Dreams Related To Bisexual

Being bisexual

Dreaming that you are attracted to both males and females is not actually a reflection of your sexuality in wake life. Rather, this symbol can mean one of two things. First, it could allude to a tendency to not embrace or work on your personal flaws. For instance, you may have trouble admitting that you have a drug problem or that your sexual practices are not as safe as they should be. Another interpretation ties this symbol to having difficulty expressing your sexuality, whether you are straight, gay or bisexual. Your family or societal pressures may make it difficult if not impossible to explore your budding sexuality in a healthy, safe way.

Discovering that the boyfriend is bisexual

I was laying next to this guy after we had sex and I dreamed that he was pressing into my belly button.... After that, I had another dream about this girl telling me he is bisexual and I asked him in the dream. He said yes and I told him that's a turn off and I left.

Images of relaxing or lying in bed after having sex with someone are usually symbolic of happy tidings and favorable developments occurring or soon to happen in your waking life. The notion of him pressing into your belly button also symbolizes some early signs or opportunities in your life which only you could pay attention to and use in order to reach these auspicious outcomes, perhaps offered to you not once, but on multiple occasions by now. However, the second vision you are describing has strong indications that you either missed on this opportunity already, or let it pass you by because you are not willing or hesitant to accept this chance for reasons only you know.

Coming out as bisexual

I am male. I had a dream I was forced to come out as bisexual.

Dreaming that you are bisexual could mean that you have not fully embraced your flaws and weaknesses. Alternatively, it could also reveal your inability to fully express your sexuality. Perhaps societal expectations or conservative beliefs are preventing you from doing so. This does not necessarily mean that you could be attracted to both genders, only that you may be going through an identity crisis because of your inherent fear of judgment and disapproval, especially from your loved ones. Living in fear of other people's opinions may be making your subconscious restless, which is why it is forcing you to confront these suppressed issues.