Dreams Related To Book

A book in general

The symbolism of books in dreams is associated with wisdom, maturity and a general desire to obtain knowledge. Perhaps you are seeking a solution to an existing problem or you want the answer to a question that has been nagging you lately. This quest for knowledge and the acquisition of new skills may be related to your ambitions. Maybe you want to pursue a higher position in your industry or take on more responsibilities in reality. In some cases, a book can also refer to clairvoyant abilities because of an open mind and a natural curiosity about the supernatural. This is especially true if the book in the dream appeared to contain supernatural or cultic symbols.

A book given as a gift

Receiving a book as a gift in dreams is often an indication of the dreamer's uncanny ability to impart wisdom or predict things in reality. This gift of wisdom and foresight may come naturally to you and yet you may not be fully aware of this ability. Your friends and loved ones would come to you for advice and information because they know you would offer unique and useful insights on things. On the other hand, this dream symbol can also point to the possibility of meeting your soulmate in the waking world. A chance encounter may forge a special connection with someone who would potentially become your life partner.

Fixing a book cover

To dream of a leather book cover falling apart and using tape to hold it together.

Dreaming about a leather book cover reveals your internal desire to pursue higher education. You may want to go back to school to earn another degree or, if you did not finish school, perhaps you want to go back and finally complete your education. In either case, taping the broken cover back together could represent fixing problems or taking care of issues that have held you back thus far. Now may be the perfect time to go after this dream and make it a reality.

Many books

To see a lot of books in your dream vision, such as those in a library or shelves and piles of books in your own house or apartment, is an allusion to your hectic schedule. You could be taking on a lot of tasks and responsibilities which is making you feel overwhelmed in reality. This could also refer to an upcoming project or activity that would require a lot of time, effort and focus on your part. Perhaps you are feeling apprehensive about working on this time-consuming project which is why you dreamt of this scenario.

Writing a book

Dreaming that you are writing a book, regardless if it is handwritten or typed, alludes to losses in real life. Writing is a time-consuming work and largely done alone, so its appearance in a dream vision represents actions and decisions that may lead to little or no payoff in the end. You may just be wasting your time trying to pursue unrealistic goals and in the process forget to pay enough attention to the people and things that are more important. So losses in this context would not only involved material losses, but also the emotional kind.

A book with pages torn

Seeing missing or torn off pages in a book is a dream symbol referring to hasty decisions or careless actions. This could be your mind telling you to refrain from fast tracking projects or cramming tasks because it could lead to disastrous outcomes. For example, not doing enough research for a project could make you miss out on important information which has significant repercussions on your project's results. Time constraints may make it tempting for you to use shortcuts, make brash judgments or submit rushed outputs. In the end, this would only reflect badly on you.

Someone reading a book

To see someone reading a book in a dream, especially if it was a stranger, could point to the presence of a child prodigy in your social circle. Perhaps you have a child in the family who is showing tremendous potential on a specific skill or an excellent academic aptitude. If not, then you may soon encounter this outstanding individual. Maybe your subconscious is giving you this message so you can make proper arrangements which would hone the talents or natural intellectual abilities of this child prodigy.

Children reading books

Envisioning yourself in a room where there are children reading books means you may meet young and brilliant individuals in reality. An event or encounter could get you acquainted with a group of intelligent and driven young entrepreneurs or visionaries who would open up your mind to ideas and insights you have never encountered before. This could give you the inspiration and enthusiasm to once again revisit your passion projects and inject a youthful twist to it.

Remembering the contents of a book

Dreaming of particular passages or contents of a book you have previously read in reality could be your mind's way of giving you some life advice. Perhaps you have been grappling with an issue or a dilemma in the waking world and your subconscious is giving you this hint or clue to help you resolve this problem. You may know all along what you need to do, you just have to search within yourself to find out what you really stand for or the direction you need to take moving forward.

A textbook

As a dream symbol, a textbook often refers to a realization about the value of your knowledge and skills. Perhaps you have not yet seriously thought about the practical implications of your work or any kind of service you provide for others. If that is the case, then this dream means you would soon have an encounter or experience an event which would open your eyes about the ways you can use your skills and capabilities to make this world a better place. You can either make your life more meaningful and productive or you can use your skills to help out others who may need it.

Destroying a book

To destroy a book in a dream, whether you burn it or tear off the pages, represents cutting social ties in reality. You could get into a heated argument or conflict with a long-time acquaintance which could lead to your separation or the dissolution of your friendship or professional relationship. Perhaps your recent collaborations or interactions have been strained due to underlying issues which you have tried to downplay. Unfortunately, one last argument could tip the edge and sever your ties for good.

A book on the table

Seeing a book on the table in a dream scenario is a positive symbol. Specifically, this could be an allusion to a possible promotion or an opportunity for career advancement. Maybe your boss would finally recognize your valuable contributions and reward you with a cushier position at work. Alternatively, you may also find a job opportunity which would challenge you more or offer you better compensation and benefits. Ultimately, this books represents the potential to improve your current work status.

Reading a book

Dreaming of reading a book is usually a symbol of gaining fresh perspective, learning something new and enlightenment in general. You could gain knowledge or insight by receiving or hearing an interesting tidbit from the news or someone close to you. The news could either be positive or negative, but it would ultimately open up your mind to become more enlightened and lead to your spiritual growth. On the other hand, reading a book could also reveal your boredom and desire to escape the mundane by going on an adventure.

Rewriting a book

Dreaming that you are rewriting a book could reveal your proactive nature. You could be the type of person who is not afraid to point out your own flaws and work on improving yourself. As such, this attitude of yours makes you ideal for environments which reward a proactive attitude, self-awareness and an openness to reinvention. Ultimately, this dream vision is telling you that improvements in your overall life would happen soon. You can also expect positive developments in your future.

An ABC-book

Seeing or reading an ABC book in a dream portends upcoming adventures. This youthful book represents happy experiences that would ignite your childlike wonder and taking pleasure in simple things. After a period of focusing on adult responsibilities and commitments, you may finally find the time to relax and indulge in some enjoyable activities. Perhaps you would go traveling or try out outdoorsy activities to get you closer to nature, such as going camping or hiking with your friends.

Old-looking books

Dusty, worn out or old-looking books often convey a warning in dreams. You may be unaware of malicious maneuverings happening around you. Unfortunately, being oblivious to these ill intentions would be your downfall since you are most likely the victim of those evil plans. So perhaps your mind has taken in certain clues about what is happening around you and this has reached your subconscious which is why this dream vision is warning you to be less trusting and naive.

Seeing a book

Seeing a book in a dream scenario is often an indication of a momentous encounter in reality. You could meet a valuable person in the waking world who would most likely share a lot of your interests or aspirations. This would forge a strong connection between the two of you as you get to know each other better. Eventually, this relationship would grow into something more special. Even if it is not romantic in nature, you would become important figures in each other's lives because of the trust and fondness you would develop for one another. Perhaps you would collaborate on a business venture or you would share a lot of milestones together.

Being a book author

Dreaming of becoming a book author, regardless of the subject matter of your book, likely reveals your desire to try a new career or seek out new opportunities. This yearning may be due to the boredom and dissatisfaction your feel with your current work or profession. The monotonous and tedious tasks could be driving you insane, so to speak, hence you are looking for escape. Part of your escapist thoughts may be entertaining thoughts of pursuing interests or passions you have previously let go in favor of practicality.

A closed book

To see a closed book in a dream vision usually means you are about to learn something new about a subject that interests you. Since the book is still closed in the dream, it means this has not happened yet, but it could be something you have been thinking about. For example, you may be looking forward to the ending of your favorite TV show or perhaps you would discover a significant detail about your idol or someone you admire in reality. Whichever case it may be, this piece of information would likely have a significant effect on you.

Books falling on you

A dream scenario where there are books falling on you usually conveys a negative interpretation. This means that you may be distracted from your priorities and goals because of useless and time-consuming tasks, activities and challenges. Unfortunately, the amount of time and effort you spend on those tedious undertakings could keep you from accomplishing more productive targets and going after worthy pursuits. If you keep on getting sidetracked, you may end up stagnating in your chosen field.

Books on shelves for women

For women, a dream about seeing a lot of books on shelves speaks of positive outcomes in terms of having their own family. Most of the time this speaks of academic achievements. Married women who dream of this symbol can expect a son who would probably become world-renowned or highly respected in his chosen intellectual field. Meanwhile, unmarried dreamers would likely marry a distinguished scholar, scientist or someone with a similar occupation requiring years and years of study.

An ancient book of magic

To see an ancient book of magic in dreams could mean you are easily tempted. Your lack of self-control and discipline may make you prone to risky or sinful behavior. Perhaps you are drawn to hedonistic activities even when you know there are negative consequences to such actions. Alternatively, this book of magic can represent your self-centered nature. You may think highly of yourself so you tend to act in a condescending and egotistical way. As such, this attitude could put off others including your own friends and family. Unfortunately, your focus on yourself may keep you from realizing the fact that they are slowly distancing themselves from your toxic presence.

Buying a book

To dream of buying a book from a bookstore or a similar establishment is generally a symbol of good luck. Specifically, this means you can look forward to a bright and exciting future. Your promising future would be due to your own brilliance. For example, you could be involved in the discovery or invention of something valuable to humanity. You could also come up with a fresh or innovative idea which when implemented properly would give you not only riches but also the respect and admiration of your peers.

Bible as a book

Dreaming of the Bible, such as seeing it on a table or reading verses from it, generally reveals your spirituality and strong beliefs. It does not specifically refer to religion, but rather faith in general and your belief in higher powers. This dream symbol can also mean that you would be respected and admired by your peers because of your generous actions and kindness. This may have already happened and you have felt the love and generosity being reflected back to you or it could occur sometime in the near future.

Copying a book you liked

To envision yourself copying your favorite book word-for-word portends learning and the acquisition of new and useful skills in reality. Since you are copying the content, it means you may learn from someone older and wiser, first through imitation and then eventually by finding your own voice or discovering new strategies to accomplish tasks. Polishing and mastering this newly-acquired skill or knowledge would prove to be useful for you in your chosen career. This could potentially give you a distinct advantage from your colleagues.

Unable to find a book

To dream of rummaging through shelves looking for a specific book and being unable to find it suggests confusion and disarray in your reality. You could be facing a dilemma or perhaps a level of confusion when it comes to choosing a career or finding meaning in your life. There may be a lot of options and opportunities yet you are unsure about what you really want. It can also be an indication of dissatisfaction. You could be very picky with jobs or relationships, hence you find yourself reluctant to settle just because you want something that ticks all the boxes and this could make you miserable and frustrated in the long run.

A book in an unfamiliar language

To dream of finding or reading a book in an unfamiliar language suggests a pleasant discovery about yourself. You may have hidden abilities, skills or talent which you would uncover in the near future. A significant event or encounter may be instrumental in this discovery. For instance, your boss may assign you with an unusual task which would require you to use another skills set or force you to channel another side of your personality. In the process, you would be happy to discover that you are actually pretty good at it. You can even use this new skill as a leverage in your job or make new social connections with people who share the same interest or passion.

Looking at a book

Looking at a book up close in a dream, without reading its contents, is a symbol of good luck in terms of your financial standing. You could be at a library and your eyes single out a specific book from the shelves or you come across a book on a table. Regardless of the scenario, this means that you would soon get involved or work on a very profitable activity or project. As such, the book represents the exciting and lucrative opportunity which would present itself to you either at work or through a friend or acquaintance of yours.

Turning pages of a book

The act of turning the pages of a book in a dream, whether to read it or just scan it, is a sign of personal growth. It means that you are finally ready and perhaps even exerting efforts and taking necessary steps to help yourself move past hurtful experiences or embarrassing moments in order to ultimately move on with your life. Fortunately in your case, leaving bad memories behind also entails learning from them so that you can move forward as a wiser and stronger version of yourself in reality.

If you happen to be reading the book as you turn the pages, then this dream symbol refers to the general acquisition of skills or knowledge in reality. You may be planning to take a seminar or a course in order to improve your skills and capabilities. Or you may be looking to learn something new which you can use for career advancement as well as personal growth.

A burning book

The dream symbol of a burning book is generally a bad omen. Dream scenarios such as setting a book on fire or witnessing a burning room with books inside similarly conveys the same message of loss and sorrow. In extreme cases, this loss may be the death of your loved one. Although the more common interpretation is that you and a loved one, such as a friend or family member, could drift apart in reality due to unfortunate circumstances and unexpected developments.

Furthermore, if there are many books burning in your dream vision, then it points to a personal transformation. You could come to a realization that you need to put your life in order. A memorable event or encounter would make your priorities clearer and give you the motivation to plan for a better future for yourself and the people you care about.

Stealing a book

Stealing a book from someone in a dream vision conveys a mixed message, though it is generally a positive symbol. Your possession of the book itself means you may receive groundbreaking news, make an important discovery or become a founder of a new movement or ideology. However, the process of achieving that spark of inspiration may not be wholly ethical or purely your own idea. Either you would build on the work of another individual or you may attempt to pass it off as your own.

Losing a book

To lose a book in a dream, maybe when it was snatched away or you simply misplaced it, means you would finally gain the recognition you deserve. This recognition may come in the form of a promotion or a hefty bonus for your efforts and hard work. For a while you may have been feeling neglected or underappreciated by your superiors, so this dream vision would herald the reward you have been waiting for. More than the recognition, however, this would significantly boost your confidence and inspire you to work harder and aim higher.

An uninteresting book

A boring or uninteresting book in dreams reflects your own boredom in reality. This lack of interest and excitement may be due to long, unpleasant meetings, complicated tasks and responsibilities or tedious chores you have been experiencing day in and day out. While you know you have to endure the interminable hours of doing those mundane tasks, at the back of your head you may be dreaming of leading a more adventurous life and break free from your increasingly monotonous days.

Looking at many books on display

Looking at many books on display, such as in a bookstore, is a very auspicious sign in dreams. You are essentially looking at the blessings about to come your way, especially in relation to money. You are probably going to receive a nice profit and become wealthier in the process after you invest in an innovative business or a similar venture. Alternatively, this could be an allusion to fun and exciting activities in your future. This is likely something you have never done before, like travelling to a foreign country.

A collection of books

Coming across a collection of books in a dream is an allusion to an upcoming big event which would help you meet a lot of new faces. Perhaps this is a work-related event or activity such as a conference where industry experts discuss relevant issues in your field. This would be a perfect opportunity for you to widen your network and work towards career advancement. It can also be a social or cultural gathering such as a reunion, a festival or a celebration which would bring people from all walks of life into one venue.

Publishing a book

To dream of publishing a book actually means the opposite in reality. It means your hard work in trying to publish your writing may never come to fruition due to a variety of factors. Even if you do manage to get your writing in print, you may not find the right audience for it. On the other hand, this dream vision could also be an allusion to your tendency to procrastinate. Instead of actually doing the work, you resort to daydreaming or fantasizing about the outcome if you ever finish your manuscript.

A bookcase

A bookcase as a dream symbol is associated with knowledge and a love for learning. You are likely a very curious individual, not just in terms of academics or scholarly stuff but knowledge about the world in general. This may be partly strengthened by your desire to keep abreast with the latest happenings in the world at large. So perhaps you like reading news or watching current events on television. You may even be thinking of learning international affairs more seriously and make it a career in the future.

If the bookcase in your dream happens to be full of books, then it is likely a reflection of your good financial standing and ability to afford the things that you want. On the other hand, if the bookcase is empty, then perhaps you are experiencing financial difficulties due to your below-average income or unstable source of earning.

Empty book shelves

Empty bookshelves as a dream symbol do not bode well for your finances. It means you may have to experience poverty or impoverished living because of several factors that may be out of your control. In particular, you could lose your job or main source of income because of mismanagement from your superior or a possible economic downturn. This difficult time would test your will and ability to maintain your resilience despite the depressing circumstances.

A bookstore

Seeing a bookstore or being inside a bookstore browsing the merchandise is an auspicious symbol in dreams. This is usually an indication of blessings coming your way that would significantly improve your living condition. For instance, there may a period in the near future in which you would be brimming with good ideas and inspiration which you can use to further your career or establish your own ventures. This passion and enthusiasm have the potential of giving you lucrative opportunities.

Unable to understand a book

As a dream symbol, reading and being unable to understand the contents of a book alludes to learning difficulties. You may be involved in some complex project or task and you are struggling to grasp the basics on how to get it done. Perhaps you are currently studying and you are having a hard time submitting requirements or passing exams because you lack the capacity to absorb and understand lessons and academic materials as quickly as your peers.

Making marks in a book

To dream of making marks in a book, such as highlighting passages or doodling on pages, can point to the possibility of meeting someone in reality. This could be a chance encounter with someone from your past who was particularly close to you, but you lost touch over the years. On the other hand, this could also mean that you would meet someone new and that this could lead to a long-term relationship. It may not be romantic, but this platonic bond may be one that you would both treasure.

A thick or enormous book

A thick or enormous book is a positive dream symbol. The size and weight of this book represents your enormous drive and ambition. As such, this is also an allusion to a possible promotion in the near future. After putting in the time, effort and concentration to big and small tasks or responsibilities, the right people could soon recognize your value in the organization and promptly reward you for it. So perhaps through this vision your subconscious is mentally preparing you for bigger responsibilities and challenges ahead.

A booklet

A booklet is a dream symbol which is associated with mentorship. The booklet itself represents your mentor, as well as the wisdom and guidance you would need to ultimately achieve your goals and aspirations. If you have not yet met this individual, then this dream scenario means you would soon encounter someone who would be key to your success. Perhaps he or she is already someone you know and you only need the perfect impetus to connect with them on a professional or intellectual level.

A bestselling book

Publishing a bestselling book in a dream, or even just coming across a bestseller written by another author, is usually an indication of your own eventual success. This book represents your bright and prosperous future. Although you may have moments when you feel frustrated or tempted to quit, you would inevitably achieve fame and wealth in your chosen field so long as you trudge on despite disheartening circumstances or seemingly endless obstacles in your way. All those bad times would make you stronger.

A crime story book

A crime novel or book as a dream symbol usually means something exciting is about to happen in your waking life. If things have been dull and drab lately, then this dream vision may perk you up because this event could shake you to the core and lead you to uncharted territory. This could either be good or bad for you, but if anything is better than boredom, then you would still find pleasure in navigating new situations and dealing with something unpredictable and challenging.

Typing a book

Dreaming that you are typing a book is an auspicious dream symbol. It means that you would soon get a monetary boost in reality. This financial gain may be from an inheritance of a large sum of money or property. It can also be a bonus or reward for your impressive work on a project. The progress on the book you are writing could give you a clue on when you are going to receive this reward. If you are almost done, then this means you may be getting your inheritance or bonus very soon.

A book chained to something

To see the image of a book chained to something, such as a chair or a table, denotes extraordinary circumstances in your future. The nature of this remarkable event or encounter can either be negative or positive. However, it would create a lasting impact on you with the possibility that it would change the course of your life forever. Perhaps a trip abroad could inspire you to put up your own business or change your career, or you could become involved in some shady undertakings which would have lasting repercussions.

A white book

Dreaming of a book with a white cover could be an indication of your ability to efficiently digest information. You may have a strong and impressive skill of being able to reduce huge amounts of content and information down into its essence. This expertise could help you succeed in fields which would require in-depth analysis and comprehension. Perhaps you may be presented with a career opportunity which would put this ability to good use.

Finding an old book

I found the original copy of the book Homer in a library behind the bible.

Dreams containing images of an old manuscript you accidentally found or discovered at a library portend periods of time in your life filled with deep sadness, feeling down and abandoned. The symbolic vision of the Bible in the context of the dream you had speaks of a bleak and uneventful everyday existence you have, which could be either the source or the consequence of the mind states mentioned above.

Unable to locate books at work

I was at my regular job and my boss came in and told me that the Social Security Office wanted to see my lesson plan books before I went home. She asked me if I had my books with me. I told her okay. While looking around at everyone else, they had their books. I did not have mine. I felt a little insecure. I went to the lounge, everyone was eating cupcakes and other sweets.

Seeing yourself at work in a dream reflects your current state of mind, meaning that you have finished some task you were assigned or set out to do concerning your job. However, forgetting to bring your books and feeling embarrassed about being unprepared indicates that you may not have been paying as close attention to your work as your should have. This points to there being a mistake with the documents or information you completed. The sweets at the end of your dream further support this notion, representing feelings of uncertainty about the situation or second-guessing the conclusions you came to.

Wife with black and white book

My wife sees a black color book with many black pages, but some the white pages. My girlfriend is wishing to take that book but is unsuccessful.

Dreams containing images of book pages are subconscious representations of important decisions you have recently made in your waking life. Based on the notion of your wife and girlfriend being present in this same dream, it is possible that your mind could be preoccupied with the ongoing dynamics of the relationships with both of them and how these interactions affect you on a personal level, either in positive or negative ways (when you mention a relatively greater number of black pages, it is probably an indication of some unfavorable events or inconveniences that accompany your life). When your girlfriend tries to take the book in this dream and to no avail, it is a clear indication of your tendency to trust your wife more and have the girlfriend play the role of a more casual and less important part of your life.

A locket that looks like a book

First, I was handed a book that they told me was written by me. I felt surprised, as I didn't know when I wrote one. Then I was worried that someone might know that some of it was not written by me. Then a guy that I like in real life came by. I showed him the book. He then turned it into a locket (the book turned into its miniature version) and put it around my neck. Then he asked me to keep it with me forever. I was so overcome with emotions that I hugged him. We hugged for quite long. I woke up feeling good.

Writing a book in a dream vision is often connected with negative outcomes for business endeavors and other situations connected to your finances. More than just negative outcomes, this sign can indicate, in some cases, the complete failure of a project or current undertaking. If this happens, you are likely to be in dire straits. However, seeing the book turn into a locket and then having it placed around your neck is symbolic of receiving generous help from those around you, particularly monetary assistance from someone who is higher-ranked and influential. In this vision, because you have a strong emotional connection to the person you like, he is taking the place of all the people who love and care for you.

Being buried in books

Since childhood and until now that I am already 30 I am repeatedly dreaming of tons of books and papers rolling on me. I wake up crying and breathing fast.

Books and papers symbolize ideas and intellectual pursuits. Papers can also represent paperwork and other work-related tasks. This types of dreams may recur every time you are under a lot of stress and pressure. Being literally buried in books and papers in your dream is a metaphor for a ton of workload you may be handling in the waking world. Such scenarios are also likely to manifest as dreams whenever you are facing looming deadlines since those are especially high-pressure periods. Perhaps you need to slow down and delegate minor tasks to colleagues to avoid burnout.

A book red in color

Someone opened a book and showed me a page, the left page was all red, in color, like blood, was kind of a calendar and that was 4th of August and the label on the page was "BAD". I said to that someone "Of course it is bad, it is raining". I wake up.

Dreaming about dark red color, similar to that of blood, is actually a good sign. It means that whatever plans your enemies are concocting, you would be able to neutralize them. In this sense, this serves as a warning so that you can make corrections and strengthen your strategies to counteract their plans. Meanwhile, the allusion to rain represents some upcoming problems which you would have to overcome. This could also symbolize your weaknesses, including depression or feelings of inferiority, which you need to tackle in order to fight and triumph over your adversaries.

Insects coming out of books

I was walking with my old schoolmate, then we entered into someone's house. On the verandah I saw a lot of old students' exercise book packed on the verandah but just behind it there is a door that leads to outside, so I tried opening the door and a lot of small beetle-like insects came out of the books attacking and stinging me. But I observed one on my cheeks as it stings into my skin it brings out only fat from my body.

According to your dream, you seem to be suffering from some kind of anxiety that you associate with your former school life. The bugs that attacked you could mean that you are stressing yourself out, possibly because you are trying to achieve a variety of different targets and standards that you have set for yourself but that are actually leading you toward self-destruction. You seem to be lacking optimism and passion, which could stunt your future potential.