Dreams Related To Athlete

Male athlete

Seeing a male athlete in your dream is a sign of bad fortune especially for those who are in sales. It signifies not being able to meet your targets, or that a situation will arise that will give you difficulties.

Pumped up athlete

Dreaming of a pumped up athlete or an athlete with bulging muscles is an indication that you are in a healthy physical condition. This is also a sign that in the near future, you will experience great physical pleasure, in whatever form.

Meeting an athlete

Meeting an athlete is a sign that you seek protection from someone or something and that you want to be comforted. You long for an environment that is stable and healthy.

You as an athlete

Dreaming that you are an athlete tells you that you will be the refuge of someone in need. This person will run to you for help during his or her dire moment, or would seek some form of advise or protection from you.