and how you present yourself in public. This man may admire your poise or tenacity, perhaps because he lacks these attributes or he wants to know how to boost his self-confidence. On the other hand, mouth and throat are often used to refer to communication and social skills. So if he seems taken by your breath, then perhaps this is a reference to your impeccable manners and sensitivity to others. Other people may be drawn to you because you prefer to communicate in a positive way, instead of spouting negativity.

Feeling short of breath

I had a dream about me holding a see-through plastic bag with a frog in it and I remember that I kept twisting it and then untwisting it because it couldn't breathe. All that time it was still in the plastic bag, then I couldn't breathe. I couldn't feel myself breathing in real life, so I woke up and the dream ended there. I had a dream like this before, except it wasn't about a frog, it was about me in a back seat of a car and crashing into a pole and I woke up cause I couldn't breathe.

The thread that holds both your dreams together is suffocation or difficulty in breathing that is jolting you awake. While both dreams may not be contextually related, this does point to exhaustion and tension in your mind and body causing your interrupted sleep due to breathing issues. In the first dream, the trapped frog suggests health issues. This is a warning that you need to pay more attention to your health and well-being before it is too late. The notion that you are the one twisting and untwisting the plastic bag to cut off air or allow the frog to breathe means that it is within your powers to change your habits and lifestyle into a healthier one. The second dream you discussed involving a car crash implies an alarming situation or experience. The crash also indicates conflicting beliefs and lifestyles. Whether one or the other will be beneficial to your wellness will be up to you to decide.

Not being able to breathe

Not being able to breathe while you are dreaming is often interpreted by traditional sources to mean that you need to take a step back. Your unconscious mind is sending this visceral message to warn you that you are wearing yourself too thin. In many cases, this refers to social obligations, suggesting you have trouble saying no to others. However, it can also mean that you are working too hard for too long without a break, burning the candle at both ends.