Dreams Related To Bomb

A nuclear bomb

The presence of a nuclear bomb in your dream, such as witnessing a nuclear bomb explode forming this massive cloud of dust on the horizon as you look at it from a distance, means you are excessively worried about your future. You may feel like everything is falling apart and the future looks bleak, not just for you but everyone you care about. This may just be an exaggerated reaction to the negative news and information you absorb daily. The bright side is that nothing negative is going to happen in your foreseeable future.

Bombs falling from the sky

To envision bombs falling from the sky, like those being dropped by fighter planes or a bomber releasing the explosives, implies an upcoming meeting or encounter with someone you do not get along with. The strained nature of your relationship means that the meeting may be confrontational or generally unpleasant for the both of you. This could also point to a negative event or a nasty occurrence which would forever be imprinted in your memory. This may be traumatic because you would be personally attacked or humiliated.

A bomb about to detonate

To see a bomb that is about to go off or detonate, watching the clock counting down to zero or fiddling with the bomb to try to stop it, portends a potentially tumultuous love affair. You could meet someone and fall head over heels in love during a whirlwind courtship. However, just like the ticking time bomb in the dream vision, there is a danger that you would be completely consumed by this passionate affair that all other plans and responsibilities may be neglected or abandoned altogether.

Multiple bombs around

Being surrounded by multiple bombs, such as in a war zone or while engaged in a battle with terrorists, reflects the tight spot you would find yourself in the near future. You could be bombarded by a lot of problems, to the point that you would not know where to start or which one to prioritize. If the bombs are set to detonate in the vision, then there could be messy repercussions to your decisions or adverse effects no matter how carefully you try to resolve each issue. As such, this rough patch could go on far longer that you initially anticipated.

Watching a bomb explosion in progress

Witnessing a bomb explosion in progress, such as seeing a commotion in slow motion and then noticing the cloud of dust and debris flying in all directions caused by the bomb that just detonated, means there are huge obstacles in your way like a stroke of bad luck. As much as you try to find all possible workarounds to complete a project or close a deal, a new issue eventually pops up. So expect a ton of roadblocks testing your determination every step of the way.

An explosion caused by a bomb

Witnessing an explosion caused by a bomb, such as from a car exploding in your path or a building blowing up, alludes to a destructive force that would cause some imbalance in your life. It could be a disheartening news that you would not get that scholarship, job, loan or promotion that you counted on to stay on track with your life goals. Or it could mean being diagnosed by a serious illness which would require extensive medication or treatment. It is also possible that it is a loved one who would become afflicted by a debilitating disease.

A bomb exploding on the ground

To dream that a bomb suddenly explodes on the ground where you are standing, maybe a landmine which detonated when you stepped on it or a planted bomb that was left on the ground by a terrorist, means a crucial piece of information would fall on your lap. This is generally a positive development because this news or information may be the key to the progress or advancement of your goals. If you have been feeling stuck or uninspired, then this may spawn you into action once more.

Being a victim of bombing

A dream wherein you are a victim of bombing, such as being attacked in a war zone or being near the bomb in a crowded area when it detonates, surprisingly has a positive dream meaning when it comes to your current problems. So if you are struggling to find a way out of a tight situation or you are experiencing a seemingly endless string of bad luck, then this is a very welcome sign for you. Specifically, there would be positive developments in your project or situation. If you are grappling with an issue, then your suffering would finally end soon enough.

Your location and status during the bombing also conveys additional meanings. For example, if you are at the epicenter of the explosion and managed to survive with only minor injuries, then it means you would quickly and effectively neutralize your problems or concerns in reality. However, if you sustained serious wounds and injuries, or even died during the bombing, then you may have to pay close attention to your health and well-being because you may become sick to the point that your burdens would weigh heavier because of your weakened immune system.

Designing a new bomb

Envisioning yourself designing a new bomb, such as one intended to be a weapon for the government and the army, is an allusion to your overestimation of your true abilities and potential. Maybe your friends and family are too supportive that this has caused you to turn a blind eye on your weaknesses. As a result, you may be too ambitious with your projects or aiming too high. Perhaps what you could do is assess your level of expertise and work on improving your knowledge and skills before setting lofty goals which could be doomed to failure.

Organizing a bombing

Dreaming that you are a terrorist organizing a bombing, such as meeting with your co-conspirators or plotting your solo attempt at a suicide bombing or finding the perfect location for maximum damage, means you may figure in a controversy after you organize or attend a wild party. Some attendees, even including yourself, may become too inebriated or under the influence of illegal substances which could lead to indecent acts. Word could spread about the party that would negatively impact your reputation.

Seeing a bomb

Seeing a bomb in a vision, one that you are inspecting closely, a discarded or planted bomb in a box or bag near you, means you are feeling anxious about something in reality. You could be worried about where your life is headed generally speaking, perhaps because you are anticipating something terrible that would derail you from your path. Or it could be a more specific cause of anxiety, such as being fearful that one of your loved ones would figure in an accident or be diagnosed with a terminal disease.

Touching a bomb

Touching a bomb, as a way of disarming it or just figuring out the mechanism behind it, means you are approaching a crossroad or a definitive turning point in your life. There is a big decision waiting for you and once you choose, the other choices would no longer be viable. There is no turning back. If you think the bomb is going to explode in your dream, then perhaps the changes would happen in quick successions and most of it would be beyond your control. It may even result in cutting off old connections.

Hearing a bomb explosion

Hearing a bomb exploding in the dream world, whether it is within your immediate vicinity or an establishment in the distance, means that you are afraid that your plans or projects could fail or have less than satisfactory results. Perhaps you are too attached to or passionate about the project which is why you may be prone to micro-managing or nitpicking. Even when things are going smoothly, you may tend to come up with worst case scenarios. Unfortunately, some of your colleagues or members of the team may become demotivated or agitated over your attitude.

Making a bomb

Making a bomb in your dream, perhaps with the intent of using it against your enemies or purely for gaining knowledge on how to construct such a device, reveals your hesitations about your current undertaking. You may be having second thoughts about pursuing a project or venture because you are unsure about its successful outcome. Certain factors may have convinced you that it is no longer a viable project so you are likely thinking about stopping it or abandoning it altogether since it is costly and impractical.

Neutralizing a bomb

Neutralizing a bomb or defusing an explosive device, such as in a bank or a public area which could cause massive damage and casualties if it detonates, likely represents the same high-cost, high pressure situation which you would experience in reality in relation to a project or undertaking. It could be an event you are organizing or a work project you are spearheading. While it may seem daunting and risky at first, if you put a lot of time and effort into it, you may end up exceeding expectations and earning the recognition you deserve.

Threatening someone with a bomb

Threatening to kill or blow up someone with a bomb, like someone you hate in reality such as a difficult boss or a long-time rival, reveals your introversion and tendency to be antisocial. You may find it difficult to make new friends or make a genuine connection because you have too many walls. Being too guarded may lead to isolation and depression. On the other hand, if you are sociable in reality, then perhaps this vision means you would get into an argument with a good friend which could lead to a parting of ways.

People dying during bombing

Seeing people dying during a bombing, such as bodies being blown to pieces and being dismembered by the sheer force of the explosion, could mean that you are trying too hard to be noticed by or impress someone who may be out of your league. You could just be setting yourself up for a heartbreak. Alternatively, a non-romantic interpretation of this dream symbol has to do with campaigns or personal goals and you are trying to persuade this person to back your cause or provide financial support.

Unexploded bomb

A bomb that has yet to explode in a dream vision alludes to some potential destructive force present in your reality. Someone or something in wake life has the possibility of turning out very badly for you. For example, a risky investment you are considering may completely fail. Alternatively, a once trusted friend may pull a Benedict Arnold and suddenly spread all your private secrets. You may want to be more cautious in the coming weeks to avoid trouble.

Throwing a bomb into a Christmas crowd

I was somewhere I didn't know and it was around Christmas time because I saw everyone with sweaters, Christmas decorations and snow. I was part of a group and I threw a bomb into another huge group in front of us and people began to chase me with weapons, even my own family tried to kill me.

Throwing a bomb to a group of people in your dream alludes to a fit of rage. You may be harboring a growing frustration and anger towards the concept of family, celebration and tradition because of the dysfunctional state of your own family. Perhaps you feel like an outsider during celebrations, reunions and similar occasions. As such, when the aggrieved group, including your family, started their counterattack, it signifies karma doing its work. Maybe the isolation and alienation you experience are due in part to your behavior towards your loved ones. Sending off negative energy would bring the same kind of vibe to you.

War bombing

Envisioning an airplane bombing or a nuclear explosion scenario in a war torn country such as Syria or Yemen in a dream is a sign that you feel sympathetic about the loss, anger and emotions of other people and feel deeply about their suffering. In wake life, it may be your family member, friend or a loved one who might be subjected to a hurtful situation right now whose grief you also share. Your kindheartedness and empathetic behavior is your supreme quality that puts you far ahead from everyone else.

Planes dropping bombs

Seeing airplanes dropping bombs in a dream symbolizes an inner calling for a need to be aware of yourself. In wake life, you may have felt failing to achieve certain targets even when you have given your top effort. The failures could be at college, work, business or even a lost love. Consequently, your subconscious is alerting you to make a change in the way you conduct your affairs so that you are able to achieve what you desire so badly.