Dreams Related To Bathroom

Being inside bathroom

Envisioning yourself inside a bathroom, whether you are using it, cleaning it or just spend some time in there, can be interpreted as a symbol for bad luck. A bathroom in a dream vision portends some unfortunate, negative event or situation which would negatively affect your life and everyday responsibilities.

Dirty bathrooms

Having a dream concerning a dirty bathroom, whether you are in it or just see it in passing, indicates possibly being burdened with caring for a sick, disabled or elderly person and experiencing feelings of revulsion or annoyance at being required to do so. Just as a dirty bathroom must be cleaned for health and sanitation reasons, so does this dream point to having to do something disagreeable for the sake of others. This situation may be the result of karma if you have been prideful, narcissistic or selfish in the past.

Using bathroom

Dreaming about using the bathroom, whether it is in your own home or a friend's house, means having to change or let go of your initial beliefs or way of thinking. Admitting your prior thoughts may have been filled with misconceptions is hard, and shifting your attitudes and accepted truths can be uncomfortable, especially if you are surrounded by people who stand by their original notions without question. However, the emotional and spiritual growth you experience through your journey is likely to bring forth new opportunities you could not have imagined or accessed before.

Public bathroom

Envisioning yourself in a public bathroom, such as one at a shopping center, sporting event or public building, represents sharing core beliefs with others despite feelings of being alone. Just as public restrooms are open for general use, so does this dream represent others sharing your thoughts and opinions, particularly conservative ones. You may have some hesitation to state your views for fear of sounding stereotypical and receiving liberal backlash. However, this dream can be interpreted as a sign that you are not alone in your ideas and concerns, and you may find others who agree with you if you branch out from your normal environment.

Dreaming about a public restroom may also point toward a need to shift how you think about your life. You possibly feel stressed or displeased with your life as it is, and this dream suggests your disatisfaction is actually hindering your progress. This may be especially true if you were experiencing stomach pain, cramps or other digestive problems while in the restroom. Consider trying to have a positive outlook and looking for ways for self-improvement.

Bathroom in an unusual place

Dreaming about a bathroom in an unusual or unlikely place, whether you are using it, inside it or just looking at it, can be interpreted as a sign of sweeping changes in your life. Bathrooms that seem out of place represent quirky or unexpected turns, and seeing such a restroom in a dream points toward some big event or special circumstances which could significantly alter where you are heading.

Bathroom for females

Dreaming about being in or using the bathroom, for a woman, may represent wishing to partake in a same-sex encounter. Using the women's restroom within a dream vision points toward feelings of companionship and tenderness, especially toward other women. It may be that you want to explore your sexuality more or begin a sexual relationship with a female you are good friends with now.

Bathroom filled with excrements

Seeing yourself attempting to use the bathroom but finding the toilet already filled with excrement is a happy omen indicative of happiness and contentment. Dreams of this nature point toward a period of time in your life where your worries are few and your joys are many.

Overflowing bathroom

Envisioning a toilet or other bathroom fixture that is overflowing throughout a bathroom is a positive sign with the interpretation of having good luck. Dreaming of a broken toilet, particularly one that is making a big mess, predicts fortune is on your side in any endeavors you could be pursuing, especially work-related projects and goals.

Reading in the bathroom

Seeing yourself perusing reading material in print or mobile devices while using the bathroom in a dream is a positive sign meaning a reduction of stress or stressful situations in your waking life. Just as taking some time for yourself to read in peace and quiet is a way to relax, so does this dream point to positive situations and events happening in the near future which would benefit you and alleviate any lingering feelings of fear or doubt you may have experienced before.

A fancy-looking bathroom

Envisioning a fancy-looking bathroom in a dream, such as a chic, trendy restroom in a restaurant or department store, is often interpreted as a sign of having unrealistic expectations or having your head in the clouds. Just as s well-designed bathroom with gold accents or fashionable make-up stalls may look overly done in real life, seeing one in a dream represents lofty goals or ambitions that others might see as out of reach. However, your positive attitude and willingness to shoot for the stars may help you actually achieve the success you seek.

Looking for a bathroom

Envisioning yourself searching for a bathroom in a dream, either at some public place or within an unfamiliar house, can be interpreted as a sign of insufficient funds or poor financial management. Wanting to use the restroom, particularly if you desperately need to relieve yourself, means lacking in money or material goods of value with a great necessity to turn this situation around quickly. This imagery may also represent seeking out people who seem to have their lives together in hopes that they will bestow some of their wisdom on you.

Bathroom for males

Dreaming about being in or using the bathroom, for a man, is often interpreted as a sign of an unfulfilling or unsatisfactory sex life. This may be due to the absence of a willing partner or feeling bored with your current relationships or flings. Dreaming of spending time in a restroom may represent your existing desire to meet someone new and interesting for the purpose of starting a sexual relationship.

Private bathroom becoming public

I have a big house and I'm sharing it with a man and happy, then that person left and time passed. I discovered that my bathroom has a second door to some public place and that people are using my bathroom as a public one. I was angry and tried to make people stop using it by closing the door. I go out feeling good and see a woman with several dogs, two of them were really cute small puppies and I played with them although I'm afraid of dogs, there was other bigger dogs but they were not bothering me. I notice other dogs coming so I tell the lady to hold the dogs...

There are two central visions in this dream story which are interconnected. The vision of your private bathroom turning into a publicly-accessible restroom indicates that you could be very conservative and rigid in your personal views and opinions. You could have a real problem accepting other people's views and beliefs. You are most likely very reluctant if not resistant when someone approaches you or tries to initiate contact and become a friend. The second vision of playing with a bunch of dogs, even if you are not comfortable around them in wake life, could point out your thriftiness and tendency to save, and your frugal nature could cause you to act selfishly or inconsiderately towards other people at times. Overall, this dream vision could serve as a reminder that you should make substantial changes in your attitude towards life and be more accepting of other people's beliefs, opinions and lifestyles. Otherwise, you could end up living a stressful and unbalanced life.

An old-looking bathroom

Dreaming about being in or using an old bathroom, particularly one in a complete state or disrepair or ruin, is a negative sign often pointing towards experiencing great difficulties. Old bathrooms in real life often are not easy to use due to their outdated fixtures or inefficient style, and a dream including such a restroom can also be interpreted as a prediction of experiencing obstacles that stand in the way of your goals and dreams.

Building a bathroom

Envisioning a bathroom being built or refurbished is a positive sign meaning acquisition of money and material possessions. Dreaming of a restroom in a state of being renovated points toward financial security and peace of mind regarding monetary issues in the near future, particularly if you have recently been under stress for a similar reason. This sudden increase in wealth may be due to lucky circumstances or the result of your hard work.

Men and women inside bathroom

Dreaming about men and women in the bathroom with you, especially if they are surrounding you or closing in, is a negative sign representing exasperation, sadness or hopelessness. Just as people crowding you in a small space can trigger claustiphoibic feelings and a fight or flight mechanism, so does this dream portend dark emotions due to being insufficiently prepared to deal with what life is throwing at you. These may be work-related issues, like a challenging project or receiving a lot of criticism, or it may be associated with something in your personal life, such as a series of unhappy events or bad luck.

Sitting in a bathroom

I am seeing myself in a dream sitting in the bathroom.

Dreaming about being in a bathroom indicates you will successfully eliminate false beliefs or opinions about things around you. Usually this involves reshaping your outlook on life and learning to deal with the world in a completely new and different way.

Attacked by animals in the bathroom

I was chased by a tiger into my bathroom by a tiger and then my bathroom fell off a cliff. When it hit the ground it turned into a a barricade and I jumped out the window and a raccoon ran through the door and jumped attacking my face.

The tiger chasing you represents your own ambitious side and aggressive nature. Meanwhile, the bathroom alludes to a necessity to flush out negative attitude and aspects which could be detrimental to your character. You may be gunning for a leadership position, so you are exercising a lot of assertiveness and zeal. Those actions, however, could turn some people off. As such, the raccoon that attacked you may be interpreted in two ways. It could be that you may turn to deception as a way to gain power or it may point to other cunning personalities bent on snatching away those opportunities you are eyeing.

Glass shattering in the bathroom

I was on the toilet and suddenly the upper window glass shattered straight on my head.

Using the toilet during a dream vision may reflect your subconscious desire to let go of some thought or problem that is bothering you in wake life. You may be having trouble, however, moving past it or coming up with a solution that does not cause you much grief. The shattering glass above you represents the sensitivity and discomfort this situation may cause you. They could even cut deep if prodded hard enough. Perhaps seeking the guidance of someone with a lot of sympathy or life experience would help you move through this period of time.

Cleaning dirty bathroom

Seeing yourself cleaning a dirty toilet in a recurring dream means that your subconscious mind is trying to send you a hidden message about a toxic relationship with a person whom you have trusted for so long but that person betrayed your trust. Alternatively, this can also be interpreted as a desire felt by your inner self for a cleansing or some order in your life.

Going to the bathroom

Going to the bathroom at some point in a dream vision, whether you needed to pee or poop, can represent two things depending on your situation in wake life. First, it may signify a spiritual cleansing, especially if you have felt stuck or overly emotional recently. Alternatively, there are certain situations, like after a particularly busy time of hustle and bustle, that this symbol predicts you would find answers to important questions that have come up or learn the solution to an issue that has been bothering you.