Dreams Related To Avocado

Buying avocado from a stand

Buying an avocado from a fruit vendor or stand could predict meeting someone new, particularly someone who does not share the same background, ethnicity, beliefs or values as you. This individual would introduce you to a new way of thinking about the world and interpreting the information around you, ushering you into a new phase of your life and understanding of the universe.

An avocado peel

Hello, thanks for work you guys are doing here. I am a mother of one girl in my first pregnancy. I dreamed of avocado peel and I had a baby girl. Even when my friend was pregnant I had the same dream and she gave birth to a girl. This time I am pregnant again, first I dreamed of a baby boy, secondly I dreamed of a set of twins, a boy and a girl. Last night I dreamed of avocado peel again. Please can someone interpret this for me?

Dreams involving an avocado typically point to the dreamer's dependence on a close kin or friend. In the context of your dream vision, the avocado peel could be an allusion to being disappointed in reality. This individual whom you often run to for support or advice may be unable to help you in your time of need. Meanwhile, the twins refer to opposing ideas and perspectives. Perhaps you need some semblance of balance in your existence. In relation to the avocado peel, your subconscious may be reminding you to temper your emotions with rationality. This way, you would get holistic understanding on the matter instead of forming hasty judgments which could end up hurting your bond with this individual.

An avocado in general

The avocado is a symbol with neutral to negative connotations, depending on the other symbols present in the vision. In general, avocados represent our personal vulnerabilities and gullible natures. Just as the soft soft flesh covers the hard seed, so does this symbol suggest that there is only a thin layer between what can superficially hurt us and what can strike us to the bone. Someone close to you may hurt or disappoint you in some way after seeing this vision, leading to great heartache and sadness.

Another possible interpretation of this symbol looks at it from a different perspective. Rather than being hurt directly due to the actions of others, it suggests that the inaction of those individuals may be the cause of your pain. If you were looking to someone for love and support, you may be gravely disappointed by their lack of response.

Avocado salad

Avocado salad.

If you are deciding to start a project or invest in a new business, this dream means you need the help of a powerful, capable person, who perhaps is even sharing in your aspirations.

An avocado with thick skin

Handling an avocado and realizing it has thicker skin than expected may reveal your growing resilience in the face of adversity. You may find yourself less concerned with the opinions of others than before, particularly those you never really trusted or respected to begin with. Furthermore, you may find that less time spent worrying about other people leaves more time to concentrate on yourself, leading to career growth, personal excellence and lower levels of stress.

Planting an avocado tree

The act of planting an avocado tree with the intention of harvesting at a later date is closely tied to the idea of packing up and starting new. You may soon find yourself with a new career opportunity or a chance to move somewhere different than before. This symbol by itself does not predict if something good would come out of your decision for change, rather it suggests that starting over is what you make of it. Only you would be able to control whether this is for the better or not.

Receiving an avocado as a gift

Being given an avocado as a present or gift is representative of a student-teacher relationship. You may soon find yourself guiding the career of a less experienced co-worker or giving advice to a young protege, Alternatively, you may be the one who receives valuable tutelage from someone older and more powerful, experienced or influential than you. The result of this passing of the baton is sure to be advantageous for all parties involved.

A tree with many avocados

Envisioning a tree full of ripe avocados portends an upcoming gathering or function. You may soon be invited to attend a wedding celebration, birthday party, reunion or gala by someone you know or are acquainted with in reality. This event is sure to bring much excitement and provide many memories for months and years to come.

Eating an avocado

The process of eating an avocado in the universe of dreams is often seen as a neutral sign. It suggests that your current plans, projects or goals would only be possible through the guidance and support of someone more influential, powerful or financially stable than yourself. For example, if you are trying to get a new job, you may have to rely on your current employer or a past one to provide glowing recommendations. Another example may be requiring capital from a wealthy investor to create a startup or market a product you have been working on.

Avocados cut in half

Lots of avocados some cut in half but I was not eating them.

Because avocados are an unusual type of food to eat so often, splitting some of them in half may represent being presented with multiple options or paths concerning some decision in your life. All of these options may have different appeals, but there is most likely one or two that truly speak to you. However, because you did not consume any of the fruit, it may indicate a hesitation to make a decision, possibly for fear of offending those who are offering their help, advice, or opinion on your situation.

Someone giving a ripe avocado

Dreaming of someone giving you a ripe avocado.

Receiving a ripe avocado in the dream realm often reflects being tutored or mentored in reality. Someone will soon take you under their wing and teach you some very valuable lessons. This could be related to business or investing, or it may even be related to family life. The ripeness of the avocado reveals that you are ready to absorb all the information this individual is willing to impart to you. You could really benefit from listening and acting on what you learn.