Dreams Related To Babies

Babies in general

Dreams that include babies are positive signs. Dreaming about interacting with babies or simply seeing babies in a dream can mean that pleasant surprises and fortuitous occurrences are about to occur in your life. This dream doesn't specify what, but something unexpectedly good is on your horizon.

Searching for babies

Looking or searching for babies in a dream means that in your attempts to solve your current trials and tribulations, you will be faced with obstacles that will demand your immediate attention but will ultimately lead you to the solution to all your problems.

Having many babies

In my dream I had fourteen babies, seven girls and seven boys and I was preparing to bring them all home from hospital. I was getting name tags ready so I could remember who was called who and preparing enough bottles to feed them all. What does this dream mean?

Dreaming about seeing or having many babies in one place could symbolize the repetitiveness of a task. You could have been, or be about to spend a great amount of time on simple but repetitive tasks. You would need to perform them in order to to accomplish an overarching life goal. Also, you had a vision about not being able to recognize or distinguish between each one of these babies. This could mean that you could currently or soon be subconsciously preoccupied with solving many tasks at once, some of which could be confusing or interfere with the resolution of some other additional activities. This state of affairs could suggest that some occupations could be standing in your way and hindering the completion of you main life goal. For a better work experience, you could perhaps spend some time organizing your schedule and plan with the objective of cutting out superfluous tasks.

Unfamiliar babies

Having a dream in which you see or look after babies that seem unfamiliar to you symbolizes that you may need to stop and consider the needs of the people close to you, such as your own children or your friends. They may need comfort or encouragement from you in order to succeed in their own goals or triumph over their own problems.

Babies for young female

If you are a young woman, dreaming of babies indicates that you may soon be harshly judged by those around you. They may accuse you of having poor or improper conduct or blame you for polluting your social circle through your immoral actions. You may want to mull over your previous actions and attempt to correct any improper behavior.

Bathing babies

Dreams about bathing babies are indicative of future creative problem solving. You might invent an innovative answer to a difficult circumstance you could currently be suffering from. If you are not currently suffering from any problems, then you may conceive a solution to a problem you could be facing in the near future.

Taking babies for a walk

Dreaming of taking babies for a walk outside to a park or street symbolizes pleasurable travel. This symbol predicts that you may have a relaxing trip in the near future, such as sightseeing, backpacking or a cruise.

Looking at babies

Looking at babies in a dream is a positive sign. It signifies that you will be able to secure a joyous and fruitful life. But only if you believe in your capabilities and trust your instincts and judgement when trying to reach your goals.

Kissing babies

Dreaming of kissing several babies symbolizes lasting physical beauty. This sign indicates that your youthful and attractive countenance will remain alluring for years to come, possibly well into your golden years.

Babies close to their mother

Seeing mother holding babies close to her breast in a dream is a positive sign for the future. It represents that you will have a prosperous future and a joyful, fulfilling life.

Babies' little hands

Seeing small hands which belong to someone's babies in a dream is a symbol of triumph. It represents that you may already have or soon will successfully complete a high-risk venture, such as a business project or life goal. If you are currently in the midst of a difficult task, you should consider this sign a representation of your success.

Laughing babies

Dreaming babies laughing loudly and gleefully represents that you will soon receive positive news. The news would make you happier, or it may encourage you to do something good. This news should come from a distant place and be something you may not necessarily expect.

Babies left alone

Dreaming of abandoned babies can be indicative of a current feeling of loneliness. It can symbolize that you may feel left out or unwanted while in the company of others. It can also mean that you feel a sense of isolation through separating yourself purposefully, even if you enjoy the independence it gives you.

Your own babies

Dreaming about babies you are presently parenting represents that you will experience the positive aspects of parenting. The joys of fatherhood or motherhood may soon be triggered by something pleasant involving your child, such as them achieving a goal or them starting a new chapter in their lives.

Carrying babies around

Dreaming of carrying babies around or attempting to rock babies to complacency symbolizes that you may be searching for a solution to a difficult situation you are involved in. However, if you dropped the babies in the dream, you may want to put extra effort into solving the difficult issue. If you do not, it could have severe negative consequences.

Trying to find lost babies

Dreaming of trying to locate lost babies and not being able to find them indicates that you may be pursuing pointless goals. This dream portends that an aspiration or plan that you have may end up fruitless and waste more time than it is worth. You should try and take stock of their objectives and decide whether they are ultimately worthy of the effort that they take.

However if you were able to find the lost babies then the dream represents the opposite of its previous incarnation. Your goal or pursuit may now have a good possibility of coming true and could end up being worthwhile in the end after all. One may still want to take stock of their goals, but now it may be better to consider persevering instead of bowing out.

Babies taking first steps

A dream in which you witness babies attempting to walk or take first steps is a positive sign symbolizing your independence. This sign represents that you can rely on your own abilities and skills when attempting to accomplish your goals. If you perceive this sign, you may want to try to be more autonomous and utilize your own skills more instead of asking others for help.

Babies in a nursery

Dreaming of seeing babies in a nursery is a negative sign. It warns of upcoming betrayal or deception from someone you know well and trust dearly. If you experienced this vision you may want to monitor your inner circle and attempt to be more conscious and perceptive of the things they tell you.

Babies being fed

Dreaming of babies being breastfed or feeding babies infant food is a sign of good news. This sign symbolizes that you may soon receive a message that could bring great joy and satisfaction to your life. One should keep aware, as it is unspecified where this news would come from.

Babies crying hysterically

If you dream of attempting to pacify or quiet down hysterically crying babies, then you have received a warning that your image could be in jeopardy. This sign indicates that you may be placed into a situation where your reputation could be threatened by rumors and gossip and restoring that lost reputation will be difficult. It may be in your best interest to keep watching over your inner circle if you receive this sign.

Well-nourished babies

Having a dream of having or taking care of well-nourished, healthy babies represents that you might soon participate in rewarding activities. According to this sign, your future endeavors should be fulfilling and creative, and any projects would be satisfying to your goals and ambitions. Upon receiving this sign, it may be in one's best interest to consider continuing an abandoned project or beginning a new one.

Babies with their father

If a prospective or soon to be parent has a dream of babies together with their father, then this sign is indicative of the new baby's gender. This dream symbolizes that the new addition to their family tree may be a healthy baby boy.

Babies with their mother

If prospective or soon to be parent has a dream of babies together with their mother, then this sign indicates the baby's gender. This vision predicts that the new addition to their family should take the form of a healthy baby girl.

Babies for elderly women

If you are an elderly woman and experienced a vision of seeing babies in your dream, your future could be in question. This dream symbolizes that you could soon go through a period of extended sickness or even pass away.

Babies clutching on their mothers' breasts

Dreaming of babies clutching tightly and not letting go of their mother's breasts during breastfeeding could represent future financial problems. This sign portends that poverty and not easily solvable financial problems may soon plague your life.

Dead babies becoming alive

Having a nightmare in which you see babies you know in real life lying on a table dead and naked and coming back to life is an ominous sign concerning these little persons' lives. This sign is a forewarning that these babies may pass away in reality.

People you know as babies

Seeing someone you know in real life as babies in a dream forewarns that your future actions may be seen as incorrect. This sign symbolizes that something you might do in the future could result in you being held in contempt by those affected by or involved in the act. It may be prudent to discuss any actions that may affect those around you with someone you trust.

Babies for poor people

Dreaming of babies if you consider yourself poor or financially destitute could be a sign of future financial success. This dream symbolizes that you may soon have hope of gaining a more firm footing financially and being relieved of your financial hardships, at least temporarily.

Babies for a rich people

Dreaming of babies if you consider yourself financially well-off can be a forewarning of a threat to your fortune. This dream represents that someone or something may attempt to steal your fortune from you. It may be in your best interest to consider keeping a close watch on your assets if you experienced this vision.

Babies for females

If you are a female, dreaming about babies could be a sign of your desire or longing to bear a child. This sign symbolizes that you may be entering the reproductive stage of your life, and that you should realistically consider the option of becoming a mother.

Babies for males

If you are a male, dreams containing scenarios involving babies could represent insecure feelings towards the prospect of you paternity, especially if you are sexually active. This dream can be a reflection of insecurities you have towards the idea or suggestion of fatherhood. You may be reluctant to have a baby or afraid that you may make an unfit father for your unborn little one.

Crying babies

Dreaming about crying or fussing babies, whether seen or even just heard, is a bad omen for your waking life, often related to major health problems, but could also be any other sudden major tragedy.

Cuddling or holding crying babies

Dreaming about cuddling crying babies, especially when the crying will not stop, is a sign that deep sadness or emotional turmoil awaits you that will result in many days of your own tears.

Seeing cute babies

The presence of adorable babies in your dreams symbolizes the potential for success, happiness, and abundance in your life. This signifies the birth of fruitful endeavors and the opportunity to nurture and cultivate positive outcomes. Embrace this dream as a reminder of your creative power and the ability to manifest prosperity. Seize the opportunities that come your way, trust in your abilities, and allow the energy of success to flow into your life. By embracing this dream's message, you align yourself with the potential for a fulfilling and abundant life.

Sick or dead babies

Encountering a dream featuring seriously ill or deceased babies serves as a premonition of impending challenges and significant disappointments that may enter your life. This dream's imagery hints at the potential arrival of troublesome individuals, unfavorable circumstances, or unwelcoming events that could disrupt your sense of harmony and contentment. As unsettling as this dream may appear, it acts as a symbolic reflection of your subconscious awareness of upcoming obstacles. Preparing yourself to face these challenges with resilience and a proactive mindset could help you navigate through these difficulties and emerge stronger on the other side.

Playing with babies

To play or romp with your or someone else's babies in a dream could mean the achievement of goals in various parts of your life, may it be business endeavors or personal relationships.

A lot of babies in one place

Dreams about multiple babies gathered in one place can symbolize a need for nurturing, care, and attention to various aspects of your life. It may suggest that you are currently dealing with multiple responsibilities or projects that require your care and dedication. While these tasks may seem repetitive or simple, they are essential for achieving your larger life goals. This dream encourages you to prioritize these tasks and be patient as you work toward your overarching objectives. It's a reminder that even small, repetitive actions can contribute to significant achievements in the long run.

Crippled or disfigured babies

Dreaming of crippled or disfigured babies can be a wake-up call to the negative impact of your bad habits on the well-being of those around you. It serves as a powerful reminder that your actions can inadvertently harm the relationships you cherish, especially with your family members. This dream may be urging you to take a closer look at your habits and addictions, such as alcohol, tobacco, or drugs, which could potentially lead to fatal consequences. Embracing healthier choices and breaking free from destructive behaviors can not only improve your own health but also strengthen your connections with loved ones. By heeding this dream's message, you have the opportunity to create a positive and supportive environment for yourself and those you care about.

Naked, dirty or ugly babies

Seeing in your dream naked, ugly or dirty baby symbolizes that you need to change the way unwarranted matters come into your life and they will need to be overcome or dealt with in a step-by-step manner.

Twin babies

Twin babies are considered a highly auspicious symbol according to the works of Edgar Cayce. His writings and research reveal that twins as babies are a sign often associated with family celebrations that would allow you to reconnect with relatives you normally do not get to see or even meet new ones from distant lands! For instance, you may soon take part in a birthday party, wedding or reunion that brings all your loved ones together for a short time. This period would be filled with a lot of activity and excitement.

Babies dying

The death of babies is a bad omen in the dreamscape. Babies are generally considered auspicious dream symbols since they allude to new beginnings and blessings, but combined with death it can be a metaphor for an upcoming tragedy. Specifically, you could get fired from your job, lose a lot of money or have a falling out with several friends. This does not bode well for your future as you struggle to find your footing after going through several trials.

Disfigured and normal babies

I had a dream my pregnant aunt just had her baby. I went to hold her and the baby had stitches on both sides of her mouth and down her right arm, I got scared and gave her back after a few seconds. My other, non-pregnant aunt, had a baby as well in that same dream, but her baby was just fine. I don't know what this means please get back to me asap, thank you.

Babies represent new beginnings, hope and innocence. A dream of birth generally points to some major changes underway or a possibility of some important issues being resolved. It may also be related to something you have been contemplating eliminating from your life for a long period now, things such as vices, bad habits or addictions. Your aunt giving birth to a baby with stitches indicates that certain expectations you have involving your kin may turn out less than desirable. Alternatively, newborn babies may refer to new additions to your family and their appearance reflects your impression of them.

Killing and dismembering babies

I dreamt I was with people who were cutting up babies and selling their body parts, I was part of it.

Babies are usually a positive image associated with good things happening in your life. However, killing babies and trying to profit from selling their organs or body parts suggests you are sabotaging yourself by trying to get ahead through unfair or illegal means. If you give up your bad habits and do things properly, you may be able to get ahead faster and with fewer moral qualms.

Three babies instead of expected twins

I was pregnant, and ready to deliver, and my mother helped me give birth to twins. (In reality, I have twin boys). I delivered very quickly without pain, but I was afraid that my mother didn't know the process of how to cut the umbilical cord, etc. My mum said that everything is OK and then she went next to my sister who was in the bed. My sister in reality is trying to become pregnant. Then I saw wrapped in a towel my babies clean and ready but there were three, not two.

Dreaming about giving birth to twins in a dream vision, whether you have twins in real life or not, is often symbolic of family gatherings and reunions, particularly those under happy circumstances. This could be a birthday party, wedding, or an actual family reunion. The next sign, seeing three babies instead of the two you were expecting, suggests that someone at this gathering may have an important piece of advice or a business proposition that could be very profitable if looked at carefully and thoroughly. It would be wise to mingle as much as possible during this event and evaluate any offers which may come your way.

Having four babies

I had a dream I had four babies, but only one survived, it was a girl.

Dreaming about giving birth to four babies symbolizes the likelihood of achieving success in some issues that you have been concerned about. The notion of only one surviving predicts that you may not realize the desired results in all the things that you are working on resolving. However, the ones that succeed would definitely bring great positive changes into your life.

Babies taken away for childless

The dream carries a symbolic theme of loss, where the taken-away babies represent your desires and aspirations. In dreams, each character symbolizes an aspect of your life or emotions. Babies often stand for cherished desires, and their separation signifies your feelings of detachment from these goals. This dream reflects a sense of disconnection from your ambitions or the pressure of time passing. However, the dream also offers a solution. By rekindling your connection with your desires and visualizing their fulfillment, you can regain that sense of purpose and achievement. Your dreams then transform into affirmations of your revived aspirations.