Dreams Related To Basement

Dark basement

A dark basement in the realm of dreams suggests your inner voice is being hampered by something. In many cases, this symbol appears when our better judgement is clouded by anger, sadness or pride. If you see this symbol while you are dreaming, you may need to reconsider your course of action in wake life. Otherwise your relationships and even your own future may suffer.

Being inside a strange-looking basement

I had a dream that I went inside an abandoned house to explore the inside. I went in through a door that took me to the basement. The basement looked like a cave with rock walls but there were windows, so I knew that it was a house. I went down a few steps and there was fireflies in the room and the walls were covered with a moss-like surface. I looked up and noticed the ceiling was made of water and it had a huge white spider in the water. I ran and as I was leaving the water fell on my back.

Being inside an abandoned or dilapidated house in a dream typically signals an upcoming encounter that would cause a lot of dissatisfaction regarding the actions of a confidante or someone very close to you. Going into the basement represents your intuition and instinct kicking in upon observing uncharacteristic behavior from the individual in question. Furthermore, the fireflies you find in the basement symbolize the ideas and insights you would gain if you decide to follow your gut. Unfortunately, what you would discover could be disturbing and unpleasant, as indicated by the white spider. Perhaps this is a reminder for you to be extra observant and empathetic in order to spot brewing conflict before it gets worse.

Being led into the basement by someone

I had this recurring dream since before I could remember till I moved out of my childhood home. I wake up in my dream and a blue figure is at the end of my bed, I am led downstairs until I am outside into the night around the back of my old house. I stop at a trap door in the wall, ground level, into what would be my basement if it existed in real life and inside is a masquerade with slow low music. It's all very eerie but I am void of emotion, they all slowly turn to me and I ease awake calm.

The basement in your dream represents subconscious thoughts and intuition. Perhaps the blue figure leading you to the trap door entrance to the basement is a representation of sadness. Whenever you are spiraling into depression or wallowing in negative emotions, you tend to escape to the world inside your head for self-preservation. Similarly, the masquerade suggests escapism and an inability to face the obstacles in reality. Perhaps you are indulging in unhealthy habits as your coping mechanism, hence your subconscious is forcing you to clean up you act and be accountable for your actions.