Dreams Related To Bikers

Bikers and police

So I'm with a group of people having a drink and having a chat and smoke. When the cops come to question us about a break in by a group of bikers. Because we had bikes. They leave and so do my friends, the bikers group comes and breaks into the neighbor's house. And I call police. They accuse me of doing it until the bikers cross the highway in front of us.

Being accused of breaking into a private property usually reflects the dreamer's guilt. You may have committed an offence that you now regret, and your mind is playing up your fear of being found out through this vision. On the other hand, witnessing the break-in at your neighbor's house portends an upcoming conflict with someone close to you. Perhaps you are often misunderstood because of your laid-back lifestyle and happy-go-lucky attitude. A loved one may accuse you of being irresponsible and unreliable, even though you have actually been looking out for them all the while.

Friendly bikers

Seeing yourself surrounded by a bunch of friendly bikers who are behaving in an amiable manner indicates that all your problems and troubles are about to be resolved and you would be facing a period of goodwill from a group of people who will help you overcome these obstacles.

Surrounded by bikers

If you dream about being surrounded by bikers, this could signify that you are about to go through a series of problems or issues which might need to be resolved by a lot of people and would be distressing for you to go through. You would definitely be needing the help of a number of folks to help you overcome your troubles.

Bikers in a road accident

If you see a group of bikers in a road accident, such a dream could signify that your issues and problems will be resolved and all that you aim to accomplish will come easily to you without any hardships and difficulties.

Yourself as a biker

If you dream about yourself being a biker, it could signify your extraodinary ability to overcome problems and to face difficulties by coming up with nontraditional methods or unconventional approaches. Methods and approaches which are solely yours and have not been copied from others.

Being intimidated by bikers

If you dream about being intimidated by a group of bikers and who you think are jeering at you and trying to make you feel miserable, it could mean that you might have to face a lot of problems which might cause havoc and chaos in your life. It also symbolizes the unfair treatment which you may receive because of the behavior of your superiors or your boss. These people might try to humiliate you or simply lose their faith and trust in you.

In love with a biker

If you dream of being in love with a biker, this could signify that the person who you are currently in love with only gives importance to material gains and values. This person might not believe in spiritual goodness and would be petty and simple-minded to the point of being self-centered and with hardly any room for personal growth and improvement.

A crowd of bikers

If you dream about about bikers on their bikes in the streets, it could mean that you would like to break free from societal norms and get some breathing space. It also shows your desire to move above society's pressure of what is wrong and right and pave your own journey. This is indicative of the fact that you would like to prove your point of view to just about everyone, so that they may respect you for who you really are.

Becoming a biker

If you dream about becoming a biker and joining a bikers club, it signifies your assertiveness and your ability to take control of any sort of situation. It also signifies you taking on a responsibility for carrying out an important venture or taking the leading role when communicating with others.

You as a biker on a cool bike

Dreaming of riding a bike which is stylish and cool is symbolic of your abilities to come up with good and original ideas. The sort of ideas which can bring about a positive change. It signifies that you are a born leader with abilities which make others follow you.

Having an affair with a biker

Me being in a room with bikers and having sex with one of them whose name was Sunny. I woke up in the morning in the dream next to my husband with a jumper on, when I took off the jumper I was wearing Sunny's shirt. I said "I must go to Sunny" and my husband said "Sunny"? We went to the bikers' house and there was other bikers shooting at the original bikers, so we hid and escaped unharmed, the next minute my husband had disappeared and I was in a café looking at a huge slice of layered cake.

Dreaming about cheating on your husband is not normally associated with similar acts in waking life. Rather, it is symbolically linked with behavior that errs on the side of illegal, or at least immoral. This is supported by the imagery of the bikers. In this case, it seems that (at least subconsciously) you want to live a little on the wild side and break away from traditions. Looking at a nice, big slice of cake at the end of your vision suggests that your husband acknowledges these tendencies inside of you and even supports them to an extent. You can rely on him to let you spread your wings, but also keep you grounded within reasonable boundaries as well.