Dreams Related To Bill

An attorney with a bill

I dreamed i was in my car, an attorney that I personally know, came walking over to me. He had on a suit, but no shirt under his jacket. He handed me a piece of paper. It was a bill or something from him in the amount of $485. I nodded ok, this is good, will write you a check. He said it is a good amount, meaning he didn't charge me a lot. Thank you.

The attorney or lawyer in your dream represents your hidden talent when it comes to debates and airing of opinions. While other people let their emotions cloud their judgment, you are able to stay objective and defend your side using logic as well as facts. This encounter points to an upcoming argument with someone in your social circle, perhaps about current events or some other hot political issue like climate change, a possibility of war or immigration. The bill charged by your lawyer indicates triumph. You are going to win the argument and you may even convince your opponent to agree with you. This ability of yours to maintain your composure while participating in a heated debate makes you an invaluable and influential member of your social group. People look to you for wisdom instead of treating you like the enemy.