Dreams Related To Bench

Near a bench with a man and tree leaves

I dreamt I was near a bench with a man. He was tall, holding both my hands, smiling. We were talking and we both were happy, comfortable and in love. There were colorful fall leaves everywhere and some of the leaves had written words burnt in them like from the sun. The words were "Remember, Imagine, Love". I remember I said I need to collect these and I picked up a few of the leaves and woke up.

Dreaming about a man with whom you are happy and contended has positive connotations. It is symbolic of a pleasant and happy time in your life which has manifested in your dream. The positive vibes are further reinforced by the presence of colorful leaves around you. It depicts that your life will take a turn for the better and things would eventually fall into place leaving you feeling contented and satisfied. You would experience this gratification in your romantic as well as professional life. Be jovial for things are working in your favor and keep working towards your goals.