Dreams Related To Birthday

Your own birthday

Your own birthday in the dream realm traditionally reflects your own subconscious perception of age and aging. Therefore, seeing yourself happy and content on your birthday in the dream realm means that you have come to terms with growing older or that you are excited for the new events and challenges you would face in the future. Being sad or upset, however, could reveal some hangups about growing older, such as fear of wrinkles, increased responsibility or the loss of friends and other loved ones.

Birthday cake

Since birthday cakes symbolize celebration and an appreciation for life, this dream symbol is a very auspicious sign. Christian values would attribute a birthday cake with well wishes and prayers for long, healthy life. Similarly, other ancient traditions consider cakes as offerings in exchange for bountiful blessings. Celebrating a birthday with a cake also holds the same positive allusions as real-world rituals. This reveals your sociable and generous personality. You tend to create strong bonds with people which make your life more meaningful.

Birthday party

Your own birthday party in the dream realm may reflect some preoccupation with the idea of aging, at least according to Sigmund Freud and his understanding of the subconscious mind. Feelings of happiness or satisfaction at your party suggest you have a strong support circle of individuals or that you expect to age gracefully over time. However, feeling apprehension, sadness or anger at your party could mean you have unresolved issues from your youth holding you back from fully appreciating or accepting the aging process.

Everyone forgetting about your birthday

Having a dream where everyone forgot your birthday does not mean such an event would happen in reality. In fact, it actually reflects your own tendency to forget, ignore or overlook others. The sadness you feel may directly correlate to how much you have been neglecting your friends and family. A simple phone call or text message to let these important people know you care would not go amiss. Alternatively, most social media sites, such as Facebook, regularly update users on the birthdays and anniversaries of their connections. Perhaps this would be a useful tool to help you reach out to more people you know and rekindle some old friendships.

My birthday without a cake

Celebrating your birthday without a birthday cake means you are apprehensive about getting old. All those negative content pieces in the news and post-apocalyptic shows are making you pessimistic about the future. In addition, this could simply mean you are feeling disconnected from your loved ones. You feel like you no longer have the same priorities or even interests, so it makes it harder to spend quality time with them. You need to find common ground with important people in your life in order to strengthen your ties once again. After all, during difficult times, it is infinitely more lonely to isolate yourself because of petty differences.

Someone's birthday party

Witnessing someone else's birthday in the dream world can have different interpretations depending on the age of the individual involved. Freudian philosophy suggests that seeing a young person's birthday may reveal a youthful attitude or a desire to fit in with a younger crowd. You may be attracted to hairstyles, clothing or hobbies that tend to appeal to those a general or two under you. For example, you may be interested in pop music and follow the advice of online influencers rather than watching the news or listening to the oldies station. Alternatively, seeing the birthday party of an older person could reveal your desire to live a long, full life. You are probably interested in wellness and mindfulness. Additionally, you may be what some term as an "old soul" which suggests that you are wise and thoughtful beyond your years.

Being abused by mother on a birthday

It's my birthday and only one friend came. I was playing a little, my mom made me eat on the floor. After eating, my friend told me my mom is strict, I went to her room sad. Then I told my friend "Let's go outside". My mom then told me to get firewood on the way. I got a few pieces of wood then I put them at the table outside and I started playing with her to avoid the sadness. I played and got happy again, then my mom came outside and said "I told you to get firewood, not play!" and started hitting me.

Feeling lonely when it is your birthday and eating off the floor could predict losing something important to you in the future. This could be a physical object, such as a favorite toy or a missing coat, or something more intangible, like time or attention of others. In either case, going outside and collecting firewood could be interpreted as a sign that you have done or are about to do something which gets you in a lot of trouble, thus resulting in the loss mentioned above. While you may not directly hurt anyone, it is possible that your ideas or behavior could make others feel uncomfortable. Seeing your mother being upset at the end of the dream could indicate how stressful and difficult this period of time would become for you.

Giving birth on a birthday

On my last birthday, I dreamed that I gave birth to a baby girl on my birthday.

Giving birth generally refers to major changes, transformation as well as a new chapter in your life. A baby girl similarly points to something surprising that would give you an opportunity to change up your routine and embrace an exciting adventure. Now combined with your birthday, this life-changing moment has to do with self-love. To live a life you can be proud of, the first step would be to be more accepting of yourself, no matter how imperfect you are. Do this and the blessings will follow.