Dreams Related To Attorney

Sex with an attorney

I met this male attorney for free legal advice. I had a waking dream about him about a week later and it felt completely real. He was on top of me and we were having sex. During this sex dream or maybe astral sex he told me he wanted to get me pregnant. I was silent for a while and he told me to say yes. It felt like he really needed to hear me say it. Also, in the short time I spoke with this man he complimented me and said I was beautiful and smart and flirted the whole time. He hugged me.

Envisioning yourself having sex with your attorney means your subconscious is responding to his flirtations or masculinity traits in reality. A part of you may be attracted to him, or at the very least curious, so your mind is exploring possibilities of intimacy should you decide to reciprocate his advances. On the other hand, your feelings for him may not entirely be sexual or romantic in nature. Sex in dreams represents a union or a desire to acquire certain qualities of the other person. Since you sought legal advice from your attorney, it means he has something which you need and even want for yourself. In your case, it is legal knowledge and expertise that could help you resolve your problems. Ultimately, sex is merely a metaphor of acquiring pertinent information you need for a legal battle.

Hiring an attorney

Hiring an attorney, whether for a divorce or to file criminal charges, represents an awakening. You will embark on a journey of enlightenment which will allow you to discover new talents and skills you never knew you possessed. You could approach a shaman or a spiritual counselor to help you in a guided meditation to reach a higher state of consciousness. After this spiritual odyssey, you will emerge stronger and better equipped to face up to your fears and fight your oppressors.

Your existing attorney

Seeing your actual attorney in a dream scenario suggests an upcoming trial. Instead of a legal battle, you will become involved in a battle of wits. A family reunion or a casual meeting with friends will quickly turn political and a debate will ensue. Injecting some humor into your arguments would help defuse the situation. You know your strengths and you can easily use them to win any argument, but you also know when to back down. When friends and loved ones are involved, you know better than to stoke the fire because it can quickly turn personal and damage relationships.

Your attorney abandoning you

Dreaming that your attorney runs away and abandons you, such as in the middle of a court session or during an arranged interview in a prison, is an ominous symbol to perceive. It means your friends and family may abandon you when you need them most. For example, if you suddenly have a shortage of money, you would not be able to depend on your family members or close comrades to lend you any. The reason for this is unclear. It may be because you are generally untrustworthy, or it may be that your specific reason for needing the cash is not important in their eyes. In some cases, they may even want to help but would be unable to due to their own financial situation.