Dreams Related To Automobile

Driving an automobile

Driving an automobile along the road foretells of high levels of activity and the thriving profit of your business or venture.

Dissapearance or theft of automobile

An automobile vanishing or getting stolen in a dream means major disruption in your plans, plans which are very important for your future.

Purchasing automobile parts

Purchase of automobile parts means you accept more from your life than what the world has to offer you. Be advised to slow your pace or risk losing all that you have achieved thus far.

Selling your automobile

Having a dream of you selling your precious automobile is a bad omen about undesirable changes coming to your life that will catch you off-guard.

Purchasing an automobile

To purchase an automobile means to restore a good reputation you once was accustomed to and to receive the respect and favor that comes with it.

Being in an automobile accident

Experiencing an automobile collision in your dream suggests that you should not get too enthusiastic about party or gathering you may be planning - the results could be unfavorable or even catastrophic.

Parking an automobile in crowded street

Parking in a congested street foretells of a momentary split with your companions or business associates because of a disagreement.

Hitchhiking an automobile on the road

Finding yourself looking for a ride on the road suggests that you will discover a new ability that you possess that could come in the form of talents or skills.

Getting out of an automobile

Getting out of your automobile signifies successfully concluding your envisioned plans and seeing your hard work paying off.

Manipulating various automobile controls

Playing around with the controls of your automobile is a tell-tale sign of unforeseen losses that may come in forms of minor injuries or illness.

Struggling to close the trunk of an automobile

Finding it impossible to close the trunk of your automobile warns that you are too extravagant on unnecessary or useless things. Before it is too late, you must pause and re-evaluate your spending habits.

Broken down automobile

A broken down automobile means that in the very near future, bad news will come knocking on your doorstep.

Very fast automobile ride

Experiencing an extremely fast automobile ride in a dream is a sign that the long-awaited outcomes of your endeavors will be unnecessarily delayed.

Surviving an automobile accident

Miraculously surviving a very disastrous automobile accident means that you will be able to avoid confrontation with a person who is planning to do bad or contradict your way of doing things.

Being thrown out of an automobile while driving

Getting suddenly ejected from an automobile while driving it foreshadows the coming of a very nasty news.

Luxury brand automobile

A luxury automobile in your dream symbolizes your exposure to sudden loses or extravagant purchases.

Handling unfamiliar automobile part

Handling an unfamiliar automobile part is a warning to thoroughly prepare to defend yourself against an onslaught of criticism about your means of solving a problem.

Foreign manufacturer automobile

Seeing a foreign-made automobile suggests you will have moments of superior inspiration that will allow you to discover positive solutions to difficult questions or issues.

Changing the finish (color) of an automobile

Repainting your automobile is a sign of unexpected fortune or physical assets you will be in possession of.