Dreams Related To Bat Animal

A swarm of bats above you

A swarm of bats that is generally positioned above you in the dream realm is usually thought to be an indicator of your current stress levels. The cause of your irritation or anxiety would likely be related to someone you see and interact with on a regular basis, such as a family member or co-worker. This vision, then, can be interpreted as a sign that you need to take a step back and put some distance between you and this individual, either by taking a day off from work or taking a day trip somewhere away from home.

A swarm of bats above you could also suggest that you are making some good progress on a secret project or plan that you are currently keeping under wraps. You would not want your secret plans revealed until they are completed and all is said and done.

Bats attacking

Seeing yourself being attacked by bats in a dream is a sign of something ominous. According to traditional dream interpretation sources, bats have been associated with darkness, negative energies and bad luck. Therefore, this dream is an omen that you are going to be faced with certain grave problems in wake life in the coming days. Alternatively, this may also represent your own negative tendencies as a person. Either way, you need to be wary of your actions and their counter actions.

A bat in general

The general image of a bat in the dream realm is truly ominous to behold. It predicts the untimely demise of a loved one or serious injury due to a dangerous situation. In some cases, the image of a bat is also considered a harbinger of hardship and misfortune to ventures in the waking world.

A bat in flight

A bat in flight is an ominous image to see in a nightly vision. It is a projection from your subconscious meant to represent the enemies present in reality. A bat flying during the dusk or night time suggests these enemies pose a real threat to you and your success, while a bat flying during the daytime hours means the threat posed is minimal and would be easy to counteract.

A white bat

The image of a white or an albino bat in the dream world reveals the presence of danger lurking in reality. The danger could even lead to the dreamer's death if they are not careful. You should be very careful and observant of your surroundings, especially in unfamiliar locations.

A bat flying inside your house

Envisioning a bat flying inside your house can be interpreted as a sign that you would need to move, leave or otherwise abandon your current residence due to unforeseen external forces. You may be forced from your house because it is no longer deemed safe by the government or because a natural disaster has destroyed it.

A bat for those in love

For those who are in love, the image of a bat represents the presence of a rival or rivals for the love of the object of your affection. These other potential matches probably wish you ill and may be willing to act on their jealousy, possibly throwing a wrench in your plans to form a lasting, deep relationship with the one you love.

Being attacked by bats

Being attacked by bats during the course of a dream vision usually means you would soon be tested physically, emotionally or spiritually by some unexpected hardship or challenge. Specifically, you may find that someone who is close to you is only acting as your ally in order to take advantage of you.

A bat hanging upside down

A bat that is hanging upside down from a branch or a telephone line could reveal that what you considered to be a minor inconvenience or issue would turn out to be so much more serious and troubling. You would have to do so much more work to overcome this challenge than you initially expected. This same symbol also can be thought of as a hint from your subconscious to try to look at your current problems from a different angle or perspective in order to find a better solution.

A sleeping bat

A sleeping bat can predict a need to change up your social circle or meet some new individuals in reality. This symbol suggests you are outgrowing your current friends' antics. Perhaps you are more mature than the rest of the group, or maybe they are simply becoming more obnoxious and unruly than you feel comfortable with. In any case, a change of friends could breathe fresh air into your social life, making you happy and giving you something to look forward to.

Attacked by bats during bad weather

I was standing in the balcony with my family when we saw two typhoons making their way to our location. The whole sky was big and was filled with heavy light-colored clouds hanging low. But they didn't harm us. Then a black bat came in our home and strangled itself in my hair and started sucking my blood. I got rid of that one, then I encounter another black bat while I was in the bathroom. He made his way towards me and hit me in the face. I woke up terrified.

Standing on a balcony is often thought to represent a sense of whimsy or an appreciation for the fanciful things in life. However, your carefree attitude may soon be overshadowed by troubles related to your friends and family. These individuals whom you care so much about may be doing things that are hurting them and, by extension, hurting you. The two hurricanes may directly suggest two individuals in particular, perhaps those you were standing on the balcony with. The bat inside your house is usually interpreted as a sign of needing to physically move out of your house, but in this vision it seems to take on a more figurative meaning. This means you would need to remove yourself from these people's lives to avoid being dragged down by their bad choices. The bat sucking your blood is further warning that failing to separate yourself may result in confrontation, loss and misfortune for you.

Bat biting my hand

The image of a bat biting your hand is a metaphor for amity turning to distrust. It is a sign that you would be attacked or betrayed by a person you thought cared about you, someone whose presence used to bring you peace. This symbol is a harbinger of bad things to come if you are unable to either distance yourself from this individual's influence or mitigate their hurtful comments.

A bat flying at me

A bat, as an animal, is usually considered an ill omen in dreams. Seeing it flying towards you therefore is a sign that negative energy or problems are coming your way. This may be in the form of personal attacks against you or mean, secret messages whispered around you. Protect yourself as best you can by staying out of sight and doing as little as possible to draw attention to yourself.

Black bat

Black colored bats are often associated with darkness or bad luck. Seeing a black bat flying above your head in a dream indicates an upcoming personal tragedy or a spiritual upset in the near future. However, if the dream ends with another animal coming on and making the bat fly away, then this means that the biggest problem you are faced with right now will soon be fought off.