Dreams Related To Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding when not pregnant

Shamans and other wise men have often said that the image of breastfeeding when not pregnant or expecting alludes to being ready, physically or mentally, to take care of a child. This may mean being prepared to be a parent, but it can also be seen by future teachers, coaches or others who provide guidance to young people.

Being breastfed by mother

My dream was about sucking my mother's breasts.

Dreaming about being breastfed is an ominous sign indicating a decline in morals. It suggests you may have recently become engaged in immoral or illegal activities which would be frowned upon by those around you if they see your true colors. While you may be able to hide the darkness within yourself for the time being, your wrongdoing is destined to be revealed in the end, causing loss of trust and disappointment by all those who once believed in you.

Breastfeeding a baby who gets sick

I often dream I am breastfeeding a baby, but this time I was breastfeeding and stopped to wind the baby which then began to sick up what looked like black tea leaves.

Breastfeeding is often associated with finances and financial health, so stopping midway to give the baby a chance to burp could predict a slow "drying up" of resources or cash flow. Additionally, noticing that the baby vomits could show a reversal in the amount of personal income you presently depend on. The black tea leaves predict a further degradation of your quality of living unless something is done quickly to resolve this issue.

Breastfeeding babies

Breastfeeding babies.

A dream about breastfeeding one or more babies could be interpreted as a sign of good health. If you are suffering from some sort of affliction, such as a physical illness, this dream represents the possibility of recovery. If you are already healthy, the dream could symbolize the fact that your health will not deteriorate in the foreseeable future.

Dirty liquid instead of breast milk

I am a female praying to get pregnant. Last night I had a dream. In my dream I had a newborn baby girl and when I wanted to breastfeed her, instead of milk dark dirty substance came out of my breast. I had this same dream 2 times in a row.

This vision, rather than predicting anything, seems to be a reflection of your dissatisfaction with reality. New born baby girls, for women without children, suggest your lifestyle may not be conducive to achieving your goals. For instance, if you are trying to get pregnant, you may not be eating the right diet or taking the vitamins you need to properly prepare yourself. The dirty and dark-colored breast milk also reveals that there may be emotional or psychological components to your unhappiness. If you have been trying to conceive for awhile, the pressure you are putting on yourself may be doing more harm than good.