Dreams Related To Bears

Being held by a bear

I was walking with my best friend from childhood (no longer friends) when we came to a split in the road, we started up the stairs and there were 2 bears standing, gentle but possessive. The friend disappeared but the bear took me by the arm gently with his mouth holding the arm. No one was interested in helping me, the friend, police, husband. The spouse enters the apartment and takes a nap. I enter the apartment and the bear gently tried to stop me, but let me go. When I looked out, one bear was lying down sobbing and the other was solemn.

Being again with a friend you no longer associate with suggests you have been comparing your progress in life to those around you. In a sense, your subconscious has chosen an individual you know little about at present to represent the possibilities that could have been yours had you done something different with your life. This reflection is not at all surprising because it seems you may once again be on the cusp of change. The forked path means you would need to make a decision soon, and the stairs leading up could indicate a major step up in the world in a literal sense. A new business venture, job or source of income could indeed raise you up and greatly affect your lifestyle for the better. While the prospect of wealth and prosperity excites you, it also may make you wonder what you are giving up to achieve it. The bears that were present and guiding you are a sign of potential loss. In this case, it could be loss of your current living space, special relationships or free time for a hobby you love. The key thing to do at this point, then, is to consider the pros and cons of each potential path and decide what you would be willing to give up to attain true happiness.

Escaping from bears

Dreaming about trying to escape from bears, such as envisioning yourself breathlessly running and stumbling in the woods or possibly climbing a tree, suggests an unexpected place for lovemaking. You could soon have a very exciting and pleasurable sexual encounter with your current lover or a new flame. A large factor that contribute to the pleasure is the location. It may be an area in a public place and the idea of possibly getting caught would make it more exhilarating for the both of you.

This dream symbol could also be an illustration of your uncanny ability to dodge personal attacks or avoid face-to-face conflict with your rivals. On the one hand, running away or deflecting trouble may not be the most effective answer to most problems, but on the other hand, this may have worked in your favor. Avoiding confrontations may make your enemies give up since calling you out and challenging you would appear futile.

Seeing bears

Dreaming of seeing bears, perhaps a family of bears in the mountains or spotting the pack while out camping in the woods, means you could be finding competition and rivalry irresistible. Maybe you are just naturally competitive so you always rise to the challenge, but it may become highly demanding and stressful as you make a lot of enemies as the instigator or just because they want to take you down. Fortunately, you may be skilled enough and experienced enough to outsmart them all.

In addition, the dream meaning behind bears tend to be culture-specific. For example, Western cultures often attribute bears to the possibility of meeting a person with an abrasive personality. It can also refer to financial problems. On the other hand, some indigenous cultures would interpret this dream symbol as wisdom being passed on by ancestors or predecessors, to be brave and fearless in the face of adversity.

Avoiding bears

Avoiding or escaping bears in dreams, for example by hiding behind bushes or big rock formations, means you would be chased or hunted by your enemies in the real world. They could learn some valuable information about you which they can use to call you out. They could also try to pin the blame on you for certain mistakes or fraudulent activities in order to permanently damage your reputation. In some cases, this could get violent as your enemies seek to hurt you both physically and psychologically.

Black bears

Black bears as dream symbols, such as large and predatory bears hunting their prey, usually refer to disease. You may develop a disease or someone close to you may experience health issues due to poor lifestyle choices. This may be you mind telling you to take better care of yourself because your body is no longer in good shape. Alternatively, the black bears can also symbolize threats to your well-being. Maybe it is a poorly constructed equipment or furniture that could end up injuring you.

Aggressive bears

Dreaming about aggressive bears, fighting each other or attacking humans in a nature reserve, reveals your desire to achieve your full potential. You may become extremely focused and driven in the coming weeks and months as you start charting out your path to your ultimate goal. It may also refer to personal growth as you fix your personality flaws or work on improving your weak spots so that you emerge stronger, braver and overall just a better person that you were before this period of transformation.

Bears and cubs

Seeing bears with their cubs, playing with each other or foraging for food, is an auspicious symbol of finding new sources of income. Overall, this refers to prosperity. So perhaps you may acquire a very valuable piece of property which you can further develop into a lucrative business or sell for a significant profit. Specifically, the cubs actually symbolize new opportunities or ideas that are just waiting to be realized in order to make your life much more comfortable and fulfilling.

Bears chasing but not catching you

Dreaming of bears pursuing or chasing you and unable to catch you conveys good news about your health. Perhaps the dream vision would involve getting lost in the woods and encountering those bears or it is within the context of a vacation gone wrong. Regardless of the situation in the vision, this dream symbol means you would narrowly escape contracting a deadly disease. Perhaps a doctor would catch and treat it before it becomes serious or your strong immune system may deter the growth of the bacteria.

Black bears attacking someone

Seeing two small black bears attack two young girls, the next night was about a black bear lying on the road. I thought it was dead and then it started moving. It was wearing red pants and I wasn't afraid of it.

Black bears are usually interpreted as a sign of declining health or of medical conditions worsening. This is also supported by the image of the bear attacking the young girls, which suggests being overcome by ailments or physical impairments. Envisioning a black bear in the middle of the road could predict receiving or needing the help of your relatives to get through this difficult time. Their love and support are likely vital in keeping your spirits up and motivating you to keep fighting.

Angry bears

Angry bears as dream symbols, such as bears trying to maul you in the forest or bears breaking out of a zoo, signify threats in reality. For girls, the dream meaning behind this has to do with an increasingly violent or aggressive rivalry with a woman who may be a long-time enemy of yours. Escalating catfights could force you to approach a secret friend or an unlikely ally for emotional support or maybe even get valuable advice about how to handle your enemies without stooping to their level.

Battering bears

Battering or beating up bears in a dream scenario, such as using a club and driven by anger or violent tendencies, is a dark omen which refers to death. The violence of the act implies that this death would not come easy. An ailing relative or acquaintance may pass away after a long period of suffering. Maybe this death would trigger your own fears about dying or it could inspire you to make every day count. Their death could signify a major change in your perspective or lifestyle as you strive to lead a more meaningful life.

Milk of bears

Taking a sip or a drink of bears' milk, perhaps as you are envisioning yourself as a cub or milk from bears manufactured into a commercial brand, suggests falling into the hands of your enemies. Maybe you would let your guard down in a moment of weakness and your enemies would come feast on your insecurities. A humiliating incident may make your rivals rejoice and fuel fire to an already embarrassing situation. You can either be defeated by this incident or gracefully pick yourself up with courage and dignity intact.

Wounded after an attack by bears

Sustaining serious wounds or injury after an attack by bears, such as crawling your way to safety or managing to overpower the bears by the skin of your teeth, means a miracle is likely to happen in reality. It could be a miraculous intervention to your own life or it could happen to someone else. Maybe someone survives a life-threatening accident without so much as a scratch or suddenly be cured of a terminal disease. Even if you are not directly affected by this miracle, it would still make a profound impression on you.

Defeating bears

Defeating bears in dreams, such as in a hand combat or using your wit to trap them in a steel cage, reflects your own upcoming triumph against a greedy and dishonest man or group of people. You may have summoned up all your courage to fight back against a tyrannical leader or corrupt politicians for the sake of your fellow citizens. This could take place in the workplace or in your place of residence. Perhaps you would get sick and tired of the broken system so you decide to take a stand. Fortunately, being on the good side means you also have good people on your side to help you succeed.

Befriending bears

Envisioning yourself befriending some bears, especially if the bears look harmless or gentle like they have been trained, signifies repentance. Past sins and wrongdoings may be weighing heavily on your conscience and this is making you feel bad. So perhaps you need to lighten the load by expressing remorse for your actions or even asking for forgiveness from people you may have hurt or betrayed in the past. Doing so with sincere intentions may allow you to start fresh.

Female bears

The sight of female bears in dream visions, nursing their cubs or pregnant and roaming the woods for meat and fruits, means you may need the help of your own mother or someone maternal to help you get through a difficult situation. Alternatively, you may be missing a nurturing figure in your life because you have been independent for a long time. However, this upcoming rough patch may be too tough for you to handle on your own. Sometimes, asking for help is the wisest thing you can do.

Killing bears

To kill bears in a dream vision, out of self-defense if they were attacking you or because you were hunting the bears in the wild, is actually an auspicious dream symbol which means defeating your real-world enemy. Slaughtering the bears denotes triumph over your rivals, once and for all. There may be an event or a competition putting you against your biggest foes which would measure your skills, knowledge and dominance over each other. After this, your enemy would have to accept the loss or appear bitter in front of your peers.

Hunting bears

Hunting bears, using stealth equipment and high-powered weapons like a rifle, reveals your fervent desire to catch the attention and interest of a romantic prospect or a well-connected individual. This means that you are probably persistent and driven in all aspects of your life, so when someone treats you with indifference, you usually feel challenged to make them warm up to you. However, this aggressive tactic could very well backfire as this individual would likely find you too forthcoming and forceful.

Fighting bears

Fighting bears, in a hand-to-hand combat or even when you are fully equipped with knives and guns with ammo, suggests a possible injustice that would happen to you. No matter how much you fight back or struggle to regain a semblance of balance, you may end up on the losing end. Perhaps your enemy who is trying to oppress you is much more powerful and influential that you would seem helpless in comparison. It would be a real test of character for you and this would also reveal who your real friends are.

Fighting bears can also refer to fighting your own demons, especially when it comes to your upbringing. Perhaps issues from your childhood and the complicated relationship you had with your parents and siblings which keeps manifesting in your romantic relationships. These bad memories and unresolved issues may repeatedly cause conflicts and arguments between you and your significant other.

Wounded or dead bears

Finding a bunch of wounded or dead bears, such as in a forest or camping ground after the bears have been hunted or fought off by humans, means you would have to face a lot of challenges against the opposite sex. It may be of a competitive nature, in which you would be pitted against the opposite sex. It could also be more personal, such as someone of the opposite sex would give you a lot of problems. These hardships would be beyond your capability to solve them, so you may have to find allies within your social group.

Wounded or dead bears can also signify backstabbing by your colleagues or acquaintances. Your credibility and reputation may be in danger of being tarnished or irreparably damaged after a group of malicious individuals start spreading false information and gossip about you. They may even pretend to be your friends just to get inside information which they would then distort and skew into something controversial.

Dancing bears

Dancing bears in dreams convey positive dream meanings about finance. For example, you may envision bears dancing in an entertainment show you are watching or as you are stealthily observing them from afar using binoculars. This means your loan could get approved for a major life purchase or you could get the funding you need to jumpstart a project or business venture. For this upcoming period, you would be getting whatever financial aid you need to get yourself out of your money problems.

Being grabbed by bears

Being caught in bears grip, such as a group of aggressive bears mauling you and dragging you with their paws, suggests significant losses. A series of bad investments or mistakes at work could get you into financial trouble. You could lose your job or go into debt because of your bad decisions. This could also point to a loss of valuables and properties to help you pay off your bills, lifestyle needs and other loans or debt that need to be settled so you would not have to deal with legal issues.

Eating meat of bears

Eating the meat of bears, such as cooked bear meat or even raw as a form of survival when you are in the wilderness, usually refers to an upcoming wedding in the family. A sibling, cousin, distant relative or even one of your parents if they are separated, would enter into a marriage after meeting the person they want to build a family with. This also implies a reunion for your family as you welcome new people to be part of your extended clan. As such, the meat symbolizes fresh bodies and fresh faces you would get to know going forward.

Polar bears

The imagery of polar bears in your dream, running across snowy landscape or trying to catch fish in partly frozen seas and lakes, signifies a happy and loving marriage. The color white is often associated with purity and new beginnings, so white bears convey positive dream connotations related to a flourishing relationship and a great start for a marriage. If you are not yet married, then this dream symbol means you would soon find a perfect partner to spend the rest of your life with.

Bears attacking you

Dreaming that bears are attacking you, maybe because they are hungry or you posed a threat to their young cubs, means that you may have rich, powerful and well-connected enemies. Perhaps you would land yourself a high-profile project or a coveted position that would attract rivals to your circle. Fortunately, this dream symbol also means that you would be able to defeat them using your wisdom, experience and equally formidable allies. After all, you did not get to where you are without trusted supporters.

Shooting bears

Shooting a group of bears in your dream, to hunt them with guns or shooting them with tranquilizers to keep them from attacking anyone, points to a satisfying victory for you. You may be dealing with influential enemies and your defenses are starting to buckle under the stress. Fortunately, slaughtering or neutralizing the bears with a shot refers to a combination of skill and luck in defeating your foes. The gun or weapon may also symbolize a secret weapon, maybe an authority figure, who would help you win.

Bears running away from you

A vision of bears running away from you, maybe because you are carrying hunting weapons and they are running for their lives, suggests obstacles and challenges that would be easily overcome. Those tasks and tests may even be resolved without too much effort on your end. Because of the negligible nature of the problems, you can focus on bigger projects or prioritize aspects of your life that are far more important. For example, you may get to spend quality time with your loved ones without being distracted by little annoyances.

Following bears into the woods

Following bears into the woods, if for example some friendly bears invited you to take a walk with them or perhaps you wanted to observe them out in the forest, suggests a big career change. A great opportunity could present itself to you which would give you significantly bigger salary and benefits. However, it may be a totally different industry or require a different set of skills. You would have to weigh your options very seriously because even though it is a great opportunity at the moment, your long-term goals could be compromised.

Female polar bears

Observing or seeing female polar bears in your dream, feeding their cubs or running across a beautiful landscape unaware of your presence, depicts getting the help you need just when you are about to give up. Unbeknownst to you, someone in your social circle has unconditional love for you and would be willing to go to great lengths to assist you in times of trouble. Although this same dream symbol can also point to an upcoming business trip or perhaps a vacation with your family.

Another dream meaning behind female polar bears has something to do with an unexpected trip. Your boss could ask you to fly immediately to help resolve a business issue. Or maybe a family emergency would prompt you to book a ticket to be by their side during a difficult situation. This other dream interpretation represents your readiness to step up and help others even with a short notice.

Skins or fur of bears

Seeing fur or skin of bears laid out under the sun to dry, or perhaps being sold in the market, refers to a very long and arduous project with amazing rewards at the end. The road ahead would have a lot of obstacles, so patience and determination would be essential in order for you to successfully complete this project or venture. Fortunately, once you accomplish this difficult feat, there are plenty of rewards you would enjoy. For instance, you could earn a lot or it may open up opportunities that were initially out of reach for you.

For dreamers who are in love, this dream symbol unfortunately portends disappointments. Some secrets or new discoveries about your current partner, like habits or personality quirks, could sour your relationship. These discoveries may just be little annoying ticks or mannerisms, but it could also be something more major that could potentially lead to a breakup.

Skins of polar bears

Hides or fur of polar bears, in a tannery or worn as protection from the harsh winter, is a dream symbol for triumph. So if you are having trouble with aggressive or confrontational enemies, then this means you would finally defeat them at their own game. Maybe you would reach your limit so you decide to take them up on a challenge in which you would emerge victorious. This may even permanently leave you alone or at least deter their malicious maneuverings for a while.

Circus bears

Circus bears as dream symbols, whether you envision yourself as their circus master or you are part of the audience during the show, point to a fateful encounter with a gentle, quiet and agreeable man. You may quickly become attached to each other because of a spiritual connection or a kinship. Having an ally in each other would make life easier for the both of you. If your relationship becomes romantic, then it means you would be blessed with a relatively problem-free and peaceful life together.

Circus bears can also be a depiction of an upcoming show or performance which you would either attend or become a part of. If you see yourself as the circus master, then you could be cast in a play or show. And if you envisioned yourself as an audience member, then you may be going to a concert, play, movie or performance which you have been looking forward to experience.

Being mauled by bears

Being mauled by bears in a dream vision, maybe because they are hungry or you disturbed their peace, represents the various stages of a disease. This could refer to your own battle with a disease or a loved one's struggle with an illness. First, it would catch you by surprise. Your health may quickly deteriorate to the point of a life or death situation because it may be detected at a later stage, like cancer. If you, or this person close to you, manages to survive, then this experience would completely change your view about life.

Playing dead when seeing bears

Playing dead when you encounter bears, perhaps so they would not eat you or to survive a possible attack, represents your high level of intelligence. However, rather than academic or theoretical knowledge, this is more about your wit and being street smart. Your long and varied experiences in dealing with different personalities as well as different situations have likely honed your skill at strategizing. You can use this first-hand knowledge to outwit your enemies or get out of tricky situations.

People watching you being attacked by bears

Having people watching you being attacked by bears, and no one helping or stopping the bears from mauling you, means you have insincere friends in your social circle. Getting attacked by bears refers to a difficult period you would experience soon, while the bystanders are your supposed peers who would not even lift a finger to help you solve your problems. Maybe they are secretly rejoicing in your bad luck, so this would actually help you identify who your real friends are.

Being killed by bears

Getting killed by bears, possibly in a horrific bear attack in the jungle just as you were trekking back to your jeep or while in transit, is a bad omen about getting defeated by your enemies. They are probably close to finding a hole in your project or some dirt they have on you that they can use to take you down. You are likely losing your defenses so they can easily poke on your weaknesses, so perhaps you need allies to help you keep your enemies at bay or prevent them from getting close.

Bears fighting with other animals

Dreaming that you are observing bears fighting with other animals, such as against a pack of wolves or a group of tigers, means you could make some very powerful enemies in reality. Maybe you are helping an oppressed friend or trying to expose a cover up that is happening at work or in your community and you would have to go against influential personalities who are behind it. This means that you would have the fight of your life ahead of you, so prepare to give it your all.

Bears sucking their paws

To dream of bears being playful and sucking their paws, perhaps while relaxing after they have just eaten some fresh meat, refers to the indifference you would receive from others. Maybe you would find yourself in need of cash and your friends would be unwilling to lend you some money because they would use it for frivolous things. Given the choice of foregoing an expensive event or luxury item to help a friend in need, they would rather turn a blind eye to your plight. Maybe your mind is telling you to find better friends.

Lying on the hides of bears with someone

Envisioning yourself lying on the skin of bears with someone by your side, maybe in an encampment in the jungle or in the bedroom of somebody who has an affinity for furs as decor, suggests possible involvement in a dispute. It could be a family disagreement on a piece of property, asset or land that you are trying to divide amongst yourself. Or it could be something that pops up out of nowhere because of a recent event you attended or after meeting someone controversial.

Petting bears

Petting bears in dreams, especially docile and trained bears usually found in the zoo or a nature reserve, suggests an upcoming marriage. This could refer to your own wedding or perhaps the wedding of someone close to you, like your bestfriend or a sibling. On the other hand, girls envisioning this dream symbol could expect a potentially dangerous affair in reality. You may get charmed by someone who would turn out to be a player or the affair could turn into a toxic relationship.

Fairy tale bears

Dreaming of bears that are straight out of a fairy tale, maybe the bears from Goldilocks or Paddington Bear making an appearance in your dream, has positive connotations. Since bears in fairy tales are typically friendly and cuddly, this dream symbol suggests having wonderful, supportive and generous friends at your side. This positive environment could also foster a more harmonious marriage and a fulfilling career for you. So try to cultivate your valued friendships because they bring a lot of blessings and benefits to your life.

Bears' lair

Finding yourself inside the lair of bears, while in a spelunking trip or an expedition, is a sign of troubles headed your way. Maybe you are not exactly looking for trouble, but the circumstances and the people involved are probably going to take your comments the wrong way. This misunderstanding could trigger an even bigger conflict or several other issues that would put you on a tough spot. This is definitely a lesson on diplomacy and sensitivity to others because even good intentions can be seen as bad depending on people's perspective.

Bears in the house

Seeing multiple bears in your house is an ill omen according to Freudian sources. Just as the old adage says not to "poke the bear" this vision suggests there are multiple troubles bubbling just below the surface, like a geyser ready to explode. If you see this symbol in your dreamscape, it would be wise to lie low for awhile. Choosing to go about things as normal may bring things to a head quickly, leading to rash, hurtful words that might not be able to be forgiven.

Bears attacking others

Seeing a bear attack someone else or another group of people while you are in REM sleep is a highly ominous image. Modern dream scholars, like Miller, would point out that your unconscious mind is probably picking up clues about someone in your circle of influence who is about to be ambushed in reality. This does not refer to an actual attack or robbery, however. Instead, it means that you perceive their behavior at home, school or work as possibly leading to conflict and possibly punishment. As their friend, you may want to tell them your concerns, but your desire to help may be interpreted as bossy or sticking your nose where it does not belong.