Dreams Related To Babysitter

Refusing to be a babysitter

My neighbor five months old with two teeth in the bottom of right corner side, and the father carries the baby to me asking me to take out the teeth... I used to keep the baby, but the mother not paying to watch her, so I stopped keeping the baby and we are not talking any more, so am wondering if this is some enemies dreams?

Having a dream about this child you once cared for and the baby's father represents that these people are still on your mind, perhaps because you stopped working with them only a short time ago or because you had some other run-in with them recently. Additionally, dreaming about teeth that fall out or need to be removed for some reason symbolizes disappointment. This vision is most likely the manifestation of your feelings, indicating that you are somewhat saddened by the state of affairs with this family, whether or not the current situation is for the better or not.