Dreams Related To Bail

Bailing out the boyfriend

My gender is female, I had a dream that my boyfriend went to jail and I had to borrow money from my uncle and I went to bail him out, he came out and we hugged. There was bright light and I also asked his mother that if I pay the 5,550 for bailing him out she will have to pay me back and after that I changed my mind and said I will pay for it and his dad does not like me in real life, so I told him I do everything for your son why don't you like me still?

Bailing out your boyfriend from jail suggests you want freedom for your boyfriend and more likely yourself. The money you borrowed to help free your boyfriend is a metaphor for other people's high expectations of you, especially your boyfriend's parents. Unfortunately, your people-pleasing nature is probably making you miserable. Hence, the prevailing disapproval reveals the futility of your efforts. Perhaps your subconscious is telling you to focus on your own happiness and satisfaction instead of seeking other people's approval. Meanwhile, the exact value of the bail likely has some significance in your life. For example, this could be the price of an item you currently want for yourself, part of a phone number or an account number of some sort which is part of current fixations. Biblical sources often use numerology to decipher symbols like these.