Dreams Related To Box

An open box with items

To dream of an open box with items, for instance when you receive a package from your relative abroad and you are delighted with its contents when you open it because of fulfilled requests, or when you see supply goods at a grocery store you usually go to, could signify becoming wealthier or amassing great fortune in reality. The dream could also mean that you would soon be making numerous exotic trips to faraway lands or countries for vacation, which is something you once only dreamed of. Have faith and all these great things will be yours.

Boxes connected together

I dreamt about being in different environments, which looked like boxes, and they had all been connected together.

Boxes that seem to resemble different environments could represent different possible paths or opportunities that would be available to you in the future. You may find a chance through your schooling, a social connection or your current place of work. The idea that these boxes were connected to each other may mean that one way or another you are destined to travel down this path. Your exact steps on this journey, however, could be quite varied.

Cardboard boxes

According to teachings of Carl Jung, envisioning yourself moving cardboard boxes loaded with something is a positive omen. The person who sees this dream will soon be on a path of having their wishes fulfilled and will be bestowed with great joy in waking life. Such dreams leave the dreamer with positive vibes and feeling good about searching the purpose of his existence. They also represent your innate abilities to change the circumstances for good.

A square box

To dream of a square box, for example when you go to a toy store and you see a square box featuring the newly released toy every kid wants, alludes to the fact that you could be receiving financial support or monetary incentive in reality. This may be handed to you officially or from people close to you like your parents, relatives or siblings, which you would be really be grateful for. The vision could be hinting that there is no need to worry as any financial need you may have in the real life could be resolved sooner than you think. Have faith in people around you and do the same for them.

Being inside a box

To dream that you are being inside a box, for example when you wake up and find yourself all crouched up, wiggling and staring in the dark because you are locked up in a big box for some unknown reason, could be a reflection of having useless ideas in reality. This could refer to some baseless suspicions you are having or following doctrines or dogmas which make your life empty and miserable instead. Cultivate thoughts that are positive and those that serve your mind well rather than spiraling to negative and dark thoughts that drive you to depression.

A mailbox

Dreaming of a mailbox, for instance when you see yourself peeking from your window and watching your mailbox if a mailman will drop something in it, could indicate that you could be soon receiving some news or message from a person who lives far away and remembers you. He or she may have some fond memories about you that are being cherished to this day and you would be hearing from that person in reality. When that happens, you should try and reciprocate the effort by keeping in touch as well and that would deepen your bond over the years.

An empty box

Seeing an empty box in a dream, for example when you are expecting to see a valuable item in the exchanged gift you received but instead an empty box stared back at you, could be symbolic of upcoming disappointments and regrets in life. You should learn to manage your emotions during these down moments to be able to cope gracefully and move on effortlessly. If you are a woman and you had this dream of an empty box, it could be referring to your sexual preference for big endowments in potential partners.

A box with money

To dream about a box with money, for instance when you open your mailbox and to your surprise you find a box inside which contains a lot of cash, could mean you would soon be free of responsibilities, daily routines or work projects that you have been doing in an autopilot mode. The vision could be telling you to carve out some time for yourself to do what you enjoy doing for a change. You should take care of yourself first so that you would have the energy to tackle life's daily challenges. It might be better for you to work smarter, rather than harder.

Putting items in a box

If you dream of putting items in a box, such that when you see yourself moving out of your house and you start packing items in a box before the moving van arrives, it could reveal your rigorous preparations for meeting a person you are interested in. However, this meeting could either not take place or you could get in a disagreement with the person instead. Take note that you can only be as prepared as you can be but you should detach yourself from the outcome or any expectation so as not to experience any disappointment.

Looking for an item in a box

To dream that you are looking for an item in a box, for example when you are cleaning and searching your memento box for something important but cannot figure out what it is exactly, could allude to your boring and routine sex life. You may be wanting to try something exciting, new and fresh at the subconscious level. However, be careful what you wish for as you could lose what you have already while chasing for that novelty or elusive experience. You would not know what you have until it is taken away from you.

A metal box

To dream of a metal box when you feel lonely or abandoned at the moment, such that when you clean your garage you see a metal box at the far corner of the room which seems to beckon you to open it, could signify some positive changes in your life. This could be finding supportive people around you who would bring joy and satisfaction into your waking life when you thought there are none. The dream may be telling you that there are plenty of people who care for you if only you take the time to look around.

A wooden box

Having a dream about a wooden box, for example when you have a flashback about the past and see your grandmother giving you a wooden toy box as a gift when you were a child, could refer to envy, conflicts or ignorance that you are currently experiencing in reality. These negative aspects of your existence could lead you to severing ties with people whom you consider your best friends or members of your inner social circle. You could examine what you are feeling that justifies ending these valuable friendships or these negative aspects can be set aside to make way for relationships which last longer.

Unable to open a box

To dream that you are unable to open a box while trying to locate something you have misplaced, for instance when you find that the box you are opening would not budge an inch even when using opening tools after some time has already passed, could point to possible financial losses or losing a large sum of money in reality. This could either involve physically losing it or spending it on something totally worthless. Be prudent and ensure that you know how to manage your finances well before you lose them entirely and suffer in the end.

Seeing a box

Seeing a box in your dream, such that when you visit a house and a box pops up in the scene and you see it immediately before anything else, could mean your relationship with friends and people you care about would be stable and mutually beneficial in the coming years. The dream could be hinting that you can go far or succeed a lot when doing things or accomplishing projects together with like-minded individuals. Collaboration is the key to make things happen and you should nurture those that have come this far in your life.

A round box

Seeing a round box in your dream, for instance when you and your niece are in the playhouse and she brings you a colorful round box which both of you can play around with, could signify receiving moral support or encouragement while trying to defend your ideas or points of view in reality. This might just be what you need depending on where you are right now in your life. You would be amazed how much you need this support system which you thought did not exist until now, you only need to ask and you shall receive.

A box of candy

Dreaming about a box of candy, for instance when you are elated as a girl scout gives you a box of delicious and sweet candy as a sample of what she is selling before you buy, could indicate joyous and memorable experience or event ahead in reality. This could be a happy celebration, party or a simple get together with the important people who matter to you. Nurture these key relationships in your life as they would be your constant support system in whatever you do while moving through life.

If you are a woman and you receive a big box of candy or chocolates in a dream, it could allude that you may soon get attention of a man who is not your ideal romantic partner or future husband. This person may not meet your set expectations and you would be disappointed. On a different note, seeing yourself gifting someone with a box of candy could mean that your plans could fail because of incompatibility with your business partners. The vision may be telling you to pivot to a different direction to be able to achieve your goals.

Receiving a present in a box

To dream that you are receiving a present in a box, such that when you receive a gift from your friend during your birthday and it is wrapped nicely in a square box, could be an indication that you tend to have high expectations from your romantic partner, lover, spouse or a business partner. These big expectations coming from you could be your downfall if they are not met correctly. You could try and let go of these standards and accept whatever it is that will be given to you. Be grateful each time and countless blessings and abundance will be yours.

A box for men

If you are a man and you dream of a box, for example when you are shopping and you stumble upon a box of shoes that you did not notice before while roaming through the aisle, it could be a reflection of your attraction or romantic inclinations towards a woman from lower social strata than yours in reality. This could refer to the woman's poorer background than what you usually look for in a partner. This realization may challenge your beliefs and you should probably examine what your non-negotiables are when choosing someone as your significant other.

A box for women

If you are a woman and you dream of a box, for instance when you find an unlabeled box waiting for you on your office table upon coming back from a break, it could pertain to concerns about premature aging at the subconscious level. This apprehension of growing old may be due to the fear that you would be losing your youthful appearance and attractiveness to men in the future. You should find out the root cause of this limiting belief and realize that attractiveness radiates from the inside and not just in appearances.

A box with dinnerware

To dream about a box with dinnerware, such that when you see your mother bustling around the kitchen to prepare dinner and you see a box of new dinnerware at the table waiting to be opened, could be a reflection of your loneliness and isolation in reality. This imagery could be telling you to strive to make new friends or you could just simply go out and make an effort to meet people during your free time. Take some time to cultivate deep and lasting connections so as not to feel isolated which could be bad for your overall well-being.

Buying or receiving a box

Buying or receiving a box in a dream, for example when you buy a square box to put your gift inside for a friend and wrap it with fancy paper or when you receive a boxed gift from someone, could indicate that all your dreams and aspirations would finally come true in reality. This is a great vision as your subconscious mind is telling you that life is in your favor and abundance is coming your way. Hold these thoughts in mind unwaveringly while you work to manifest your heart's deepest desires.

A tiny box

Dreaming of a tiny box, for example when your partner or spouse presents you with an expensive looking tiny box as a surprise gift and you could hardly wait to see what is inside, could be indicating about a possibility of building your own house if you are currently renting a place to live in real life. The dream could also pertain to your affinity or penchant for small or cozy but comfortable spaces to live in. Always remember that beautiful things can come in small packages.

A box with old items

To dream of a box with old items, for instance when you discover your childhood memento box in the attic and it contains old memorabilias which bring back nostalgic memories, could reflect a current weakness in reality. This could be in reference to your inability to finish the project that you have recently started which could be detrimental to your work ethics. Try to examine where this weakness could be coming from and if there is a way you could improve this attitude moving forward.

A box full of laundry

Dreaming of a box full of laundry, such that when you see your laundry piling up beside the washing machine and know that it is time to wash them, could be a warning to prepare yourself to receive some particularly bad news about something or someone. You should control your mindset and emotions when receiving such news so as not to be reactive and respond properly. Bear in mind that every negative news or situation brings with it a positive twist or opportunity depending on how you view it or what meaning you attach to it.

A box with children's items

Having a dream about a box with children's items, for example when you are cleaning a classroom or your kid's room and you come across a storage box full of lego items and wooden toy blocks, could mean abundance and prosperity in life. This may be in the form of growing wealth or income leading to financial stability which is beneficial for you and your family. Be grateful for this upcoming great fortune and know that there is limitless supply of good things both for you and everybody around.

Suffocating inside a dinner takeout box

Suffocating inside a dinner takeout box reveals your predictable patterns. You like creating routines in your life, including your daily bus route as well as holiday plans. You tend to stick to your plans which hold little to no room for spontaneity. In a way, this suggests you already have a clear vision of your future especially since you tend to plot out your life in highly specific details. Some people may say your life is being limited by too much structure, but in the end a well-planned life is what you choose as opposed to simply going with the flow.

Being put in a wooden box to suffocate

Someone tried to suffocate me by putting me in a wooden box, but I got out OK.

A dream in which someone tries to suffocate you to death by locking you in a wooden box, but when you manage to escape, points to certain issues with your current relationship. The excitement may have started to fade, that spark that first ignited your romance could be long gone. If this is the case, you may need to bring variety and novelty into the relationship. Try to be innovative and do not be scared to welcome new things.

A wooden box glowing and emitting smoke

My cousins whom I live convinced me everything was fine because they were in a fight and didn't have time to deal with my problems. But my wooden hope chest my dad gave me was glowing red with what seemed like a controlled fire (it never got worse) and white hazy smoke. I never opened the box, but I started packing my valuables to leave, at this point locals saw the smoke and came to blame me for it, and then it just went out. All on its own.

Not receiving help when you think you need it could be the result of having two conflicting ideas present in your mind at the same time, one being more rational and logical and the other representing more fanciful, irrational thoughts. Red is the color of strong emotion, specifically passion and zeal. This could point toward a strong desire to act on your irrational desires instead of following the rational path set up for you. This culminates in the image of you packing your valuables in preparation to leave, predicting big changes on the horizon.

Opening a silver box and dying

Walking down the street holding a small silver box with 3 holes, slid top forward - explosion. Now in heaven.

The small silver box you held in this vision can be interpreted as a literal "Pandora's box." In this case, the holes and silver shade suggest a misfortune is about to befall you, particularly in regard to your money or financial situation. Your presence in heaven at the end of the vision could represent your desire to break free of this complicated situation, but whether or not you are actually able to do so is up to you and your efforts.

Stuck in a box with a bouncing ball

I am stuck inside a box with a ball that's bouncing like crazy. I seem to be afraid, so I hide in the corner.

There are two things happening within this dream which contain a warning. Being trapped inside a box and not able to get out means some unexpected negative developments arising due to the actions of other people around you, possibly connected to spreading lies or rumors. The ball bouncing and causing you feel uncomfortable and wanting to hide foretells malice directed at you, so be careful of whom you trust and let near. This evil may come in many forms, including a temptation or someone doing you wrong or attempting to lead you down a wrong path.