Dreams Related To Auditions

Being present at auditions

Being present at auditions in your dream or witnessing an audition is an indication of good fortune You will find much happiness in life because of the success you will garner in your career or business. This will gain you well-deserved admiration from other people and you will be at a better position within your social circle.

You in charge of an audition

Being in charge of or seeing yourself overseeing an audition is a warning that you should reevaluate your current plans. Whatever you plan on undertaking right now is not the right decision for you at the moment and this may bring you disappointments and hurt later on if you pursue it.

Your own audition

Seeing your own audition is a bad sign. It signifies that the success and achievements you have gained in life are putting you at an unfortunate or a disadvantageous position because you are not handling them well. You became prone to risky behavior and fallen prey to dubious business propositions because of your over-confidence.