Dreams Related To Battle

Life or death battle

Finding yourself in a life or death battle depicts major challenges ahead. The outcome of the battle will let you know how you will fare in the face of these challenges. If you emerge a winner, then expect successful or positive developments such as a remarkable recovery from an illness, huge returns on your investments or finding a romantic partner. On the other hand, losing the battle or an unknown outcome suggests seemingly insurmountable problems. You will overcome these issues, but they will require concerted efforts and perseverance on your part.

Beheading someone during a battle

I was in a battle with a stranger, in struggle I behead the person, no body but just the head remains. Many people around, I want to confess about the bodyless head. No one cares.

Dreaming about getting in a fight with a stranger is an indication of upcoming changes in your waking life. These alterations could pertain to your personal as well as professional life. Seeing yourself killing the stranger by beheading them signifies your desire to tackle all difficulties head on. Therefore, such imagery shows how you would be successful in dealing with every curve ball that life throws at you as long as you keep yourself strong and determined to prevail in any kind of adverse situations.