Dreams Related To Blame

Taking blame for someone else's wrongdoings

Me and all my siblings were being punished for something. I knew it was my brother who did wrong, but knowing the punishment was death, I took the blame. The person cut off one of my eyelids, but I didn't die, so he forces multiple pills down my throat. Then, all of a sudden, I was laying on my bed with a pen and a piece of paper to write my last words, (don't have space to write it all) but, I said I had feelings for my best friend (same gender). Then before I finished, I died, then woke up.

To dream of being punished reflects feelings of guilt. Volunteering to die in place of your brother alludes to a sense of responsibility on your part. Perhaps some part of you feels culpable for any negative situation or issues your loved ones may be going through. The letter you write at the end of your dream before you die speaks of unresolved or repressed issues, not necessarily related to gender issues. It could be a sign of wanting to let go certain aspects of yourself that you deem destructive or deleterious to the people close to you. Alternatively, dying in dreams indicate negligence in the upkeep of select areas of your life, such as your health or performance at work. Being distracted by other matters may have costly consequences, so the vision is a reminder to achieve a semblance of balance in all aspects of your life.