Dreams Related To Behavior

Witnessing someone's inappropriate behavior

So, I was at school with my best friend and the guy I like and we were all just hanging out in this room when this girl I know that is friends with the guy I like came in and sat next to him. She starts smirking at me and then goes and sits on his lap and he's acting like it's totally normal and I'm getting a bit upset. Then they lied down by each other, almost spooning and the whole time this girl is still smirking at me. I get so fed up that I confront her, yelling, and she eventually leaves.

It is possible that some misfortune is about to befall you. Dreaming that you are inside your school hanging out with friends is symbolic of negative elements being present or soon appearing in your life. It represents the possibility of people holding you accountable for something you did in the past. The altercation you have with the flirtatious girl points to the risk of getting involved in a shady or fraudulent activity which could ruin your reputation for good. You should consider the consequences any of your actions could have in the long run before you make important decisions.