Dreams Related To Braces

Braces falling off

Envisioning your braces falling off or breaking is a highly ominous symbol to perceive in a dream, according to modern dream workers. Just as the loss of braces means uneven teeth would be left unfixed, so does this symbol allude to problems in wake life being left unresolved. On some occasions this may cause even more problems at home or at work, leading to a lot of negative energy. While the solution you were originally hoping for may not be the answer, giving up and sticking you head in the sand will not fix the issue either.

Someone wearing braces

Seeing someone else wear braces to fix their teeth at some point in a dream suggests that you are still on the search for the perfect place or site to make your mark on the world. Much like braces cause a permanent shift in teeth alignment, so does this symbol allude to being in a situation where you want to feel that you have made a difference in the world. Other symbols present in the vision could give hints as to what you are meant to do or how you could accomplish it.