Dreams Related To Baby girl

A cute baby girl

Dreaming of a cute baby girl, smiling at you with cute dimples or looking at her surroundings with big, curious eyes, denotes an auspicious turn of events which would result in a big progress to your current preoccupation. Your application to your dream job could land in the laps of a crucial decision maker. A great apartment could be vacated which gives you an opportunity to move in. In terms of personal relations, a romantic prospect could start reciprocating your affections. No matter which aspect in your life this good fortune may manifest, make sure you make the most of it.

Two baby girls

To see two baby girls in a dream vision, inside a crib or being held by their respective mothers, usually means you are going to be preoccupied by a weighty issue in reality. This is especially true if you felt uneasy, worried or concerned when you laid eyes on the baby girls. This upcoming dilemma would eat up a lot of your hours which means other responsibilities and duties would be neglected. Unfortunately, because of this you will forget to spend quality time with people you love, including friends and family.

If the baby girls in the dream are of the same age, then things would be even harder for you because you would be dealing with multiple issues at once. You need to pay the same level of attention to them because all of the concerns have similar gravity and serious consequences. Furthermore, if the babies have the same mother, which means they are twins, then your problems likely originate from the same source. This is going to be critical if you want to eradicate the root of this issue.

A baby girl in general

The dream symbol of a baby girl in general, lying inside a crib or happily laughing in the arms of her mom, suggests routine or the daily grind being disrupted due to spontaneous people, unforeseen events or surprise encounters. This usually manifests in visions when you are growing tired of the monotony and you are looking for some excitement. So, if you heed the advice of your subconscious, you can take advantage of this break in your usual schedule to get out of your comfort zone and experience something fun and new.

Having a baby girl while pregnant

Having a baby girl in a dream vision while you are pregnant in reality is not necessarily a sign that your child would be female. Rather, Jungian sources suggest this symbol is a reflection of your desire to go through the birthing process and jump into the daily life of being a mother. If this is not your first child, it could be speculated that your past experiences and knowledge are mentally preparing you for this next child. New mothers, however, may simply be responding to their body's natural hormones and instincts to care and provide for the new life they have created.

A blonde baby girl

To see a blonde baby girl, playing, sleeping or drinking milk, is a very auspicious symbol of wealth. This cute baby signifies your good fortune, especially when it comes to money and finances. Whatever investment or project you are going to handle would become very successful and profitable under your management. This in turn would propel further up in the chain of command, through a promotion or a huge bonus for your excellent performance. So, make sure you use these profits well to further augment your wealth.

The age of a baby girl

Focusing on the age of a baby girl, whether you are trying to guess the exact age or you saw the age of the baby on a birthday cake, means you are figuring out how long it would take for you to resolve an existing issue. This means that the number you guess or the age revealed refers to the exact time frame you are interested in. However, the number can sometimes refer to days or weeks and not exactly the months and years as you saw in the vision. This at least gives you some peace of mind knowing there is an end in sight.

A sleeping baby girl

A sleeping baby girl in dreams holds a very positive symbolic meaning usually associated with promising developments. The sleeping baby girl may be snoozing in the arms of her mother or snoring softly in a cradle. These types of dream scenarios are telling you that you are on the right path and if you keep following this path you are expected to reap the benefits real soon. This could also refer to an auspicious encounter which would propel you into a better paying job or a more lucrative career.

A healthy and smiling baby girl

A healthy and smiling baby girl, playing with a rattle or being twirled around by her mother, means your life is going to get significantly better. All your difficulties and struggles lately would soon be behind you as luck and fortune enter your life. The healthy and happy baby could be a new, lucrative undertaking which would eliminate any financial problem. Things would also ease up when it comes to conflicts and misunderstandings with friends and family, so look forward to a harmonious and peaceful living situation.

Coming across a baby girl

To encounter or unexpectedly come across a baby girl, like randomly spotting a baby girl during a stroll in the forest or on a table sleeping soundly, means you are in for a big surprise in reality. This would happen in relation to your new discovery about someone you thought you knew, but in fact there is a big secret that would change your impression about this person. This can either be positive or negative. On a positive note, this could lead to a deeper and stronger friendship. If it is negative, then this could potentially sever ties.

Surrounded by baby girls

If you find yourself surrounded by baby girls, perhaps because you are in the delivery ward of a hospital or at the orphanage, is an auspicious dream scenario depicting financial success and affluence. All the little steps you take to boost your wealth, from saving to investing and simplifying your lifestyle, would soon make you financially stable and closer to your financial goals. In fact, while your peers are struggling to make ends meet, you have the luxury of availing early retirement to finally pursue your passions and interests.

A newborn baby girl

To dream of a newborn baby girl, being delivered by her mother in the hospital or inside a nursery, portends positive developments in your business. Your presence during the delivery of the baby girl signifies happiness and satisfaction as a result of the professional and financial blessings going your way. On the other hand, for young females who dream of this symbol it implies having a little too much fun at parties and hangouts that would get your parents worried and upset, especially if you decide not to ask for their permission.

A peaceful baby girl

Watching a peaceful and calm baby girl, being carried by her mom or sleeping serenely in a stroller, predicts the end of all your problems. If you are still being plagued by multiple issues, you do not have to worry much longer. You would soon be sleeping like a baby as the answers present themselves to you without much effort. Kind-hearted and generous individuals could volunteer to help or get them out of your hands. Another possibility are external factors, like forces of nature or economic changes, would be favorable to you.

Punishing a baby girl

If you dream of punishing a baby girl, for instance spanking her with your hand or a soft toy to soften the blow, reveals your domineering personality. However, this tendency to be authoritative and controlling has nothing to do with confidence and competence. Instead, this is actually your way of overcompensating for your low self-esteem and lack of communication skills. You need to take some "me" time to confront your weaknesses and work on these aspects of your personality so you can use your energy in much more productive and efficient ways.

Baby girls as twins

Twin baby girls in dreams, wearing the same baby clothes and seen lying side by side, points to achieving peace and harmony in your waking life. For people in rocky or toxic relationships, this means that you and your partner will find a balance by compromising. So, soon enough you can co-exist in peace and possibly even achieve a happy life together. Meanwhile, males who see this dream symbol are men seeking more meaningful connections with romantic partners. After jumping from one shallow and meaningless fling to another, you are ready to take relationships more seriously.

Others making fun of a baby girl

Dreaming that there are people making fun of a baby girl, due to her deformities or unconventional appearance, means you have enemies hiding in plain sight. You are probably unguarded because these duplicitous people are good at appearing trustworthy and innocent. However, they actually dislike you and see you as an obstacle to their path, especially if you are holding a valuable position in your workplace. You could also have resentful friends around you, so be ready to defend yourself when they start to attack.

A naked baby girl

Seeing a nude or naked baby girl, while her diapers are being changed or as she being bathed, means you need to take better care of yourself. There is a developing health issue which, if not detected and properly managed, would take a lot of recovery and radical lifestyle change. So, this dream vision serves as a serious warning for you to monitor your health and well-being. You need to become more proactive and healthy with your choices not just in food, but also in your physical activities.

Pregnant with an unwanted baby girl

I have had several dreams where I'm pregnant with a girl baby. Usually I go into labor, and all I want to do is give the baby away or hope it dies in childbirth. When the baby is delivered, it is typically deformed or underdeveloped in some way. In one dream, it was so small, I kept it in my pocket, zipped up in a red see-through pouch. I usually forget about the baby girl, and remember it later in the dream. Last night I dreamt that I was going into labor with a girl, and I could vividly feel strong kicking in my lower stomach. I wished it wouldn't come out alive, and the kicking stopped.

This vision has a very sinister air and caution should be taken immediately. Visions of baby girls are often associated with the fulfillment of goals or the pursuit of success. However, the child's deformities and other difficulties after birth indicate that the plan you are working on is not likely to come to fruition. Wishing that the child would die or that you can get rid of her quickly suggests that the reason for this failure is likely a lack of motivation, drive, or grit on your part. In essence, because you do not care about this dream (or do not care about it as much as others think you should), you do not put in the time and effort to make it come true. You may want to stop further endeavors toward this cause and re-evaluate where you are going in your life before it is too late.

Albino baby girl

An albino baby girl, in the context of a dream vision, is a symbol associated with the unexpected. You may soon learn some interesting or unusual information, something you did not expect to learn or hear. This news could change some aspect of your daily situation, possibly influencing where you choose to live, shop or spend your free time.

An agitated baby girl

A restless and agitated baby girl, like a crying or screaming baby girl in a public place, means it is going to take a long time for you to solve your current problems. Much patience and resilience are required for you to triumph over these obstacles which are highly likely due to rivals or adversaries giving you a seemingly endless stream of problems. Instead of actively fighting them on the same level, what you need to do is rise above them and continue to excel in your field until they give up or find someone else to bully.

Unable to pacify a baby girl

Your inability to pacify or quiet down a baby girl, using different toys or singing a lullaby, suggests a string of petty problems or minor issues which are easily solved. Although, while they may be relatively easy to clear up, the amount of issues you need to handle would still give you a lot of stress with the possibility of burnout. You could even experience a nervous breakdown as these concerns pile up. You need to manage your time well and delegate if you start feeling like you cannot keep up with the workload.

A sick baby girl

A pale, sickly baby girl, like a premature baby with complications or an infant with an illness in the hospital, portends negative developments in the real world. Most of these bad turn of events are things that are within your control, however your unstable emotions or distracted mind would fail to spot warning signs. For instance, disclosing sensitive information or an inappropriate comment would snowball into bigger problems with the potential of damaging your reputation and image.

A baby girl in dirty baby clothes

Spotting a baby girl clad in dirty infant's clothes or rags, soiled by her own excrement and perhaps all the dust and dirt on the floor picked up while crawling, represents a sizeable financial loss due to unfavorable factors at work. For example, this financial setback could be from a lack of bonuses due to decreased profits, a failed promotion, paying a fine for misconduct, among others. You can still avoid this disaster if you manage your finances wisely and keep a rainy day fund for times like these.

A baby girl in cute baby clothes

A baby girl wearing cute baby clothes, like an animal onesie or with cartoon prints, suggests upcoming personal problems. Despite the attractive and fun baby clothes, this dream vision portends the opposite effect in reality because conflicts within your household or between you and friends would soon escalate. A careless comment or misunderstood action would lead to a confrontation with a loved one. Unfortunately, this would not be one of those petty issues that go away in time because this has the potential of severing ties and ending friendships.

A baby girl with baby toys

A baby girl surrounded with baby toys, like rattles, stuffed animals or a mobile, depicts a high probability that an argument or misunderstanding would occur between you and your friends. This conflict would most likely be due to their dishonesty or acts of betrayal. While you place your trust in them and reveal important details of your life in confidence, they are merely scoping out your weaknesses and using your secrets to gain leverage. So, be sure to choose your friends carefully because being too trusting could ruin your reputation.

Playing with a baby girl

Envisioning yourself playing with a baby girl, speaking baby talk while babysitting or swinging the baby playfully, is an indication of you positive and easy going personality. Instead of being disheartened by negative events or making mistakes, you prefer to treat them as learning experiences and use these lessons to make better choices in the future. Your bright and fun presence also infects the people around you, so you become surrounded by people who are optimistic and resilient.

Young, single women who dream about playing with a baby girl are receiving a positive sign of getting married sooner rather than later. Unfortunately, the downside of this impending nuptial is the less than ideal groom. The man you are going to marry would end up being immature and too dependent on you. This would not be evident while you are dating, but once you decide to settle down, then he would decide to show his true colors.

Yourself as a baby girl

Envisioning yourself as a baby girl, whether or not you are female in reality, depicts upcoming quarrels or altercations with members of your family or relatives. Appearing as a baby girl, for example being held by your own parents or exploring your house as a baby, is also your subconscious telling you to take responsibility for your actions because the squabbles ahead would be mostly due to your thoughtless actions or lack of initiative. Alternatively, this could also refer to an unwelcome surprise associated with personal losses that would render you vulnerable.

Holding a baby girl in your arms

If you are holding a baby girl in your arms, singing a lullaby or rocking her to sleep, it points to an unexpected reunion with family members or close relatives. It would occur in an unlikely place, while you are buying groceries or at your place of business, and would lead to a quick catch up over dinner or coffee, especially if it has been a long time since you saw each other in person. This would also be a great opportunity for you to reassess your priorities in comparison to the direction of their lives.

A baby girl with an angel face

An angel-faced baby girl, like a cherub or the likeness of an angelic cupid, is an ominous message about falling into the hands of your enemies. The innocent, angelic face of the baby girl represents your innocence and cluelessness about the trap your enemies are laying out for you. Fortunately, you have strong instincts and this is why your subconscious is giving your warning signs to help you become vigilant and subsequently avoid being taken advantage of. Even the seemingly trustworthy personality has the potential of betraying you given the right motivation.

A crying baby girl

A vision about a crying baby girl, maybe because she is hungry or she is in a noisy environment, is an ominous symbol of deteriorating health. Your immune system will be compromised or weak due to mounting stress or unfavourable weather, so this would mean you would be more susceptible to contagious diseases. In addition, you could also transmit a latent illness to someone with compromised immune system. For young females, this portends upcoming opportunities which would require a lot of time and effort to be fully realized.

Bathing a baby girl

If you are bathing a baby girl in a dream vision, for example as a nurse or as the parent of this newborn, then you are luckily going to find the answer to a question that has been bothering you for a while now. The eureka moment would likely happen while you are busy doing something else. If you have been dealing with a complicated issue or problem, then a lightbulb moment would also help you untangle or unravel this puzzle with a neat and efficient solution, so you do not have to worry for long.

Feeding a baby girl

Feeding a baby girl, for example with breast milk or pureed food, reveals your uncanny ability to dodge problems or avoid confrontation both at work and in your personal relationships. Since you are an easy going type of person, you have a way of diffusing tension or steering conversations away from contentious or controversial issues. This innate ability allows you to remain in the good graces of different types of personalities. With luck and perseverance, you can use this advantage to further your career.

A baby girl being breastfed

To see a baby girl being breastfed by a wet nurse or the infant's biological mother is an indication of your desire to become a mom in reality. Your body, through this dream vision, is letting you know that this is the right moment for you to bear a child because you are at your prime in terms of fitness and capacity to raise a child. This could also mean that your biological clock is ticking because you are getting older, hence pregnancy would be much harder and more demanding if you put it off any further.

A baby girl for males

Males who dream about a baby girl, perhaps as the father of the baby girl or as a guest for a baby's birthday, has something to do with sexual fantasies. These are the types of fantasies which you are ashamed or embarrassed to share with your lover or significant other. Your partner could be conventional or traditional that is why you are hesitant to reveal your fetish. Alternatively, you could be actively repressing your desires and refusing to acknowledge what could be deemed scandalous.

Giving birth to a baby girl and baby boy

Giving birth to both a baby girl and baby boy simultaneously, whether it is by one woman or two women in the same room, refers to a the arrival of a new face or a new relationship. For single women, this dream symbol points to a fateful encounter which would effortlessly turn into a deep and meaningful bond. On the other hand, for married women this has to do with the arrival of a newborn or a new child. You could bear and deliver this biological baby or you could adopt a child as a new member of your family.

A laughing baby girl

To see a laughing, happy baby girl, being tickled by her parent or entertained by the activities around her, is a dream symbol for a fresh start or a new beginning. If you have been wrestling with a complicated issue or problem, then this signals the end of your struggle. The answer and solution would soon come to you. Meanwhile, if you are growing tired and bored of your daily routine, then an opportunity would open up that would challenge you once again and allow you to flex your creative muscles.

A baby girl cuddling up to you

A cute, baby girl who is cuddling up to you, presumably as this baby's parent, babysitter or a doting relative, symbolizes huge changes about to shake up your current existence. This period characterized by a series of developments would require your utmost presence and focus in order for you to quickly adapt during this transition. The tighter the hug, the more lasting and serious the effects would be to your life. You could spend enormous time and effort launching a flagship business or project.

A baby girl dying

The dream imagery of a dying baby girl, such as one born prematurely or with some congenital defect, implies the inevitable failure of your current undertaking and goals. The conditions and external factors are unfortunately not in your favor, so no matter how much you persevere or try different strategies to succeed, it will never come into fruition. Before you run out of resources, you need to accept this bad luck. There is a good time for everything, so you have to wait for the right moment to come.

A baby girl and a baby boy as twins

Seeing a twin baby girl and baby boy, looking cute in matching outfits or being breastfed by their mom, portends an auspicious development and a disastrous event happening at the same time. Since all actions create both positive and negative effects, depending on the point of view, a blessing for you would mean a setback for another person in your household. You could get transferred to a more lucrative position, but the longer hours would mean less quality time for your family. Your partner would be forced to pick up the slack at home so their job performance would suffer.

A baby girl without parents

To dream of a baby girl without parents, like at an orphanage or being abandoned at the entrance of your home, means you would soon be taken by surprise by the head-spinning success of someone close to you. Without even knowing that they have made any moves to chase their dreams, a friend or relative would become the talk of town or your social circle because of their quick ascent in the corporate ladder or winning a coveted position due to creative and ambitious pitch to the people in charge.

A baby girl with red hair

A red-haired baby girl, being attended to by doctors after birth or inside a home where you are looking closely at the baby, predicts lucky developments and auspicious changes to your personal life. Specifically, the red hair of the baby girl denotes passion which means you would soon enjoy a more passionate and exciting relationship with your significant other. If you are single, then you would be happy to know that you are going to meet someone soon who would spark passion and excitement in you.

A baby girl with blue eyes

The dream symbol of a baby girl with bright, blue eyes, likely your biological child in the dream or a portrait of a family with a blue-eyed baby, signifies progress in your current endeavor. For instance, stalled plans or stagnating projects would have a breakthrough and this would allow you to make huge advances to ultimately achieve your goals. Part of this positive shift would stem from a moment of clarity and a spark of idea which would come to you while you are working on other projects or even while on a vacation.

A very active baby girl

The image of a very active baby girl, crawling around on the floor or flailing her arms in the air trying to catch flying insects, reflects your own ingenuity and flashes of brilliant ideas. You have a knack for turning obstacles into opportunities using your wits and resourcefulness. This ability would once again become useful in an upcoming situation or event. Things would quickly turn sour because of unfortunate circumstances, but you can turn things around by thinking on your feet.

Fixing baby girl's hair

Fixing a baby girl's hair, with your hands or using a comb to untangle the hair, portends a very positive meeting with a romantic prospect, a lover or your significant other. This is a refreshing change of pace for you because of all the stress and pressure you have been experiencing lately. This lighthearted and heartwarming moment would inject much-needed happiness and positive emotions into your life, so savor this great experience to reinvigorate yourself before going back to the daily grind.

Having a baby girl and not pregnant

Envisioning yourself having a baby girl when you are not pregnant or considering so is often thought to be a sign that you are getting involved in a new hobby or trade. For instance, you may pick up an instrument, start listening to podcasts, begin dabbling in the stock market or just download some games to play on your phone. While none of these activities is an issue on their own, the connotation of this vision suggests you may become overly engrossed in the activity to the point of maybe ignoring other people or doing something potentially dangerous. For instance, you may be addicted to a cell phone game and, as a result, try to play while driving a vehicle or walking around in public, leading to an accident.

Calming a crying baby girl

I saw a baby girl, she was naked and I was making her laugh and she suddenly falls down because of laughing hard and starts crying. But then she stops crying and starts sucking milk of her mother and I don't know who her mother is. Now the baby is happy and enjoying being fed.

The baby girl you saw in your dream could represent fulfilling goals you have set out for yourself in the near future. These goals may be work-related, such as getting a promotion or asking and receiving a raise, or they may be about your personal life, such as getting into a steady relationship or meeting some financial goals. Caring for a female baby, especially rocking, feeding or playing with one, also predicts upcoming changes in your life, specifically positive or beneficial transformations in lifestyle. The appearance of the baby's mother suggests that these modifications to your life will take place due to the influence or actions of someone close to you, such as a partner, family member or good friend.

Saving a baby girl from choking

I looked down at my stomach and was clearly pregnant. A sudden shift and the baby was resting on my left side, butt up as usual. Suddenly, the baby was in my hands and I was looking into the face of an adorable baby girl whose eyes were larger than normal and two different colors. Out of nowhere she is choking on a pacifier and I flip her over, a few good blows to her back trying to expel he pacifier. Someone is watching me as I'm performing this maneuver. I think it ended well. I don't know.

From your dream description it is obvious that you know well how to take care of babies and handle situations when something goes wrong. Assuming that you have had your own babies in the past or looked after a baby, either your own or someone else's, this dream vision could be interpreted as you desire to share your practical knowledge with someone on how to take care of a baby, or even wanting to take over caring for it. The baby's big eyes of different colors are most likely symbolic of more than one situations or circumstances when you felt a great urgency to jump in and take care of someone's baby, but thought it was inappropriate or embarrassing.