Dreams Related To Beggar

Hugging a beggar

I was walking past some few people with my friends and there was a burnt and badly hurt lady trying to shake our hands! She looked scruffy and like a beggar! All my friends ignored her. But I felt so much pity and I shook her hand. After which she hugged me. And my friends were disgusted about it. Meaning please.

A dream in which you stumble upon a beggar or homeless individual has negative connotations. It is indicative of some disturbing events which may eventually lead to you squandering away your assets and property. It could even symbolize the loss of your residence or perhaps breaking ties with a person who at one time may have been your best friend. The severity of your situation can be seen in the poor state of the woman. However, giving this woman a sympathetic hug is symbolically linked with the idea of having an upcoming reunion. Either you could avoid this situation entirely by being kind to those even outside your normal circle or, after a period of separation, everything could return to its previous state.