Dreams Related To Bed

Being in bed with someone you know

To dream that you are lying in bed with a friend or an acquaintance is a symbol of strained relationships. You may soon have a falling-out with your romantic partner or spouse which could last for a long time and threaten to break you apart. You may have a disagreement with your business partner which could lead you to distrust or accusing each other of sabotage. If you are unable to patch things up soon, the tension might cause you to lose a lot of money and force you to fold the business up.

In bed with a stranger of opposite sex

To dream about being in bed with a stranger of the opposite sex is a symbol of glad tidings. You would soon receive a message or piece of good news about a work promotion, a job offer, a business deal, an affirmative response to a marriage proposal or something of a similar nature which would certainly make your day. Congratulations!

Making the bed

I was dreaming I was making my bed.

Making your bed in a dream is often associated with the idea of everything in reality having its own place. In general, this means you are mentally and physically preparing yourself for the next stage in your life. As you subconsciously put things away and tidy your surroundings, you are coming to terms with your life thus far and considering the possibilities for your future.

Someone sleeping in your bed

Envisioning someone else sleeping on your bed, particularly a stranger, can be an off-putting and strange symbol to perceive. Beds, especially your own, are extremely private. They represent intimate parts of yourself that are often out of reach of others. Therefore, seeing someone else in your bed could have two possible meanings. On one hand, it could represent someone trying to take over your life, either by trying to usurp your position or put pressure on you to do things you would rather not do. This interpretation is usually most correct when you recognized the individual in your bed. Alternatively, the image of someone sleeping in your bed could reveal an internal desire to change a certain aspect of your life, such as by taking up a new habit or breaking an old, bad one.

Yourself in bed

To dream that you are lying in bed could indicate that you were having a lucid dream. The fact that your subconscious told you that your body was in a sleeping position could mean that you were fully aware that you were dreaming at that point. On the other hand, this dream vision is suggestive of an upcoming illness, since sick people are normally confined to their beds or "bed-ridden", but then it could also mean being idle and lazy, as the vision of immobility suggests. It also indicates that you may be contemplating, in fear, the possibility of death. Otherwise, it could only be your libido raring to find release.

If you dream that you are lying in bed, it could be telling you about something which concerns you the most at this point in your life. For instance, your most nagging concern at the moment might be related to finances. You would need to ask yourself what lying in bed in your dream could have got to do with your money problems. One interpretation might be that your idleness, indolence or laziness and the fact that you are jobless could be the reason you are lagging behind in your bill payments. On the other hand, this dream vision is symbolic of a mother's womb, which in turn could mean warmth and protection. For instance, your dream may literally mean that you are seeking the comfort and protection of your bed on a cold and snowy day.

An empty bed

To dream of seeing or standing by an empty bed is ominous of a death in the family or within your social circle. Your somber and calm demeanor as you stand by the bed in an empty room which looks eerily quiet suggests that the manner of death, although it would come to the family quite unexpectedly, may be due to natural causes, or something undetermined but not a homicide.

Dead people lying in the same bed

My deceased grandmother came to get in my California king bed. We talked and she was trying to hit a gnat that kept swarming around us. My wife's recently deceased friend was also lying in the bed with us as well, silent.

This vision needs to be looked at as a whole in order to understand its meaning. Gnats and other small, swarming insects tend to represent a number of things in the dream realm. In some cases, they are the manifestation of stress due to the daily grind or troubles in your city and country. Alternatively, they can be direct projections of attacks against you by various jealous or evil individuals. Whatever the case, the presence of your deceased grandmother and your wife's departed friend reveals that even in troubled times you have people you can rely on. Just as your grandmother swatted at the gnats, so does this vision suggest that your family members and true friends would support you when times are tough. If you are in need of help or just a shoulder to cry on, all you need to do is reach out.

Making bed for the night

To dream that you are preparing to go to bed or making bed for the night is an indication that you will soon leave home on a temporary basis to pursue your studies at a faraway place or to accomplish an assignment related to your work. You would be away from home for quite some time, and you would be terribly missed by the people you would leave behind. Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

A bed in a strange room

To dream about lying or sleeping in bed in a strange, unfamiliar room predicts a visitation. Someone you know would soon pay you a visit for the purpose of reconnecting with you and making up for lost years. The meeting could even turn out beneficial for both of you as you might consider going into a business venture together.

Making love in bed

To dream that you are making love or having sex in bed is not what your sex life is like in reality. It indicates that you are not happy with how things are turning out between you and your partner or spouse not only in terms of your performance in bed, but also in your other states of affair as a couple. Your growing apathy and indifference toward each other spells trouble ahead, and it would seem appropriate to just end the relationship and find someone you are truly compatible with.

Bunk bed

The meaning of bunk beds in the dream realm is closely associated with childhood memories and behavior, in particular, childishness. It represents the dreamer's tendency to devolve into immature behavior, perhaps in uncomfortable or overly familiar situations. It indicates that you, as a person, need to get with the times and go through some emotional growth.

Wetting the bed

Wetting the bed during the course of a dream vision can have different interpretations depending on your emotional state. If you felt embarrassed or angry about your loss of bladder control, it could mean that you have difficulty controlling your emotions in reality. It is possible that you could be set off by even small problems or changes to your schedule. Alternatively, feeling no negative emotions when you wet the bed could mean you have more control over your emotions. You likely have the mental fortitude to overcome difficulties with ease or even get rid of bad habits that would take others much longer to overcome.

Many beds

Seeing many beds in the dream realm can be interpreted as a desire for comfort, stability, and happiness in your waking life. It implies a need for rest and relaxation and a longing for the feeling of relief that comes with a good night's sleep. These metaphors also suggest a desire for emotional stability and security in your relationships or career, where you have the resources and support to take care of your basic needs. In essence, the dream is a reminder for you to be self-aware and focus on your goals as more opportunities are coming your way.

A bed covered with rose petals

To dream about seeing or standing next to a bed covered with rose petals is a symbol of romance. You would meet someone as passionate as you are when it comes to love. You would complement and reciprocate each other in ways that would enrich your lives. Your genuine love for each other would extend beyond the corners of your bedroom and occupy such a big part of your life that you might finally decide this is the person you want to spend the rest of your life with.

A bed with dirty sheets

To dream of seeing or sleeping in a bed with dirty sheets is like washing your dirty linen in public. You or people close to you might be involved in unfortunate or scandalous events which would expose unpleasant things about you which you should otherwise keep to yourselves. Such occurrences, and the subsequent humiliation, would threaten to destroy your credibility and integrity, making it difficult for you to gain the public's trust again.

A strange-looking bed

To dream that you are lying or sleeping on a strange-looking bed with an unusual shape and design portends an unexpected turn of events in your career, project or business. It could be a positive development which would take you closer to achieving your goals, or it could pose a lot of challenges for you to test your limits.

Unable to move while in bed

I dreamt I was being pushed down on my bed like someone was trying to stop me from moving. I was trying to wake up asking God for help and as I woke up I was thanking God.

This vision is a warning to be mindful of your choices and behavior you engage in. Being unable to move in a dream suggests there is a war within you between what is good and practical and your selfish, immoral desires. There is no middle ground in this case, and you must either choose between an ethical, though less appealing, choice and one that may alienate you from others. This is further supported by your asking God for help and then thanking him, which suggests that meticulous attention to detail and hard work, namely the good but more difficult choice, is the right one. Giving into temptation this once may be one step toward a complete degradation of character and morals.

Being stretched while in bed

Being stretched slowly and gently while sleeping in my bed.

Sleeping in your own bed alludes to an upcoming illness in wake life. Stress from everyday life may make you susceptible to everything from the common cold to a serious infection. Being stretched slowly and gently could refer to recognizing that you are spreading yourself too thin. This vision should be considered a reminder from your subconscious that you should focus and spend your energy on the things that are more important to you. Additionally, it is fine to turn down party invitations, Friday night bar hops and inconvenient coffee dates if you have more pressing matters to attend to.

Someone sitting on my bed

In the dream realm, envisioning someone sitting on your bed symbolizes a desire for friendship or intimacy in your waking life. The person sitting on your bed is someone who is important to you, or whom you would like to be closer to. Alternatively, the dream is a sign of happiness and contentment in your life. The bed is a place of comfort and rest, and the person sitting on it is a signal that you are feeling surrounded by supportive and loving people in your life. In essence, the dream is an omen to follow your goals and look for answers around as something good is coming your way.

Lying in bed by yourself

To dream that you are lying in bed all by yourself is a warning that you might contract an infectious disease, such as STD or hepatitis. You would have to be careful not to engage in unprotected sex or come in contact with people with contagious diseases which could easily transfer to you through inhalation, the use of unsterilized utensils, prolonged exposure to contaminated aerosols in hospital rooms or by sheer negligence.

A portable bed

To dream about seeing or carrying a portable bed, one that you would take with you on a camping expedition or any other outdoor activity, indicates that you may be inconvenienced by an ailment, feelings of fatigue or stress on a temporary basis. If not for this dream vision, you might over-react to the situation or make a big deal out of it by thinking the problem may be life-threatening. Your constant worrying might actually prompt you to seek medical attention, only to find out that there is really nothing to worry about, but at least you did not leave anything to chance.

Sitting by the headboard of a bed

To dream that you are sitting by the headboard of a bed and keeping close watch on the person lying on the bed, especially if that person appears to be a girl or a woman, indicates that you would be a willing witness to a marriage vow. You would soon take part in a wedding rite involving a couple you know very well, either as an ordinary guest or someone with a significant role in the ceremony.

A cat lying on the bed

To dream of seeing a cat lying on the bed is bad luck. It indicates that you would experience a series of unfavorable and unfortunate events which would affect your career, project, business or relationship in a negative way. You would try to minimize the damage or control the situation, hoping that it would soon pass, but the odds would be against you.

A bed with a posh silky quilt

Dreaming about seeing a bed draped with a posh silky quilt or comforter is a symbol of your growing aversion to overindulgence and a life of wretched excess. You would begin to feel empty amidst the opulence and luxury which your life has afforded you, most likely as a result of your parents' hard work or noble lineage. You would grow disillusioned from having lived in style for so long. You are starting to realize how much time you have wasted from doing literally nothing since everything has been handed you on a silver platter. This dream vision indicates your desire to end what you now call a life of conceit and hypocrisy, and your subsequent plans to contribute something meaningful to society by flexing your own muscles, doing real hard work, and getting your hands dirty.

If you are a woman, dreaming of seeing a bed draped with a posh silky quilt or comforter is a sign that you would soon cross paths with a male acquaintance or go out on a date with someone whom you never had the slightest inkling of getting romantically linked with in the past. You would be pleasantly surprised by this guy's intellectual abilities, wits and charms, exactly the qualities you were looking for in an ideal mate. If the opulent comfort evoked by this dream vision is any indication, you could expect to spend a lot of time on your matrimonial bed soon.

A crumpled bed

To dream of seeing or standing next to a crumpled bed with wrinkled sheets and shabby pillows signifies an indecent proposal. A co-worker or a business partner might begin making sexual advances toward you or offer you to engage in a sexual affair with him or her. How you would react to such a situation would be a test of your moral beliefs and a lesson in fidelity, in case you are currently in a relationship.

A king-size bed

Having recurring dreams of seeing or lying on a king-size bed is an indication that you are currently engaged in deep thought about someone in your life whose fate is in your hands as far as you are concerned. This person may be applying for a job with you, wanting to be your business partner, offering to be your friend, or considered a prospect to be your romantic partner. However, you would be having serious doubts about this person's merits, and you are not so sure whether this person is worth the risk.

Unable to get out of bed

To dream about being unable to get out of bed, especially if the bed is uncomfortable, is a symbol of your destiny, if you believe in one. You are convinced that your life was preprogrammed from the start, and nothing you would do now could ever change its course. For this reason, you would do things on the spur of the moment, without a care in the world, as if you were already aware of the outcome of your actions. You would exert no effort in trying to improve your life. You think that it would lead you to the same situation in the future anyway. You might even blame others for your plight, as if your inadequacies and shortcomings were their fault.

Wanting to get to bed

To dream about wanting to get to bed is a symbol of your insatiable wants and desires in reality. You seem to be the ideal consumer, given to compulsive buying and acquiring things you would have no real use for. This behavior could lead to financial problems in the future unless you seek help to address it as soon as possible.

Sleeping in someone's bed

To dream that you are lying or sleeping in someone's bed is a forewarning that you might find yourself taking part in a fraudulent activity or shady deal in your pursuit for a fast buck. As in most cases, you might get what you wanted in an instant, but you would lose your credibility and the people's trust in the long run, or worse, for virtually the rest of your life.

A bed collapsing under you

To dream about a bed collapsing under your weight could symbolize a health scare. This dream vision is reminding you to keep your health in check all the time. It would be best to undergo a regular medical check-up or visit your personal doctor on a regular basis so you would know how best to keep yourself fit and in good physical condition.

A child's bed

To dream about seeing or standing next to a child's bed is a symbol of your aspirations for yourself and your loved ones. You have always been inclusive and selfless in your actions and plans, and you always make it a point to share your happiness with others. No wonder your life has been blessed with both material riches and the love of those whom you have touched by your kindness and generosity. On the other hand, to dream of seeing an empty child's bed is plans and goals which have yet to be realized.

Your own bed

To dream that you are lying on your own bed symbolizes your sheltered and guarded personal life. The comforts of your bed in your dream are a symbol of your refusal to explore outside of your comfort zone or to open up for fear that you might be met with rejection. You prefer not to show the real you because the world is full of judgmental jerks and vicious bullies and you do not want to give them the satisfaction of putting you down, even if it costs you your own freedom and happiness.

Changing bed

If you are a female reader, dreaming about changing bed, say putting on new sheets and linens, is a symbol of a scandalous relationship. Due to a lapse in judgment, you would start a passionate affair with someone from work, your neighborhood, or online dating sites which would give you a strange sense of excitement with each passing day. Arranging trysts and playing cat and mouse would give you mixed feelings of guilt and pleasure at the same time, getting you more and more entangled in the web of this dangerous romantic liaison. But as with all secrets, your impropriety could soon come out and create an ugly situation involving entire communities which would most likely subject you to the courts of law and public opinion. For male readers, this dream symbolizes a possible relocation for job purposes or a change of environment.

Spreading a quilt or blanket over the bed

To dream that you are making the bed by spreading a quilt or blanket over it is a symbol of prestige. Your impending success in your chosen career, project or business would give you the wealth and prosperity that you deserve and earn you the respect and admiration of others. On the other hand, this dream vision could also indicate a surprise visit by someone you know who lives in a faraway place and whom you have almost forgotten. The meeting would bring back good memories and end on a celebratory note.

Ants on your bed

To dream about ants crawling on your bed or under a blanket portends a period of gloom. These circumstances would be hard times for your career, business, project or current relationship. The hardships and difficulties may dampen your spirits a little bit, but you know that these will come to pass.

Replacing bed's legs

To dream that you are replacing a bed's legs or supports is an indication that one of your servants, house helps, subordinates or employees would figure in a series of unfortunate events which would disrupt your business operations or significantly affect your own state of affairs. Since these are the people you rely on for the most part of your life, you would feel obliged to help them get out of their predicament so they could resume their normal duties, and it could cost you a limb.

Blood on your bed

To dream about discovering traces of blood on your bed or on the sheets is a symbol of infidelity. Your partner or spouse could be having an affair right under your nose, but you may not be able to detect it without looking more closely or being told by concerned members of your social circle. Your romantic relationship would appear to be doing really well, and there would be no perceivable signs that either of you is fooling around with a third party. When you finally get wind of your partner's or spouse's infidelity, the ensuing brouhaha would put both of you under the public's critical eye and likely subject you to the stratospheric financial and emotional costs of a legal proceeding leading to a bitter divorce. As the dream vision suggests, there might even be blood involved in the process if emotions fly high and are left untamed.

Taking blanket off the bed to wash

To dream that you are taking a blanket or a quilt off the bed in order to wash it is a symbol of some favorable changes in your life. As the dream vision suggests, you could be starting with a clean slate in terms of your career or project which would give you a whole new opportunity to show what you are capable of doing. It could be a continuation of what you have already started, when you feel confident that you are moving in the right direction and one step closer to achieving your goals.

A wide bed

To dream that you are standing next to or lying on a wide bed is a reflection of how far and wide your dreams could take you. You are currently or would soon achieve economic success because you have performed well in your job or sacrificed so much for the growth of your project or business in the past.

A tall bed

To dream that you are standing next to or sleeping on a tall bed supported by long, slender posts is an indication that your faithfulness and commitment to your current romantic relationship would also manifest in your work, project or business venture. Your exemplary traits would permeate not only at home, but would also resonate with your co-workers, fellow project stakeholders and business associates. People would admire you not only for showing great dedication, hard work and determination to succeed in your line of work or business, but also for having an ideal romantic relationship which is the cause of envy among those who know you.

A bed turned upside down

To dream of seeing your bed turned upside down is a forewarning that there could be dangers lurking in your midst which you may not yet be aware of or which you think may not really cause you any real harm. This dream vision is a reminder that most of the time harm does come to you like a thief in the night. You could get seriously hurt at a time you least expected. Evil could be in the form of anyone, even your most trusted friends. Therefore, you need to keep a watchful eye all the time if you do not want to fall victim to such circumstances.

Making a bed on the floor

To dream that you are using the floor as your bed or making a bed out of the floor indicates that your loved ones do not approve of your current relationship, and their actions of shunning and ignoring the person you are going out with speak for themselves. It is highly likely that you would give in to the pressure and eventually end the relationship to appease your loved ones, even if you would hurt the feelings of this person in the process.

A messy bed

To dream that you are lying on an untidy or messy bed symbolizes your paranoia related to the possibility of people finally learning about your buried secrets. You could be acting too cautiously every time you are in public, not wanting to be caught in an off-guard moment. You would keep a low profile and try as much as possible to make yourself unnoticeable. But your efforts could have a reverse effect. The enigma surrounding you might pique people's interest in your personal life and in things you could be doing surreptitiously when you are left alone, and the thought of your own ghosts closing in on you might be too much to bear. This dream vision may be telling you to finally come clean so you could get that nasty feeling off your chest once and for all and never have to live in fear again.

Sleeping in bed outside

To dream that you are lying or sleeping on a bed located outside the house, say under a tree in the backyard, is a symbol of opportunities knocking on your door. You could soon receive career offers or partnership deals to increase your capital and give you the chance to grow your business. You could soon find time to go out on frequent dates and be able to develop a deeper romantic relationship.

A bed with clean and white linens

To dream of sleeping or lying on a bed with clean, crisp, white linens or sheets signifies your capacity to solve your current problems in the most timely and efficient manner without disrupting other people's state of affairs. What sets you apart is your ability to stay calm under pressure. You could use this skill to your advantage in your work, business or relationships.

Snakes in bed

Seeing snakes in a bed should be considered an ill omen, as traditional dream interpretation sources consider it to represent being threatened in wake life. Therefore, if you saw the snakes in your own bed, you may soon come face to face with a challenge or difficulty of epic proportions. Similarly, seeing the snakes in the bed of someone you know could reveal that they are going to need your help in the near future.

Lying in bed with someone

Lying in bed with someone is a symbol with a negative aura. Whether you were post coitus or simply laying side-by-side, this symbol alludes to some strain or difficulty in a relationship close to your heart. In many cases, it directly refers to a spouse, partner or lover, but it may also be pointing to a business partnership or friendship depending on your circumstances. The challenges you face may lead to distrust and even sabotage if you cannot communicate openly with each other.

Animals around the bed

For the past 2-3 days, I am having dreams which are disturbing me. One night I dreamt of a cat moving around my bed and I was panicked to see that. Next night I had a dream of a dog around my bed with a bed corner eaten. Also my husband had a dream that he saw some known face (lady), invited her over but vaguely remembers that her face started resembling something evil.

These dreams you are describing DO have something in common and carry negative emotional connotations. To dream about a cat near your bed means that you are about to experience a sudden event affecting your family member and involving behavior or actions coming from a female. The vision of a dog near your bed means there may be periods of personal havoc and devastation related to someone whom you cannot distance yourself from due to emotional attachment to this person. Torn or broken off piece of your bed signifies death event (one of our sources states of a spouse). Finally, if your husband experienced a dream about a face showing evil expressions - he may be going through events or circumstances he does not want to happen to him.

Being pushed off the bed

I had a dream two nights in a row where I had a physical feeling of a weight on top of me, and then being pushed to the edge of the bed.. What does this mean?

Feeling a physical weight in a dream vision is often a representation of mental or emotional burdens you carry in your waking life. Because you felt this weight while in bed, the main cause of this stress is likely romantic in nature or something that is very personal to you. Feeling as though you are being pushed toward the edge of the bed by an outside force or power can suggest one of two things. On one hand, you may be further projecting feelings of helplessness into this dream, as indicated by the lack of control in the pushing. On the other hand, it can also mean you find weaknesses and faults within yourself that others do not, hindering your ability to communicate with others equally. You may consider taking some time to sort your feelings out and then sharing your reflections with a trusted friend.

In bed with fallen symbolic pages

I was laying in bed wide awake with my eyes shut listening to the TV, the sound of the TV suddenly stopped and I couldn't think clearly, and then I had a vision I guess and about 10 pages fell on me with red writing and upside-down pentagram in the upper left corner of the pages. One that stopped I had what appeared to be a wolf eye staring at me. This really freaked me out.

This dream has a few complicated symbols which stand out. First, being in your bed in a dream suggests some troubles with relationships, especially romantic ones. If you are in a relationship or pursuing someone, there may be some obstacles or difficulties along the way. Seeing red writing in particular on the papers that fell suggests acting primarily on emotions and not considering the facts of a situation before acting. Finally, having eye contact with a wolf is a negative sign predicting forthcoming bad news. This vision seems to be a warning that your impulsive behavior may have negative effects on your relationships in the future if not worked on.

Being grabbed and pulled across the bed

I'm in bed. Something grabs my ankles and starts to pull me down the bed. I try to hold on to something, I try to kick my legs free, but I can't. I try to scream, but it's stuck, it won't come out. My husband eventually wakes me up. I've never got to the end of the dream if there is an end. It is reoccurring, I've had it no more than 5/6 times over a couple of years.

Dreaming of something intangible or ghostly, yet capable of reaching and terrifying you, symbolizes having to let go emotionally of things or people that are no longer part of your life. What you feel as something that's dragging you under the bed could be your own lack of closure regarding aspects of your existence you realize are important to you, but overshadowed by everyday routines, obligations and responsibilities you have to follow through.

Surrounded by beds

I was in an unfamiliar house at a party. I walked upstairs to a big room. I saw 4 big beds lined up in a row all unmade. I knew in the dream it was a kids' room. I found myself standing in the middle of the beds. Then I went upstairs from there to a beautiful made up bed.

A large, unfamiliar house is often connected with the idea of meeting someone new, particularly someone who is interested in getting to know you. This could be for personal reasons, such as romantic interest or a shared hobby, but it could also be related to your career path, such as a mentor-protégé relationship. Beds usually indicate death or the loss of someone close to you, but in this case seem to point to the idea that this relationship may be short-lived for some reason. Maybe the connection was only superficial or something or someone got between you. In either case, it would probably be best to enjoy it and learn what you can while it lasts.

White beds delivered home

I dream that supposedly a king-size bed is to be delivered only to have seen a white single bed was about to be delivered. I saw the bed at the door about to get inside the house with a couple of men attempting to get it inside the house. The dream was so vivid and the whiteness of the linen that covered the bed was very bright white.

Dreaming about a large king-size bed denotes the amount of time you have been spending thinking about a certain individual in your waking life. Perhaps this person wants to be a part of your life and you are pondering whether you should allow that person in your life or not. You may be doubtful of their presence and in double mind regarding their true intentions. However, the presaging image of a white single bed represents your ability to ultimately make the right decision. You simply need to focus on your judgmental qualities and make your choices accordingly.

In bed with celebrities

I dreamt that I was in a bed with my husband, a woman who resembled Beyonce and another man who resembled her husband Jay-Z. The way we slept was particularly interesting. I was in the front, she was behind me, my husband was behind her, and her husband was behind him. I remember waking up in the morning. I saw twin babies and the lady changing the diaper of one of the twins (baby girl) telling my husband as he got dressed for work that he made her the happiest woman on earth. Then he kissed her and left.

Seeing or interacting with celebrities or famous personalities who appear in dreams usually means the dreamer has been bombarded by media, such as news and images about them in the waking world and these may have seeped into your subconsciousness. Alternatively, this also means the dreamer admires the celebrity to a degree. In your case, you probably look up to both Beyonce and Jay Z, so they appeared in your dream vision. The deeper meaning has something to do with the state of your marriage. Having them in bed with you and your husband means you aspire to be as wealthy, powerful and influential as them. Beyonce was behind you while Jay Z was behind your husband because you want to imbibe Beyonce's qualities and you want your husband to be more like Jay Z. The twin babies reveal your conflicting emotions. On the one hand, you want to work on you marriage and help each other become better versions of yourself. On the other hand, you are also being eaten up by your insecurity and you think your husband is unhappy with you and that he is looking for someone else to fulfill his needs or desires.

Bed on fire during sex

Female. I had a dream that me and my boyfriend were trying to have sex and every time before we could the metal bed frame under us would catch on fire.

Envisioning that your bed catches on fire every time you try to have sex with your boyfriend is a highly volatile and perhaps ominous symbol to perceive. It suggests major changes are about to come about in relation to the dynamic of your interactions with your boyfriend. Cheating is a major possibility in the future, if it is not already happening. New revelations about one or both of your pasts could also completely change how you view and connect with each other. If you cannot come to terms with these changes, it may lead to the end of your status as boyfriend and girlfriend.

Being in a friend's parents bed

In my dream, I woke up at my friend's house on her parents' bed (her family was not present in their house in the dream), saw my full body half-naked in their mirror, then walked into another room, started changing the bed sheets, then saw a notebook belonging to a kid.

Your dream contains symbols referring to a moral conundrum, specifically when it comes to sex and intimacy. For instance, finding yourself on the bed of your friend's parents suggests a curiosity about other people's intimate and private lives. It could also mean you want to experience someone else's romantic relationship. Maybe you feel attracted to one of the couple you know and you find yourself wondering what it would be like to be their significant other. Your half-naked self represents your conscience as you see your fantasies as shameful desires. There could be an immoral or sinful aspect to your attraction to this committed person. At least, in your perspective or personal beliefs. Finally, changing the sheets reveals your yearning to be more open with your sexuality. You could be attracted to the same sex and you find this uncomfortable. Your journey to self-acceptance and embracing your sexuality is a constant struggle. You need to understand which desires are inherently bad, because acting on them could have legal ramifications, and which ones are perfectly normal and merely made taboo by conservative parties and religious beliefs.

Being pulled out of bed

Being dragged from your bed while you are sleeping in general refers to feelings of not being ready or prepared for something coming in the near future. This may be due to an aspect of your personality, such as a tendency towards procrastination or simply being too busy. While you may have felt shocked or scared to be pulled out of bed with not even a blanket, the fortunate news is that you can take this as a sign that you need to rework some things in your life.

Talking to someone in bed

In the dream realm, talking to someone who is lying or sitting in bed suggests you are about to have a difficult or uncomfortable conversation with someone in reality. The interpretation of this symbol, according to John Paul Jackson, means that you would get some answers to some hard questions, especially about matters of strong interest to you. Alternatively, you may have to give someone news that you think would damage their emotional state or their base psyche.