Dreams Related To Bread

White bread

The white bread you are seeing or eating in your dream symbolizes good fortune and contentment. In particular, it means you would receive good income if you work for a company or remain financially well-off if you are your own boss. Either way, you would be immensely satisfied and would ask for little more in your life.

Buying bread

If, in your dream, you are buying bread at a store or from someone, brace yourself for the possibility of great spending due to some unforeseen family-related needs. You might find yourself in deep financial trouble if you were ill-prepared for such contingencies. On a lighter note, this dream could also mean financial gains, or a sharp increase in profits or earnings in case you are in some form of business. Otherwise, it could be a sign that you might receive a gift of substantial value soon.

Bread with worms and spoiled butter

I saw myself in my room holding a piece of bread, but when I tried eating it I saw a lot of worms on it. And all of a sudden I started eating it. I looked back and saw butter, so I wanted to make use of the butter but it was spoiled already. I'm 22 years old.

This vision is fairly ominous and contains some potential bad news related to your current job or future career prospects. Bread containing worms is a negative symbol associated with your work being sabotaged in one way or another. In some cases this refers to someone else interfering with you, but considering the location of this vision and the fact that you ate the bread, it seems more likely that you are sabotaging yourself. Perhaps you are more concerned with cheap thrills and hanging out with your friends rather than using this early time in your field to build connections, network and show what you are capable of. This could come back to bite you in the end, as the spoiled butter suggests you would be giving up future financial wealth and security to enjoy life now. This vision is a warning, then, to consider what kind of future you want and to work hard now so that you do not need to work so hard later.

Cutting bread

If you see yourself cutting a loaf of bread into slices in a dream, it is a warning that you might go through hardships and difficulties in your life while you are in the middle of accomplishing an important project. Do not be too anxious, though, for such obstacles and inconveniences could only be short-lived. Only when you tackle them head on will you experience peace of mind and success.

Another interpretation of this dream is that you may have become reserved and less responsive in an effort to save your physical energy during sexual encounters. As a result, your sex life and that of your partner's may no longer be as passionate and thoroughly enjoyable and your spousal relationship might take a plunge. To avert this, the dream is a clear form of advice to spice up your physical intimacy by employing all means conceivable to make it exciting, exhilarating, and more satisfying.

What does it mean to dream about fresh bread or bakery

Making bread

If you find yourself making bread alone in a dream, it is a sign of disaster. You are likely to experience a devastating or unfortunate event in your life that would leave a profound effect on you. On the upside, if in your dream you are making bread with someone else, say a loved one, that is a positive sign that you and your entire household would be in a financially stable situation for a long time.

Stale bread

Stale bread, whether seen or eaten in a dream, represents your sexual relationship with someone that has been going on for quite some time, but has lately gone sour. You might have to reevaluate your feelings and emotional attachment towards the person, although whether this means rekindling your relationship or breaking it off altogether and moving on with your life is entirely your call.

Burnt bread

When you dream about seeing or eating burnt bread, it is an ominous sign that you might be attending a funeral in the near future. According to long-held beliefs, attending funerals signifies bad luck as the general gloom or sadness surrounding the event hangs in your head or lingers on long after you have left the place.

Breaking bread

The vision of breaking bread in a dream is a stern reminder that you need to repay your debts and maintain good relations with people you were once indebted to. If you, however, choose to default on or deliberately fail in your obligations, it is tantamount to burning your bridges, and your debtors' inconvenience could become your misery.

Bread crust

Dreaming about having bread crust in your hand quite grimly symbolizes your inability to handle hardships and struggles that life may sow in your path in the future. You'll find these challenges even more daunting if you continue to ignore your duties and responsibilities. Such situations would require growing up and taking full responsibility.

A lot of dry bread

Be cautious when you see a lot of dry bread in your dream. It foretells a life of poverty, hardships and suffering, exactly the kind of life you have worked so hard to steer clear of. As if these were not enough, you might have to deal with these pains and live under such circumstances for quite some time, so be prepared.

Fresh and warm bread

Eating or seeing fresh and warm bread in your dream predicts a pleasant encounter with someone who is down-to-earth and exudes positive vibes that are highly contagious to people around, including you. In fact, the person is such a ball of energy that you just might want to follow suit or adopt the positve outlook on life as your own. On the other hand, fresh and warm bread could also mean you might encounter some maladies or health-related issues, and you would need extra precautions.

Dark bread

Dark bread seen or consumed in a dream portends difficulties and hardships in life. It may be that such unhappiness or poverty is gripping your life at this very moment. If not, then there is a possibility that you might find yourself in one or all of those unfortunate situations in the near future, all on account of that dark-colored bread you saw or ate in a dream.

A toast

A toast

Seeing toast in dreams can symbolize different things, depending on the appearance of the bread. Lightly toasted, delicious-looking toast could represent unity and closeness among the members of your family, meaning you are likely to experience improved understanding between you and other members of the household. On the other hand, burnt toast could be interpreted as an ominous sign that you might be attending a funeral shortly.

Unable to make bread

You may remember dreaming about trying very hard to bake bread but you could not get around to finishing it. It is an indication that you could have erratic periods of happiness and contentment that you find difficult to sustain for some reason. Because your emotional state could be unstable, it may be high time you re-examined your current situation, perhaps to ensure your sanity and general well-being.

Consecrated bread

A dream in which you are looking at consecrated bread is a positive indication that all you have ever hoped for in life, all your dreams and aspirations, are on the verge of becoming a reality. As a result, your life would be filled with immeasurable happiness and a deep sense of fulfillment. On the other hand, dreaming about eating consecrated bread is a reminder that, for as long as you live, you should keep the flame of hope burning in your heart because the best is yet to come.

Sharing bread with others

Seeing yourself in a dream sharing bread with other people, especially with someone in need, is a positive sign that you will live a life of abundance right to your old age. Your material blessings will overflow beyond your expectations, and you will never experience financial hardships or issues of any kind. Moreover, it is an indication that you are in the pink of health and will remain this way for a long time.

Eating bread for women

For mothers who dream about eating bread, it is symbolic of a looming unpleasant surprise. It may be a sign that your very own children, to whom you devoted virtually your entire life, would be the cause of your disappointment and misery, courtesy of their wrongful actions or unacceptable behavior.

Serving bread to people

Dreaming busy dishing lot of bread to people.

Dreams which involve food often contain positive messages. In this particular dream you were preparing the meal for a group of people. This suggests that it is possible that you would soon receive pleasing and favorable news. This news could be related to some collective business, project or plan which you are currently or would soon be involved with. Moreover, the food item was bread. This symbol is usually associated with prosperous existence without worrying much about material or financial issues. It could also signify excellent health for years to come if in this dream you were sharing the bread with people who were hungry or poor.

Brown bread

Brown bread, like whole wheat, is a very fortunate symbol to perceive in the dream realm, according to Judeo-Christian interpretations. A loaf or roll made from whole wheat flour represents becoming rich, although not necessarily in terms of monetary wealth. Rather, this symbol is associated more closely with the idea of "breaking bread." As such, having close, fruitful connections with friends or a satisfying love life are more common outcomes after seeing this sign.

Increasing quantities of bread

I went to my former school and was eager to meet some people I played soccer with, but whilst looking for these people, I bought some kind of bread and this bread became so much as more people around me were also eating it. The food never finished but became more appealing to the eyes.

This dream vision starts positively but does contain a warning as well. Dreaming of bread that seems to be never-ending portends being happy and content with your life, especially as you get older. You are likely to have more than enough of everything you need, giving you a chance to share your bounty with others. However, playing soccer in this vision can represent the presence of someone who would like to prevent you from reaching this state, either because they want it for themselves or just out of spite. You should be wary of people who may seem to be excessively interested in your financial goals and personal welfare.

A roach and worms inside bread

I found a big red Cryptocercus in my bread and was trying to catch it. I eventually got it out of the bread, but there were also white worms folded in in the bread, cocoon-like.

This vision is highly ominous and suggests you should be on your guard in matters concerning your work or career. The large red roach in your bread suggests coming into some money, although it is likely to be only a small amount. This is followed by you trying to catch the roach, perhaps indicating that the money is not as easy to access as you would think. The white worms in the bread at the end of the vision further point toward someone trying to sabotage you at work in order to boost their status. It seems, then, that you should be on the lookout for tricks that promise you cash rewards but could serve as your undoing in the office.

Sharing bread with deceased people

I saw the babysitter that used to look after my little brother decades ago (she's 8 years dead now) and she was looking after my grandmother (she died past February). I was in the kitchen of my parents house with both of them and with my medium brother who have been working and living abroad for years now. I saw 3 very fresh loafs of bread, one for my brother, one for me and one for my grandmother and babysitter.

Seeing or sharing bread with others in a dream indicates wealth, prosperity and ability to provide well for yourself and your loved ones. However, the imagery of the bread being portioned to be given to deceased people means that you are about to lose some of your fortune, either in material or less tangible way. You could soon start facing the need to sell or give away some of your possessions or valuables or donate some of your belongings to the less fortunate. Alternatively, this could be prompted by an unexpected occurrence, like someone needing your help after getting sick, experiencing an accident or becoming involved in a crime, either as the victim or the perpetrator.