Dreams Related To Badminton

Being a spectator of a badminton game

Dreaming of being a spectator of a badminton game instead of playing it is a warning that you will not have a successful implementation of a project or endeavor because of your excessive shyness and introverted nature.

Playing badminton

Dreaming of playing a badminton game means you may experience unkind reactions or receive distasteful treatment from people who are around you.

Losing a game of badminton

Dreaming about losing a game of badminton means you will experience a great disappointment in one of your dear friends or other people you are acquainted with and know well.

Winning a game of badminton

Seeing yourself winning a game of badminton is a sign of finding someone who will prove to be highly supportive of your endeavors, and they will also strive to maintain and protect your best interests.

Looking for a partner to play badminton

Dreaming of trying to locate a partner to play a badminton game means you have a general fear about admitting to yourself that you need support or help from other people. If you were able to recognize the need for help, then you would receive enough help to overcome your present difficulties and issues.

Playing badminton when it's windy

Dreaming of making an attempt to play badminton when it's windy outside is a warning that you are about to meet a powerful business adversary or enemy who will make it a goal to make your life miserable and unpleasant for you.

Use caution when dealing with this person because they will use whatever is necessary and available to do great harm to you materially, ethically or morally, which will be very difficult to repair once done.