Dreams Related To Bear

A polar bear and zebra

A very large polar bear and zebra rose from the water, then walked in my backyard side by side. I hid in the shed, peeked through the door, the bear stopped and sniffed. He knew I was there but kept on. I felt scared. I am a female.

While polar bears tend to represent marriage and strong romantic ties, zebras can be associated with friendships and your ability to cooperate effectively with others. Hiding from these animals in your dream vision suggests you are having trouble with your interpersonal relations. For example, you may be having communication issues with your friends or spouse, or you may be finding it difficult to meet the partner of your dreams. In either case, this vision could be considered a warning that if you do not face these challenges head on, you are likely to end up alone and scared. It would be wise to tackle this issue in small steps, ideally with the help of someone you can trust.

Seeing a bear

Seeing a bear in your dream can be a sign of rivalry and competition accompanying your life every step of the way. It can also signify being successful and provide best solutions for problems and issues you may encounter.

Dreams about bears vary greatly between cultures, for example the Western culture tend to attribute dreams about bears to meeting someone with a bad attitude. Indigenous cultures treat dreams about bears is a sign of ancestry and wisdom originating from their predecessors.

Father fighting with a bear

My daughter had a dream she was to her parent's home and a bear came and we ran in the house and tried to lock the door and the door just wouldn't lock. So her father fought the bear and they fought all the way into the woods. When her father came out of the woods he fell on the floor and her brother wanted to go get that bear, but her father told them to have patience, because everything would be alright.

Being threatened by a bear and subsequently pursuing this bear in the dream world alludes to a toxic relationship in reality. Your daughter could be dealing with a domineering presence in her life, controlling her every move and suppressing her natural instincts. Perhaps the advice of her father means that she needs to bide her time before she can gain the freedom she desires. While she could be feeling trapped and limited at the moment, she can use this time to grow and mature in order to have a fighting chance at victory when she decides to fight back or at least assert herself.

Escaping from a bear

Escaping a bear in your dream is an indication that one of your romantic encounters will take place in a very unusual or unsuitable place and may give you a lot of pleasure and satisfaction.

This dream can also be a sign that you have been pretty good at avoiding or escaping confrontations with people who do not like you and try to have an altercation by constantly challenging you.

Bears falling out of the sky

Momma bear and cub falling out of the sky.

Dreaming of a bear with its cubs usually alludes to wealth and prosperity. There could be lucrative investments in the future or material possessions you stand to gain. The image of the bears falling from the sky means that these blessings and opportunities are about to come you way. This could be the positive turn of events you have been looking for after experiencing consecutive disappointments in the waking world.

Bear attacking you

Trying to run away from a bear attacking you in your dream means that you will be a subject of attention of a very cruel, rich and powerful enemy, however you will be successful at avoiding or breaking free of this adversary contrary to his or her expectations.

Chased by a bear into a house

I'm a woman and I dreamt that I was with a girl and I think I was leading her because she never said anything, but did everything I did. We were on motorcycles on a trail in the woods being chased by a bear. We got to a building and started going down many flights of stairs until we got to the bottom and the exit door was locked and the bear was behind us.

The motorcycles in your dream reveal your desire to be a little more adventurous and spontaneous. This thrill-seeking tendency could put you in situations you have not experienced before. In particular, running away or escaping a bear suggests the likelihood of finding romantic prospects under very unusual or uncharacteristic circumstances. On the positive side, this could give you a lot of pleasure and satisfaction, but there could also be some regret involved depending on your priorities. Alternatively, your vision may be an allusion to avoiding or escaping confrontations in reality. There may be personal issues or problems which you are trying to ignore.

A black bear and dying cats

I dreamed I was at girlfriend's house, (she is deceased) and we saw cats and kittens everywhere, outside and inside. They were cream color, all of them, a lot of them were dead or dying. A lot of kittens were dead. The adult cats had big pieces out of them, just missing parts of their body. As we walked through the house, there was a 3-4 foot black bear in the back room, and a small black cub, one or two. I opened the back door to get the bear outside. I pushed him out.

Seeing your deceased girlfriend in a dream suggests a recent event triggered memories from your past. Your subconscious conjured your dead girlfriend as a metaphor of a happier time in your life. You are probably struggling in the present and looking for comfort and affection, so the dreamscape offered a kind of escape as well as a chance for you to confront your suppressed thoughts. Meanwhile, the dying cats and kittens indicate a loss of freedom and independence. Your current situation is making you feel limited and claustrophobic, so your stress and anxiety are high. This is also connected to the black bear which signifies ailing health. Due to your anxious and unstable mental state as well as the lack of mobility, your health could suffer. Fortunately, the black cub is a symbol of familial love. During this tough time, you can rely on your family to keep you sane. Although, being in close quarters can also lead to conflict and disagreements, so make sure you keep your mind busy with projects or meditate to keep yourself calm.

Fighting with a bear

Having a dream when you are fighting with a bear means that you are about to encounter terrible injustice. It also suggests that your enemy is much stronger and more powerful than you and you can get a lot of hurt and hardship in the process.

This dream can also mean that you tend to transfer complicated relationship coming from your parents onto your partners or lovers, which, in turn, brings turmoil and unhappiness to your current relationship.

Avoiding a bear

Trying to avoid a bear attack in your dream signifies that you have been closely watched by your enemies who are contemplating retaliation or attempting to come up with insidious plans to ruin your reputation or place in society.

White polar bear

In the realm of dreams, encountering a magnificent white polar bear holds profound significance, foretelling the arrival of love and the promise of a blissful marriage in your life. This captivating vision symbolizes the potential for a deep and meaningful connection with a partner, leading to a harmonious union filled with joy and happiness. Embrace this extraordinary dream as a positive affirmation, as it hints at the enchanting love story that awaits you. Remain open to the serendipitous encounters and heartfelt connections that will lead you to a fulfilling partnership. By nurturing love's embrace and embracing the journey towards matrimony, you can manifest a remarkable and extraordinary union that encompasses your deepest desires. Let the symbolism of the white polar bear guide you towards a love that is as pure and captivating as the Arctic snow.

An angry bear

Encountering an angry and agitated bear trying to go after you signifies a very powerful and determined opponent trying to cross your way while competing for the attention of a friend or lover.

Black bear

Encountering a black bear while you dreaming signifies problems with your health or worsening physical conditions. It is time to start monitoring your wellness in order to avoid problems down the road.

Dreams about encountering or seeing a brown bear

Brown bear

A brown bear represents trials and competition according to Native American dream resources. You may be about to enter a vicious rivalry for something that you desperately want. Unfortunately, you are not the only one with your eyes on the prize. You would have to put in a lot of extra effort to prove you are worthy of winning the race. You could also achieve this by working smart rather than working hard.

A bear with its cubs

Dreaming about bears and their cubs symbolizes a bountiful future filled with prosperity, abundance, and an influx of valuable assets, including real estate and material possessions. This powerful dream imagery signifies the potential for substantial growth and success in your life, with wealth and opportunities coming your way.

Bear running away from you

When you dream of a bear running away from you in fear, it symbolizes minor challenges or obstacles that you may encounter in your life. However, the dream suggests that these obstacles will be relatively easy to overcome. The image of the bear, a powerful and intimidating creature, retreating from you represents your ability to handle and conquer these challenges with ease and confidence. It implies that you possess the strength and resilience to face whatever difficulties come your way.

Killing a bear

Interpreting the ability to vanquish a bear within your dream as a symbol of triumph over adversaries and effectively managing a life circumstance laden with negativity is a prevalent belief. Dream analysts suggest that this act within the dream realm signifies a potent victory over challenges, reflecting one's capacity to overcome obstacles and emerge victorious. Such dreams are often considered indicative of personal growth and resilience, as they mirror the conquest of inner and outer turmoil. This notion aligns with the idea that dreams serve as a subconscious canvas for processing emotions and grappling with real-world dilemmas, thereby fostering a sense of empowerment and accomplishment.

Shooting a bear

Dreaming of successfully shooting a bear with a single shot can symbolize your ability to overcome a formidable adversary or challenge in your life. It suggests that you possess the strength and skill to defeat a powerful and dangerous opponent. This dream may reflect your determination, courage, and resourcefulness in dealing with difficult situations. It's a positive sign of your ability to triumph over adversity and emerge victorious in challenging circumstances.

Wounded or dead bear

Witnessing a wounded or dying bear in your dream portends complications and hardships while dealing with your loved ones. Chances are you will not be able to overcome this difficulty all by yourself, try to rely on other people's advice and support while dealing with this situation.

Experiencing this dream can also mean that your reputation can be in serious danger because of some gossip and needless discussions behind your back.

Dancing bear

In your dream, witnessing a bear dancing before you takes on a meaningful representation, signaling the impending fulfillment of a sought-after loan. This financial boost, which you've been diligently pursuing for endeavors like education or home improvements, is on the horizon. The dancing bear embodies not only the achievement of your financial goals but also the joy and excitement that come with it. This dream serves as a positive omen, suggesting that your persistence and efforts are about to yield substantial rewards, allowing you to move forward confidently with your plans and aspirations.

Circus bear

Attending a circus show with a bear on the stage means that you are about to get acquainted with a quiet and down to earth person who will make your life much happier and balanced than it is now.

This dream can also be telling you about attending a show or performance you've been trying to be part of for a long time.

Being killed by a bear

Dreaming about being killed by a bear in your dream means that you will not succeed in preventing or resolving conflicts with your enemies, therefore exercise caution and anticipate things when you deal with them.

A bear chasing you

Being chased by a bear suggests you would soon be entangled in a romantic affair. However, the start of this tryst would come under the most unusual circumstances. For instance, you may meet someone attractive at a work event, during volunteer service or in a random supermarket. This would most likely bring you satisfaction with the knowledge of being considered attractive even in situations where you may not be dressed up or looking to impress.

A bear in a dumpster

Someone close to me told me that there was a bear in the dumpster. I said that I just dreamt about you telling me about this bear in the dumpster. While we were walking away. Though I never saw the bear, she showed me where the bear was.

Symbolically, the sighting of a bear represents strong rivalry and competition with you being involved. It could be related to something you are currently trying to accomplish, but could also be developing inside your social interactions and even romantic affairs. Based on the context of the dream you had, someone is trying to challenge you or make you feel uncomfortable, either as a direct competitor or someone acting on your competitor's behalf, but you seem to be ignoring these first signs of trouble. Your subconscious mind could be sensing the arrival of people interfering with your plans and intentions and is sending you strong signals to be on the lookout.

Eating bear meat

If you dream about consuming bear meat, it could be an auspicious indication of an upcoming wedding within your family. The symbolism behind this dream suggests that joyous celebrations and union are on the horizon. The significance of bear meat in your dream highlights the potential for a joy-filled event that will unite loved ones in matrimony. Prepare for a memorable occasion that will bring together family and friends in a blissful union.

Petting a bear

Dreaming about patting a bear on its fur or its head can be a sign of possible marriage, for females it can also mean entering into a questionable or dangerous affair or romantic involvement.

Defeating a bear

Dreaming about successfully defeating a bear in a battle represents your triumph over powerful and deceitful individuals who may try to exploit or harm you. This dream signifies your ability to stand up against adversity and protect yourself from those seeking to take advantage of you. It reflects your resilience and determination to overcome challenges in your waking life. Just as the bear symbolizes formidable foes, your victory in the dream indicates that you have the strength and courage to confront and conquer any obstacles that come your way. Embrace this sense of empowerment and assertiveness as you navigate through life's challenges, knowing that you have the capability to protect yourself from any dishonest or manipulative forces.

Dream meanings about grizzly or polar bears

Befriending a bear

Dreaming about befriending a bear in your dream signifies repentance of your past wrongful actions or behavior and spiritual renewal coming into your life which will bring happiness and peace to you.

Being wounded after attacked by a bear

Dreaming of wounds or scratches from a bear's attack can be a profound symbol of imminent transformation and miraculous events unfolding in your life. Just as a bear's attack is a powerful and potentially dangerous encounter, these wounds may signify the challenges or difficulties you're currently facing. However, the subsequent healing process and recovery represent the positive changes and unexpected blessings that are on the horizon. This dream encourages you to stay resilient and persevere through tough times, as they may lead to incredible breakthroughs and positive outcomes. Embrace the healing journey and trust that the scars of adversity will ultimately pave the way for remarkable transformations and newfound opportunities.

Hunting a bear

Dreaming about hunting bear tells you that you are trying to get attention of a person you really like and who might be in different towards you. Try to be less persistent and watch the way you approach this person, and your attempts may become successful.

Being grabbed by bear's claws

Being seized by a bear with its sharp claws in a dream signifies a negative omen related to financial matters, such as incurring substantial expenses or facing the potential loss of property. This vivid imagery serves as a warning about the potential financial challenges or setbacks that may lie ahead. The bear, known for its strength and dominance, symbolizes the force of these difficulties. Its claws represent an imminent threat to your financial stability or assets. This dream suggests that you should exercise caution and prudence in your financial dealings to avoid unexpected expenses or losses. It is advisable to review your budget, assess your investments, and take necessary measures to protect your assets. By being proactive and making wise financial decisions, you can minimize the impact of these potential hardships and maintain your financial well-being.

Aggressive bear

Dreaming about an aggressive bear tells you that you are too concerned about immediate gains, especially those benefiting your household. You never miss an opportunity of getting something brought into your household to make it wealthier and more improved.

Following a bear into the woods

Dreaming about following a friendly bear into the woods can be a sign of changing your workplace or career. It is up to you to consider what this proposition is all about, if you think that this offer is better than what you have now – go for it, otherwise carefully scrutinize what's been offered.

Female polar bear

Encountering a female polar bear in your dream carries a profound message, foretelling imminent aid and direction during periods of adversity. This symbol signifies the appearance of a caring and supportive individual in your life's narrative. Additionally, the dream's narrative might hint at an unanticipated voyage, potentially linked to business endeavors or familial events, injecting a sense of unforeseen thrill into your approaching days. This remarkable imagery holds layers of insight into both interpersonal bonds and the exciting twists that await you.

Bear skin

Seeing a bear skin in front of you can be a sign of a project you are about to embark on which will require a lot of time and energy, but will benefit you in the end. It can also be a sign of wealth and wellness you are about to gain in the near future.

For those in love, this dream can be a sign of disappointment. You might discover some traits or features about your lover related to his or her behavior which may sour the relationship for quite a while.

Polar bear skin

When you dream of encountering a polar bear skin in close proximity, it symbolizes your triumph over any obstacles or adversaries that may be hindering your progress in life. This powerful imagery represents victory and success, as you overcome the challenges that stand in your way. By decoding this dream, you can gain insights into your own resilience and ability to conquer the forces that threaten to impede your journey towards achieving your goals. So, embrace this vision as a positive sign of your ability to emerge victorious in the face of adversity and let it fuel your determination to overcome any challenges that come your way.

Being mauled by a bear

Dreaming about being mauled and injured by a bear when it attacks you signifies a possibility of going through stages of sickness or health problems you are not fully aware of yet.

Bear chasing but not catching you

When you dream about being chased by a bear but sucessfully escaping this attack can be a sign of facing some minor health issues which you will be able to overcome and get rid of in a short period of time.

Playing dead when you see a bear

Pretending to be dead when you are in danger of being attacked by a bear in order to save your life in your dream is a sign of your wits and resourcefulness you always come up with when facing challenges or complicated situations in your life.

People watching you being attacked by a bear

Having witnesses or people watching you being attacked by a bear without helping you can be an indication of experiencing a difficult or dangerous situation because of dishonesty or neglect from your best friends or people you know well.

Watching a bear fighting with another animal

Watching a bear fighting with another animal from afar predicts that you will soon be faced with a very powerful and capable enemy who will try to interfere with or destroy your plans. It will take a lot of energy and time to deal with this kind of confrontation.

Bear sucking its paw

Seeing a bear sucking on its paw, for example during its winter sleep, means that you will experience greediness and a lack of help from people you rely on, so try to look for help from someone else who is more responsive.

Lying on a bear skin with someone

Sharing a bear skin spread on the floor with someone in your dream can be a sign of a possible dispute or a conflict rising from nowhere, which will take a long time to resolve.

Bear from a fairy-tale

Seeing a bear from a fairy-tale means that you are about to receive support from unexpected sources, find a friend, possible marriage or becoming a winner of a lottery or a contest.

Battering a bear

Dreaming about battering a bear with a great force predicts an unexpected miracle which is about to happen to you, it can also portend death in the family or of a close relative.

Bear's lair

Finding yourself inside a bear's lair or feeling trapped and unable to find your way out signifies upcoming challenges and troubles that may arise in your life. It serves as a warning to be prepared and vigilant in dealing with these difficulties. This dream symbolizes the need to confront your fears and face obstacles head-on. It may also indicate the importance of seeking guidance and support from others to navigate through challenging times. By staying resilient and proactive, you can overcome the obstacles ahead and emerge stronger and wiser.

Drinking bear's milk

Encountering a dream where you taste or drink bear's milk holds a significant symbol, hinting at the potential for encountering substantial challenges or becoming a target of your most formidable adversary. Just as bear's milk is an uncommon substance, your dream signifies a rare and potentially dangerous situation. By interpreting this symbol, you're prompted to exercise caution and preparedness, recognizing the need to navigate potential troubles with vigilance. Similar to the bear's powerful nature, this dream stands as a reminder to remain aware of your surroundings and to anticipate challenges that might arise, safeguarding yourself against potential threats from your adversaries.

Female bear

Dreaming about a female bear means that you can rely on your mother's or mother-in-law's help when you are faced with a difficult situation. If you are reluctant to get help from her, simply try to talk to her and explain why you don't need her help.

Bear attacking family

Envisioning a bear attacking you and your family members could reveal that you and yours may soon be targeted in reality. It is possible that someone would make threats against your family's safety or well-being. Alternatively, you and your close family members may be affected by some overall hardship, like the loss of a family home or a downturn in investment values.

Protecting animals from a grizzly bear

I dreamt I saw a black bear and then it was a grizzly bear lurking in the shadows, and I did everything I could to protect my animals and myself in order to escape from it. I woke up before I knew for sure, but I thought I was able to pack up and get away before it attacked us.

Bears, in general, predict that a strong enemy or rival has risen and is determined to take you on in a fight. They might already be making plans against you, trying to find your weaknesses or turn your friends against you. Attempting to protect your animals from this creature also suggests being taken advantage of, indicating that a direct attack may occur. However, successfully avoiding the bear in the vision represents successfully avoiding conflict and negative repercussions in real life, meaning your competitors are likely to be unsuccessful in their endeavors. You may want to remain vigilant for any suspicious activity and take precautions to defend yourself if need be.

A bear peeking through a window

A bear was looking at me in the window trying to tell me something.

Seeing a bear in a dream vision can have different meanings depending on your situation. On one hand, this bear may be trying to communicate the rise of a competitor in your place of work. If someone has recently joined your team or switched to your department, you may want to be cautious of their intentions. Another interpretation points toward finding the solution to a problem that has been troubling you for some time. If you can remember any details about the bear's movements or actions, it may help you find the answers you seek.

A black bear while camping

I was travelling North and came to a place to camp. I was cooking fish on a campfire when a black bear walked on two legs and sat with me. I shared my food with him and then went to sleep. When I awoke, he was gone and had left a dead rabbit behind. A piece of paper was tied to the rabbit with his paw print on it.

This dream vision of coming into contact with a black bear while camping and sharing your food with the animal is symbolic of a new awakening in your life. You may have carried the burden of guilt over past actions for a long time which ate at you from the inside until you felt empty and hollow. However, as you come to terms with what has passed and focus your energy on creating a brighter future, you experience this vision which represents an emotional, mental, and possibly spiritual coming of age. During this period of growth and maturity, you can look back at what had occurred in the past and take steps to not only make amends but also to prevent the same situation from happening again.

Being chased by black bears

I was floating in the river and then someone yelled my name and told me I was on my own. I looked up and there was a black bear swimming towards me. I tried to swim away but then stopped because there was nothing I could do. When I stopped, the bear stopped, then I got to land and then ran and when I looked behind me, there were hundreds of black bears running towards me and I found a group of people to help me, but they just stood around and watched all the bears running by.

Floating peacefully down a river suggests you are generally a positive person who looks on the bright side of life. You also tend to have good luck, mostly because your attitude keeps you from giving up before you get what you want. However, the image of the black bear coming toward you indicates an upcoming illness which may blindside you completely. Seeing multiple bears could predict something quite serious that may require hospitalization or long-term recovery. You should keep a watch for changes in your body and try to maintain the positive energy which has already served you so well thus far.

A close encounter with a black bear

I was driving down the road onto a bridge... I felt as though I should go back home, but for some reason, I thought it was too deep to go back. Then I felt I needed to get out of the vehicle... I climbed on top of a building and the water was almost as high as the building... I started to call for help and that only called a big black bear... He stared at me and that is when my fiance woke me up. I'm 15 weeks pregnant... The bear was all black with a brown nose... Help!!! Thanks a lot...

Dreaming about driving across a bridge symbolically represents life transitions. Given your relatively recent pregnancy, it likely refers to upcoming motherhood and the changes it brings to all aspects of your situation until now. Your desire to turn back and get out of the car (preventing movement down the road) indicates some fear or hesitation about the path ahead, which is understandable in this situation. Your instincts regarding this are probably spot on, as the black bear which comes toward you represents the onset of health problems, either for you or your child. It might be wise to follow your heart and get a check-up from the doctor if things do not feel right.

A family of white bears outside the house

I saw white bear family sitting outside my house, male, female and their cub are sitting together and loving each other, seems like a happy family and I saw them from inside my room and tried to take their picture.

White bears, such as polar bears, are symbolically linked with the idea of love and happy marriage. This interpretation is further enhanced by the image of the cub. Your desire to photograph them and enjoy their familial happiness suggests you desire a similar situation in your own life, meaning you want to get married and start a family soon or you want to work on and improve your relationship with your partner and children if you already have them.

A bear cub and a familiar house

Father handed me a bear cub, I held pet it in my room, it was playful in my arms, set it down. I left driving down roads with signs rubbed off, couldn't read them, and came where large new homes were being built, but stopped. After that, I entered an older home from a side door. It immediately looked familiar, a home I'd been shown when choosing the home I live in now. I entered the living room, and a man from upstairs asked who I was, then my cousin raised up from behind on a couch saying "Her name is Dawn", my daughter's middle name.

The bear cub your father handed you in the dream symbolizes the love that binds you to your family. It is the love your parents demonstrated in raising you and he has passed on this capacity to love the family that you have created for yourself. Meantime, the familiar old house you entered points to something important from your past. The house itself represents a version of yourself, perhaps when you were younger. Looking at it now in the dream vision may be a reminder for you about long-lost connections and damaged ties with your loved ones. Perhaps it is reminding you of your capacity to love and to forgive whatever conflicts or misunderstandings have distanced you from your parents or your loved ones.

Hiding from a bear in a restaurant

I was chased by a bear. I hid in a Mexican restaurant that was owned by an Asian family that wanted me to leave. Same scenario over and over. All night.

Being chased by a bear in a dream alludes to possible health issues. Evading the bear by hiding can be a sign of facing some minor health problems which you would be able to overcome and get rid of in a short period of time. Unfortunately, it may feel as if you have to deal with problems on your own. The recurring scenario of being asked to leave the restaurant you were hiding in could mean that you have to bear the burden of your medical expenses all by yourself.

Punching a white bear

White mother bear with cubs... I scared the bear at first, but the bear came after me slowly... Ran into the room in a house... Bear got her head through the door... Punched the bear in the nose... Woke up.

White bears are often happy symbols synonymous with happy marriages and fulfilling relationships. However, the bear in your vision seems to symbolize more of a desire than an actual situation for you. Scaring the bear could show how fragile the connections between you and a lover (or potential partner) are while punching the bear in the nose could be the manifestation of your own fears about letting someone get too close to you. Until you work out your issues with love affairs, it may be very difficult to form a strong connection with someone.

Hiding in a building from a bear attack

I had a dream about a bear trying to get us, we hid in our cars, then three of us went into a building, on my way out of the building I noticed stacks of newspapers, so I grabbed about two or three of the different local newspapers, but I heard a man scream like "Hey!" So I put them down because I knew I had to pass this man on the way out of the building, when I did get out of the building the man from the window started talking about the bear, and I was telling him where we saw the bear at.

Trying to escape or hide from a bear in a dream is a reflection of your tendency to avoid confrontation. Whenever you run into trouble or have a conflict with someone, you would probably rather feign ignorance or refuse to acknowledge the situation. In connection to that, the newspaper refers to insight and solutions to problems. As such, perhaps this dream is telling you that you have the capability to resolve issues by owning up to your mistakes and listening to the other party's arguments or feelings. In doing so, the act of telling the man in your vision a crucial piece of information about the bear is akin to growing in self-awareness and realizing you have the capability to be the bigger person during combative circumstances.

Hiding from a bear in neighbors' house

I was picking from a berry patch across from my house (it's really just a sand dune), and a brown bear appeared, so I went inside and it started attacking my neighbors' dogs, so I yelled to them, but they couldn't hear me or see the bear. I grabbed their dogs and took them into my neighbors' house. That's when the bear broke down the door, so I ran upstairs into a loft that doesn't actually exist in real life. Up in the loft I found a package with my name on it. It was the GoPro I had ordered.

When you dream about being chased by a bear, it usually portends falling ill or becoming injured. Given that the bear followed you and attacked your neighbor's dogs as well, it can be surmised that this sickness or accident would affect those around you in addition to yourself. Successfully escaping this attack can allude to being able to overcome this inconvenient health problem in a short period of time. However, finding a package with your name on it at the end of the vision suggests that not only may you be to blame for these troubles, but that others may shun you for bringing misfortune to them even after everyone has healed or recovered. It would be wise to avoid getting near others if you have caught some disease or, in the case of an accident, to not involve others in any risky activities.

Getting chairs from old workplace and a black bear

I dreamed I was at old workplace, saw a couple old bosses I had. The boss said I could have 2 old chairs there, so I drove around to get them. As I was leaving I saw my sister and brother outside talking. I left, as I was driving I remembered I forgot the chairs. So I was doing a U-turn, a big black bear was crossing the highway a few feet from me making the U-turn. I continued, turned in to where I needed to be.

All these symbols from your dream vision signify either high levels or stress due to the everyday workload or being overwhelmed with some local events, like political conflicts, public issues or social obligations. Looking for chairs is a sign of seeking much needed rest and relaxation while a black bear blocking your way is an allegory for all the things you have committed yourself to standing in your way of living a more relaxed and worry-free lifestyle, even for a short period of time. Old bosses or supervisors are also a subconscious realization that you need to structure and organize your daily routine to have a lesser impact on your physical and emotional well-being.

A friendly bear

The presence of an animal in your dream is very symbolic. For instance, a bear acting cordial represents security and endurance in life. This vision suggests that you are an independent and warm person. This vision also points to some of your desires such as living a successful and peaceful life.

Brown bear attacking someone else

Seeing a bear attacking someone in the dream realm indicates the need to stand and follow your own instincts instead of following others. In particular, an attack from a brown bear suggests facing life's challenges head-on. This is also true when faced with a dilemma about making an important decision. Additionally, this vision represents feeling overwhelmed and your sense of vulnerability brought by recent events in your life, and the fear of hurting others.

Black bear in house

In the spiritual sense, a black bear entering your house or apartment is a symbol of courage and power. Having this dream is a reflection of your assertiveness and self-sufficiency making you surpass and overcome any danger and obstacles in life. Likewise, seeing a black bear on your premises represents your inner ability to see who people are beyond their façade. This will be your strength because you can easily identify whom to trust.