Dreams Related To Boy

A boy in general

Dreaming about looking at or being around a boy often is a symbol of upcoming news. It is possible that you will soon receive some unexpected news or make a surprising discovery. This event would catch you off-guard.

Being pregnant with a boy

Dreaming that you are pregnant with a boy means you are becoming more confident with your capabilities. In fact, you may be in the right mindset to start bringing your ideas to life. This vivid imagery in your REM sleep is encouraging you to take a leap of faith and implement your plan because this is likely to succeed. In addition, the boy you are carrying to term can also represent aggression and dissatisfaction about the current state of the world.

A cute boy

Having a dream about a cute and adorable boy is an auspicious sign. You could soon find someone whom you find irresistible. You would feel attracted to and admire this person. It is possible that you might end up developing a romantic and intimate close relationship with them.

A tiny boy

Dreaming about an extremely small boy could be a sign of existing negative emotions. Namely, you could be feeling unhappy, odd, inadequate, disconnected, frustrated, helpless, confused, nostalgic or abused. Your self-esteem could also be low and you would feel insecure. That is, you would subconsciously feel small.

Yourself as a boy

Dreaming about yourself being a boy is a favorable sign. You could have or soon develop a very balanced, peaceful and happy lifestyle. This positivity would mainly concern social matters. That is, the relationships you have with your relatives or household members will become harmonic and rewarding for everyone involved. Tranquility and satisfaction would characterize your home’s daily routine.

Boys fighting

Dreaming about observing a fight between boys fighting who simultaneously shout or cry is an unfavorable sign. Specifically, you might have adopted some thoughtless, reckless and inappropriate conduct in the past. The dream suggests that you could soon face the consequences of such actions by encountering problematic situations which you might have difficulties dealing with. These could involve conflictual, hateful or hurtful reactions and retaliations.

A crying boy

Dreaming about seeing a crying boy is symbolic of sympathy. It is possible that you will soon show to your family or to someone with whom you have a close relationship that you stand by their side. You would provide them with much-needed support and help by showing how you love and value them and by performing extraordinary acts of kindness and generosity.

Playing with a boy

Dreaming about observing yourself playing with a boy is symbolic of creativity. It is possible that you might experience an outburst of inspiration, creativity and imagination. You might come up with ideas of how to put these inspirational and creative thoughts to work. That is, you would take advantage of this intellectual strike and use it to find great solutions for your current plans, projects and businesses. Additionally, it could foretell a forthcoming period of financial and material stability and security. You would not feel worried or stressed and dedicate most of your time to amusing, fun and pleasurable leisure activities.

A dead boy resurrecting

Dreams about I was at a funeral of a boy and while they were praying on him, a lady pulls the corpse beside her and removes the cover cloth on his face, saying she wants him to have his last breath before the bury him. Suddenly, he wakes up and kicks me instead. We were happy he resurrected, but those praying for him all ran away.

The analysis of the dream story you have experienced reveals some positive developments or circumstances you are about to become a part of soon. Seeing a deceased boy coming alive in this dream points to some happy occurrence or news you are about to hear in a short period of time after having this dream. The fact that the boy came back to life and kicked you signifies receiving an invitation to a happy social event or celebration, this could be related to someone's wedding, anniversary or party to celebrate an important milestone in their life. It is also possible that this news would take you by surprise and you would have to spend some time preparing for the event and trying to figure out how to contribute to it in order to make the people who will invite you to celebrate their cause even more joyful and memorable.

Being a boy for a female

For young and single women, having recurring dreams about being a boy could be a reaction to existing social pressure. Namely, people could be actively insisting and pressing you towards marriage. They would talk about it, set you up with promising dates and so forth. However, they would be going against your will because you might have no intention or desire to marry any time soon. Hence, you might become irritated and upset with their attempts and their inability to understand and respect your viewpoint and wish. You might subconsciously wish to be a boy so you do not have to deal with the social pressure of being a woman.

Being a boy for a male

For adult men, dreaming about being a boy is symbolic of much needed relaxation. It is advisable to take a break from your current duties and responsibilities. You could really make use of this time to relax and enjoy yourself. Going on a holiday or spending a few days at home doing nothing but things that give you pleasure and require little thought are the likely options. This is a preventive measure that would allow you to avoid the consequences of stress such as ulcers and burn-out symptoms.

This dream reveals that you subconsciously know that this is the perfect time to take a little break. It also reflects that you would need to sustain the high level of effort, time and dedication you have been putting into some activity, project or business for a considerable period of time. Therefore, rushing and creating pressures for yourself would not solve anything. You might as well stop and start fresh, with renewed energy and sound judgement.

A boy for a pregnant woman

For pregnant women, dreaming about looking at or being around a boy is a positive pregnancy-related sign. There are childbirths that are difficult, principally when these last for many hours. At the end the mother feels exhausted. This dream suggests that this would not be your case. It foretell that you will have a pleasant and uncomplicated childbirth experience. For any mother to be, this is a very good news.

An unfamiliar boy as your son

Dreaming about an unfamiliar boy as your own child is a negative sign. Namely, someone very close to you, most probably an intimate partner or lover, could be about to assume unexpected behaviors and attitudes. That person would start acting in a way that you do not recognize or ever thought would be possible. Such actions would come as an unpleasant surprise, causing you nothing but disappointment, sadness, frustration or shock. These experiences might negatively impact your current relationship. For example, the trust could disappear and doubts about their true identity and nature could develop.

Burning alive on top of my baby boy in my new house

Dreaming that your are burning alive on top of your baby boy, perhaps in a freak accident or because of faulty electrical wiring in your new house, represents change and transformation. Fire, despite its destructive force, can symbolize rebirth. In this context, burning alive with your son points to a possible new beginning or a fresh start for the both of you. You may have to go through a lot of challenges before you get this opportunity to forge a new path and hopefully build a brighter future.

Father talking to a strange boy

My father had a dream last night. A boy 8 or 9 came into his house, got a drink of water and they spoke. He said he lived in the neighborhood for a long time. When asked, my father then said it was time to go home. He then said if that is what you think I should do. What does that mean?

Your father might have seen a portentous sign in his dream, namely that there could be unexpected news waiting for him when he finally returns home or to his roots. In this case, however, home doesn't necessarily need to be a specific place. It could be something more abstract, such as a person who made him feel safe or cared for or, perhaps, a routine that was once familiar to him. Once he gets back to where he was, he may become aware of some aspect or part of himself he never realized before.

Affection from a Japanese boy

An unknown Japanese boy courting me. A few months later, I met a Japanese boy.

A dream in which an unfamiliar Japanese boy is courting you, which later becomes a real occurrence in your life, points to the universe responding to your wish for a partner or soulmate. You may subconsciously be feeling lonely or wishing you had a lasting romance in your life. As long as you express your feelings openly and remain focused on what is it that you desire in a relationship, it should all work out for you the way you want it.