Dreams Related To Basket

Receiving a food basket from men

Two men came with one basket from temple with reddish brown clothes. They gave me 3 lemons and chilies and asked to hang it on the main door, one in the bedroom and another in my temple room. I have taken it from them and I told I will do it. But I did not.

The two men you see in your vision seem to represent messengers. You may be expecting to hear from someone soon or are about to hear about an interesting and exciting proposition. This is further supported by the men giving you food, which also indicates getting good news that will improve your life. However, the clothes that stood out to you as red in color symbolize rash behavior or relying on your emotions too much. People may have informed you of this character trait before, but if you do not listen, you may let this upcoming opportunity go to waste. Missing a good chance is also seen in your lack of completion of the task the messengers gave you. In order to benefit from the situation you will find yourself in, you may need to be more rational and diligent in your everyday life.

Snakes in a basket

I was in the hospital about to leave and a woman came to me, smiled and gave me a wicker basket. There was a black mamba snake and a green snake in the basket, I was afraid but I tried to keep the basket close and take it home. The snake got out and wrapped around me and I woke up.

Finding yourself in a hospital often means you would need some type of medical attention in reality. The black mamba and the green snake refer to two unfortunate circumstances that are closely tied together. In this case, the green snake represents an event involving large quantities of alcohol, while the black snake points towards suffering and difficulty. While it is unclear whether or not you would be the one imbibing, it seems you would be hurt or injured in some way that involves alcohol. It might be a good idea to watch your own intake or be careful around those who tend to drink a lot.