Dreams Related To Bats

Protected by girls that turned into bats

I was with two young girls who could turn into bats and fly me to protection for a short bit from some scary-looking guy on a bridge. Since they could only fly me for a short period, they told me to run, but I was weak and decided to drown myself in a lake because I was so scared, but I found myself in a medical facility and met the girls again. Everything was dark. But the girls kept telling me this was just a game and that my brain was trapped in it. They kept saying "a beep is a beep, a gap is a gap." I was sort of lucid dreaming I think because my brain was active, but I didn't know I was asleep.

Symbolically, people turning into bats in a dream and coming into some kind of contact with you, point to suffering and great disappointments brought about by communication or interaction with unfamiliar people or strangers. Based on the symbols of a stranger standing on a bridge and yourself drowning, you could be very sensitive to what people think or say about you when you first meet them in person. You could be the type of person who does not feel comfortable initiating first contact with others or who is afraid to make the first step in getting to know better new, unfamiliar people. The ending of this dream also reveals that you are much more comfortable and relaxed interacting with those who want to get your attention by using technology, such as mobile phones and the Internet.