Dreams Related To Asia

Traveling in Asia

Traveling through Asia during a dream vision, such as visiting Taiwan or doing a homestay in Japan, can indicate changes taking place in your life. Most likely this symbol is referring to spiritual or mental changes rather than material or physical ones.

Sightseeing in Asia

Sightseeing on a trip to Asia in the realm of dreams can be considered a negative symbol, especially if you are a business person or someone who travels often for work. This image is often interpreted as a sign that you would have to go on an exhausting work-related outing where you would never come close to accomplishing what you were sent to do.

Asia in general

Asia, as a general place, topic or idea, can represent discovering or tapping into new aspects of yourself or someone close to you. You may discover a new skill or learn that a dear friend has a hidden talent. Alternatively, this symbol can be considered the manifestation of your growing maturity and wisdom in reality.

Meeting inhabitants in Asia

Meeting new people while in Asia reveals that you would soon have the opportunity to travel abroad. This may be for personal reasons, such as a honeymoon or vacation, but it could also refer to a business trip in some cases.

Living in Asia

Living in Asia in the dream world when you live somewhere else in reality is often a symbol that you are ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery. Just as symbols of Shinto shrines, Buddhist monks or Thai temples evoke a sense of spirituality and deep connection with the self and nature, so does this symbol represent getting in touch with your inner being and making improvements to your life. You may find that you are deeply interested in productivity hacks or watching ideal "morning routines" on YouTube. While there are many ways to go about improving yourself, make sure that you consider your own situation before attempting to emulate someone else whose life goals and present situation are different than your own.