Dreams Related To Black

Black ink in the sky

I am in a car with a friend. She is driving. Ahead of us high in the sky I see what looks like black ink flowing into the sky. I sense danger. The ink morphs into storm clouds. They seem to be very low. It starts to rain, but it isn't a bad storm. I can see all the droplets of rain on my car window. I feel relief.

Being in a car while your friend is driving suggests she has some influence over you in wake life. This influence may be minimal or quite strong, depending on the circumstances. However, while you may trust your friend in reality, she may not be as careful with her words as you are. The black ink in the sky suggests gossip and rumors may be started, possibly by intentional or accidental remarks by your friend. This explains why she is the one driving in this vision. The dark clouds that appear foretell of setbacks for your plans, meaning some goals you have set out to achieve may fail due to this series of events. However, not all is bad news. The rain and the pleasant sense of relief you felt at the end of the vision suggest other opportunities may open up for you in the wake of these troubles. You should just keep trying to do your best and be open to the possibilities that may develop.

Black snake

A black snake, in the context of a dream vision, suggests there would be hard times ahead. You are likely to encounter some challenging obstacle or difficult period of time that would test your patience, resolve and dedication to whatever goal you are currently working toward. You may have to exert an especially strong effort in order to overcome what stands in your way.

Black animals attacking first but then being harmless

I dreamed about black-furred foxes or wolves which were calm at first and then started attacking me. Later I killed them by throwing soil or some powder with my hands by chanting God's name very loudly. Later they were found alive and talking with me without any harmful actions.

Being attacked by black wolves or foxes signifies suffering which may be your own doing. In this sense, their docile behavior in the beginning may represent your blindness to your own actions that are actually hurting you in the long run. The dirt you throw on the attacking creatures suggests the cause of your downfall is likely related to a lack of care in some areas of your life or involvement in illegal or immoral activities. You may need to ask for someone's forgiveness, as seen in the image of chanting to higher powers. The animals' return to harmless behavior at the end of the vision reveals your potential to clear up this crisis or overcome the difficulties it causes, although it may take some time, energy and effort on your part to do so.

Pitch black eyes

All-black eyes, including the pupils and sclera, denote negativity in your life. Biblical or religious sources describe pitch black eyes dream meaning in similar ways as the representation from the famous Carl Jung shadow concept. This means you are afraid of something evil that lurks inside you. Alternatively, this could also be an external threat, such as a malicious entity that seeks to corrupt you or lead you to a dark path.

Black color in general

The color black as a dream symbol generally refers to sadness and misfortune. Seeing this color as a dominant hue in a dream could point to the possibility that you would spiral into depression. This emotional turmoil could be a result of a misfortune that would fall upon you. Perhaps you would experience a loss of a loved one, especially if the color black is predominantly displayed as clothes or a sheet of fabric. It is also possible that a tragedy would suck you into despair and hopelessness. Your subsequent decision to isolate yourself would further add to your state of misery.

A black bird

A black bird, such as a crow or a condor, usually carries a negative connotation in dreams. Oftentimes, black birds are harbingers of great misfortune and seeing them in a dream vision serves as a warning to the dreamer to keep a close eye on possible things that could go awry. For example, you or a loved one could get involved in a serious accident which could lead to a possible death. It can also represent an individual with evil motives. Perhaps this person is envious of what you have and wishes to bring you down by exploiting your good graces or exposing your dirty secrets for public consumption.

Receiving a letter with a black mark

The symbolism of receiving a letter with a black mark, such as a stamp, usually alludes to bad luck. The letter itself represents a message or a warning that your loved ones or close relatives may soon encounter misfortune and hardships. The letter also means that you would receive bad news about the tragedy that has befallen a family member or several relatives. This may be something beyond your control, so you only have the power to extend a helping hand and alleviate their troubles with your support. Although it may also be possible for you to remind your loved ones to stay safe and vigilant in case any kind of threat is lurking.

A blackboard

A blackboard in dreams is usually a metaphor for your ideas and goals, so whatever is written on the blackboard illustrates your current state of mind. However, if the material for the writing on the blackboard is chalk, then it can also indicate a lack of follow through or temporary wants. So if, for example, you are writing with a chalk on the blackboard, then it could imply missed opportunities. Perhaps your commitment issues lead to failed projects. It could also mean that you tend to quit when the going gets tough so you do not get to enjoy the fulfillment of completing a project when you follow through with your plans despite the challenges.

Black see-through clothes for women

If you see women wearing see-through or transparent black clothing in a dream, then there is a good chance you would face disappointments in reality. You could be hoping to close a deal, take a well-deserved vacation or get hired. Unfortunately, this dream vision means you may not get what you want. This rejection or failure to achieve something could make you wallow in self-pity and depression. Your strong reaction to this may be because you had high hopes of getting what you wanted. Perhaps you were shortlisted or you had already booked your flight only for it to be cancelled due to unforeseen events. Having something at arm's reach is much more heartbreaking to lose than something you were less likely to get.

Everything around in black

Dreams of being surrounded by black objects and people clad in black is usually a bad omen. You could be overcome with grief as a result of a personal loss or tragic event. For instance, a loved one could pass away due to an accident or a serious illness. Alternatively, the blackness of your surroundings can also be an allusion to upcoming disappointments. As a result of not getting whatever it is you have been pursuing, you could fall into a pit of despair and lose motivation. You may have lost interest in your usual preoccupations, including the people you would normally hang out with.

Wearing black clothes

Wearing black clothes in a dream is usually a bad omen. It means there is a great misfortune in your future, such as the passing of a loved one or a similar personal loss. The color itself denotes depression and sorrow as a result of this loss. You may retreat into isolation as a coping mechanism or detach yourself from your social circle. The loss may not just refer to death specifically, it could also refer to separation from a significant other or the permanent cut to your bond. As such, the absence of this individual who have become a familiar presence in your life may be difficult for you to process.

A black burnt apartment and a black dog

Hi, today morning I woke up, had a cigarette, emptied my stomach and again went to bed. It's routine. After going to bed I saw something different from the dream that I remember. My friend lives in an apartment In front of mine. I saw that apartment as black burnt and a black dog in front of it. The dog was calm, not barking or not doing anything. Seeing a black dog is not a good sign. I am terrified. Please interpret it.

You are right to be concerned after experiencing this vision. The symbols presented here seem to be a message from your subconscious to be vigilant of those whom you consider close friends. Seeing an apartment on fire and colored black due to the smoke predicts a possibility of becoming the victim of a robbery or burglary. Your possessions or financial security may be at risk in this situation, and if breached, could cause you a lot of trouble and hardships. The image of the black dog is also menacing, even if it seemed calm, as it predicts being disappointed in or hurt by someone close to you, most likely your friend. In the context of this particular vision, there are two possible outcomes. On one hand, this could mean your friend may not give you the support or aid you may need should you experience this incident. However, another interpretation of this same image could mean your friend may be the actual perpetrator or the person indirectly causing the crime to happen. It would be wise to keep an eye on your material possessions and avoid leaving important or valuable items unattended.

Strange people dressed in black

People dressed in black. When they were near the would make screaming noises and would jump and crawl at the same time. Having to hide in a small car in the passenger seat at the bottom so they wouldn't find you.

A dream about people wearing black clothes signifies bad news or an impending negative event. Screaming signifies fear, so it means a group of people including those you love would be in great peril. However, instead of extending a helping hand, you choose to save yourself from being embroiled in this conflict by ignoring the issue. You would choose to focus on your social mobility and career advancement instead of making sacrifices for the sake of others.

Dream meanings for black flowers or black insects

A black flower and a black bee

I was picking a black unknown flower and handing it to my mother. I was worried the black flower was poisoned, when this black bee started to fly out of the flower and into my left ear.

Black in dreams is a bleak color often associated with death and darkness. As such, the black flower your present to your mother in the dream may refer to a funeral or death. In addition, the black bee could symbolize illness or a tragic accident. You may need to keep your intuition and gut feel on high alert. Perhaps you need to ensure that you and your loved ones are healthy as this dream vision implies upcoming challenges and negative changes in your or your family members' well-being.

Black peppercorns

Dreaming of grinding peppercorns means you may have an axe to grind with some or your enemies. There could have been many previous clashes which have happened over the course of your rivalry, but this dream vision points to bigger problems ahead. Perhaps your rivals have found the perfect opportunity to take you down and they have been quietly plotting lately. If you are not careful, you may fall into their potential traps which could set you back in terms of professional advancement or personal growth. It may be in your best interest to keep a close eye on characters lurking and trying to catch wind of your weaknesses and sensitive information they can use against you.

You and others wearing black

To dream of wearing black clothes and seeing others in black garb as well usually points to major conflicts and disagreements. You may have enemies or rivals closely watching you in hopes of seeing you fail. Their constant scheming could soon bear fruit as they find opportunities to get the upper hand on a project or a promotion you have been eyeing. Things could get ugly as misunderstandings may further fuel their enmity and hostility towards you. As such, your subconscious may be trying to warn you of stressful times ahead so you can prepare mentally for the onslaught that is about to come.

Black feathers

Black feathers in dream symbols could be an indication of the dreamer's bad luck in terms of romantic relationships. Whenever this symbol comes up in a vision, it means your current affair may be in trouble or headed towards an inevitable break up. Your struggle to keep things stable and your bond strong may not be working, maybe they are even futile. Perhaps you have noticed issues getting worse in reality and your partner has been acting strange or distant lately, so these observations are likely being projected into your vision as a warning that things are not going well.

Black teeth

The black teeth dream meaning is often interpreted as a sign of stress from working too hard. The state of your teeth reflects the state of your mental health. You may need to delegate tasks to someone else or take a break to recuperate.

A black angel on a black horse

Hi, I am a female. I dreamed of a black angel on a black horse came to me in church and I was crying out loudly as the room was spinning and woke up out of my sleep an screamed "Jesus" as I opened my eyes.

A black angel represents the end of a chapter in your life. While endings can be a sad affair, it just means that you can look forward to a new beginning. So there is an implication that you would soon embark on a new journey. As illustrated by the black horse, this journey would be daunting and filled with uncertainty. The church gives further clues about the nature of your impending journey. Churches often symbolize enlightenment and the dreamer's long-held beliefs, so combined with the previous dream symbols, it seems that your faith would soon be tested. Real-world events and first-hand experiences would open your mind about the realities of life, both good and bad, which would ultimately give you the knowledge to decide for yourself whether what you believe is infallible or ultimately flawed.

You parents dressed in black

To dream of seeing your parents dressed in black portends crushing disappointments. After working so hard, and probably for so long on something, then ending up failing would be a great blow to your self-esteem. The problem may be exacerbated by the fact that your family and loved ones may have high expectations that you would succeed. Perhaps you were expecting to get your dream job or you were supposed to win an award only to lose out on someone else. It is also possible that it is not a singular event that would be categorized as a disappointment, perhaps you just feel like your current existence does not match up to your dreams. An encounter could make you feel bad about yourself or your lack of achievements, so you would reflect on all your recent failures further fueling your self-loathing.

Painting your room black

Dreaming of painting your room black usually points to becoming a victim of an unfortunate circumstance in your own house. For instance, you could get burglarized due to poor security in your area. It is also possible that overlooking a safety hazard in your home could lead to a fire or a similar accident which would take some time and effort to fix or recoup the losses. Furthermore, since you are the one painting the walls black, it could also be an indication that you would be partially responsible for the misfortune or accident that could occur in your own home. Perhaps your subconscious is alerting you about possible problems that could arise so you can keep your home safe and secure.

A friend with a black face

Dreaming about a friend with a black face, which I am so much curious about... What does it mean? Thank you.

Seeing your friend with a black face in a dream could be an ill-omen. This particular friend may soon find him or herself afflicted with some illness or serious medical condition which could severely affect the way this person lives. Were this to happen, you should try to be there for this person and do your best to encourage them not to give up and recuperate.

A deceased relative asking for black shoes

I dreamed that my recently deceased nephew was asking for a pair of black shoes. He didn't ask for a specific type of shoe, just black.

A pair of black shoes in dreams alludes to progress and social mobility. In the context of your dream, your deceased nephew's request for a pair of black shoes likely represents his discontent about the way he lived. Or perhaps this is merely your own projection of your unhappiness. Maybe his death uncovered your personal issues about improving your own situation or your overall lifestyle as a result of being overcome by feelings of mortality. Life can be snuffed out in an instant and this recent loss may have inspired your desire to live better and with purpose.

A best friend dressed in black

Last night I saw my best friend in my dream. I have left an appointment from before to hang out, we met in a coffee bar and then I saw her dressed completely in black clothes.

Seeing your friend in black garments or wearing black clothes likely means that someone in your social circle projects negative energy and has a pessimistic attitude. He or she may drag down your mood by dwelling on hopelessness and negative aspects of everyday existence. It may be the individual in the dream herself or someone completely different. Perhaps the friend in your dream is just another victim of this bleak and toxic friend who tends to suck happiness out of others.

Everything turning black

Dreaming that everything around you has gone black, such as all the pieces of paper in your office or furniture, or that you are surrounded by darkness usually carries a negative connotation. This image indicates that you are going to feel miserable because of a sudden loss or that someone dear to you has died. You will not be ready for this situation, so this will take a significant toll on your life. On the other hand, this dream might carry a fortunate interpretation, especially if you saw a small ray of light. This sighting is a metaphor for the hope that you will overcome this situation.

Black angel wings

Seeing the spiritual image of an angel with black wings, or even just the black wings, can be a warning about dark thoughts invading your consciousness. Perhaps you are feeling cynical about a certain relationship and you think you are being manipulated, so you are thinking about ways to retaliate. Alternatively, this dream vision can refer to a situation in real life when you expressed your honest thoughts and now you are regretting it, perhaps because you hurt someone's feelings.