Dreams Related To Axe

Someone trying to attack with an axe

I felt like I was on a public bus and then I was on the street in my suburban area. Then a light-skin woman wanted to attack me with an axe, so I ran. Then her brother too helped her to attack me. Somehow, I got the axe from her and shove it under the drain. The axe went further into the drain. I could see the drain, it was very clean and clear.

The public bus in your dream reflects your personal journey in reality. The fact that it was traveling in an area familiar to you could represent your nostalgic feelings toward this place or your contentment living there. In both cases, the woman who tries to attack you with an axe could point toward an upcoming event which greatly disrupts your community or, more specifically, causes you to dislike living there. This could be a change in the social or political climate, but it could also be a general decline in the standard of living. The clean drain at the end of your dream may portend difficulty getting out of this situation due to money problems. If you do not have any money set aside, it may be wise to do so in case an emergency situation arises.

An axe in general

The image of an axe as a general dream symbol suggests your future happiness, prosperity and satisfaction are intrinsically tied to your efforts today. If you are willing to work hard now and put in the time and effort, you could reap the benefits down the road. Although you may not receive instant gratification for your work, the end results would bring you much joy. You should invest in yourself so that your future is peaceful and bright.

Chopping meat or bones with an axe

Chopping meat or bones with an ax during the course of a dream vision is a neutral symbol. It suggests your current efforts towards a goal are either obvious or lack the necessary subtlety to be effective. This is especially true if you are trying to fly under the radar or avoid attention by bosses, competitors or rivals. This vision could be a warning that you need to change your approach or method to avoid detection or complete failure.

Working by using an axe

Working with an axe during a dream vision, whether it was a job or a chore you were completing, may reveal one of two possibilities for your future. On one hand, this symbol has been tied to earning a sufficient income in the future so that you would be quite comfortable and satisfied. On the other hand, it has also been known to point toward finding your true calling in life and being successful based on the passion and effort you put into your work.

Coming across an axe

Coming across an axe suddenly during the course of a dream vision, for example, when you open a closet or reach into a box, could be a sign that danger is looming around you in reality. The sudden appearance of a possibly deadly weapon suggests your subconscious is aware of something or someone lurking in the shadows, and it wants to warn you so you can be prepared. On occasion, this type of symbol is also seen by those who have come to realize the amount of conflict and aggression present in their everyday lives.

Someone with an axe

Envisioning someone holding or using an axe during the course of a dream vision speaks of the atmosphere surrounding you in wake life. Specifically, this image suggests those you associate with in reality are a rather energetic and adventurous bunch, always willing to go out and try something new, interesting or different. You and your friends likely enjoy outdoor activities, such as camping or hiking, and sports. Your connection to these individuals means you are never bored and always have something to stimulate your mind and body.

For women and those who identify as female, this same image of someone holding an axe could point toward meeting a rich, eligible bachelor. While he may not be Prince Charming or a millionaire, his means and attitude would certainly be above average. This man would banish loneliness from her life and be a suitable partner in all ways, bringing happiness and contentment to her days.

An axe for men

For men and those who identify as male, seeing an axe at some point during a dream vision suggests you would be capable of, talented at or well-suited for traditionally masculine tasks and activities. For example, you may possess the skills and disposition to make a good firefighter, military officer or executive. While this may be a strength in some situations, it would be wise to use your talents to your advantage but avoid falling into the traps that come with ignoring other aspects of your personality.

An axe for women

For women and those who identify as female, the image of an axe takes on a special meaning. It portends meeting or being introduced to someone you would consider a real man. Whether you go for more traditional qualities like strength and bravery or prefer more modern men who are in touch with their sensitive side, this symbol suggests this male would soon enter your life. The probability of this occurring depends on how much action the axe was taking in the vision. If the axe did not move or barely moved at all, this man may simply pass by under your radar. However, if someone was using the axe or if it moved around during the vision, it is more likely that his presence would be brought to your attention.

Breaking everything around with an axe

Breaking or destroying objects with an axe in a dream vision, such as furniture or a building, may represent a benevolent force protecting and guiding you in reality. While this type of symbol may seem violent and unpredictable, its presence in your dreams suggests that the wild aggression of your dreams is tempered by the soothing aura of someone you know in reality. This could be a living individual, like a friend or boss, but it can also refer to spiritual beings, like God or a deceased relative.

A rusty or broken axe

In the context of a dream vision, a rusty axe or an axe that is broken is considered a harbinger of ill tidings and bad luck. It predicts multiple negative circumstances affecting your life, including illness, loss and dissatisfaction. You may soon find yourself in a tight money situation, unable to pay off debts or maintain your current lifestyle. You would not only suffer physically due to the lack of money. Your mental health and equilibrium would be affected negatively and become worse than it used to be before.

An axe without the handle

The image of an axe blade that is missing its handle speaks of your ability to overcome the challenges put in your way by enemies and destroy the well-laid plans of your competitors and rivals. While this symbol is normally seen as the manifestation of your own skills and ability, it can also refer to your enemy's comparatively weak state or unpreparedness. Therefore, now may be an ideal time to enact countermeasures or go on the offensive. Your rivals would not see it coming and would be unable to hinder your advancement.

Chopping with an axe

The act of chopping something with an axe during a dream vision, whether you are chopping some wood or a whole tree, may indicate that you are not progressing on a certain task or goal because you are not using the right tools for the job. You may need to reevaluate how you are going about your duties and see if there are any other strategies or resources that could better serve the cause. Once you figure out the error of your ways you can begin to move on and make progress again.

Chopping sound of an axe

Hearing the sound of an axe chopping wood without seeing the axe in question may reveal that you get a lot of joy and satisfaction from spending time with your friends and family. In some cases this vision is seen in response to a recent get together or event where you were able to be with those you care about most, however, it has also been tied to feelings of loneliness and disconnection from not being around those individuals for a long time. If it is the later case you may want to send a message thanking your companions for their presence or, in the other situation, ask if they want to go out together some time soon.

Sharpening an axe

The act of sharpening the blade of an axe during a dream may reveal some physical or mental preparations you are taking or need to take in reality. You may be on the cusp of making an important step and need this time to prepare yourself for the challenges that lie ahead. Alternatively, your endeavors may be less honorable, and you are actually needing this time to get ready for a risky venture. In this case, you are not trying to maintain motivation or effort but rather need to mitigate any possible damage from an unsuccessful attempt.

An axe breaking while chopping

Dreaming that the axe you are using breaks during a dream vision may reveal the presence of obstacles standing in the path of your success. Certain issues both caused by yourself and beyond your control are negatively affecting your ability to make progress on certain plans and goals. You may not be able to overcome these challenges for some time or, alternatively, you may need to rely on the goodwill and expertise of others in order to solve these problems.

Someone threatening you with an axe

When someone threatens you with an axe in the dream realm, it often suggests danger coming from a legal arrangement or document. Some problem or discrepancy may arise surrounding the wording of a contract, affidavit or lease, leading to misunderstanding and conflict. Unless you carefully read and fully understood the terms in advance, it is possible you signed something unknowingly, which still makes you liable to hold up your end of the bargain.

Grabbing an axe

Grabbing or reaching for an axe is a neutral symbol in the realm of dreams that reflects your position in relationships, particularly romantic ones or marriage. It symbolizes your power and influence over your partner, suggesting that either they tend to submit or be subordinate when it comes to decision-making or that you exert your authority to make it that way. Given the power present in this image, the situation is unlikely to change at any point in the near future.

Chopping down a tree with an axe

The act of chopping down a tree with an axe during the course of a dream vision may reveal the presence of people, objects or situations that threaten your well-being or self-sufficiency. This could refer to attacks on your money from rivals or business competition or an assault on your health from a vicious disease. Alternatively, this symbol can also shed light on your feelings about an upcoming task or project, suggesting your heart is not really in it and your want to call it quits. The source of your lack of enthusiasm is likely tied to conflict with those you would have to work with to make the project a success.