Dreams Related To Artwork

Purchasing watercolor paints

Purchasing watercolor paints in your dreams is a symbol of loyalty. You will encounter someone who will undertake and support what used to be one of your unsuccessful projects, and this person's influence will ensure that your project will become a great success.

It would probably be a good practice to analyze your project or things you trying to accomplish in the time line of several days or weeks. That way, you will be able to see that the good outcomes of unexpected achievements were not just solely the result of your perseverance but also the result of help from someone right next to you.

Painting with watercolors

To paint with watercolors in your dreams can be a sign that your creative nature is trying to find a way to express itself and circumstances are paving the way for you to satisfy this crave to create in the near future.

Trying to tear your self-portrait to pieces

Tearing your self-portrait apart and into pieces is a sign of an approaching intimate yet very comforting conversation with a close friend or lover, although this will be lengthy, the results gained will be very beneficial to both of you.

Handing your self-portrait to someone

Giving your self-portrait to another person symbolizes your plans or intentions will be an enchanting surprise to the people around you.

Looking at someone's self-portrait

To find yourself looking at a self-portrait of another person warns of a looming intense struggle with people in power regarding unresolved issues.

Creating your own self-portrait

Seeing yourself crafting your own self portrait in a dream suggests that people in your close circle find it challenging to understand your intentions and ideas.

Self-portrait in a broken frame

Contemplating on a self-portrait in a broken frame is a sign of a high chance of being sick due to temporary illness or health issues.

Looking at antiques

Looking at antiques in your dreams is a very negative sign. It means you are about to experience a life of upcoming hardships and troubles in your personal or business affairs.

Liking antiques variety

Seeing and liking the antiques variety found in the collection you are observing means you will be able to successfully resolve some conflicts with little or no effort on your part.

Unhappy with antiques selection

To dream of not being satisfied with your antiques selection means you will be enduring a series of unpleasant events that will produce an increasing amount of overall dissatisfaction with how your life is going, which will generate much sorrow?in the household.

Selling antiques

Seeing yourself selling antiques indicates a strive for more knowledge and an increase in intellectual abilities. It can also mean the onset of a season of financial difficulties.

Buying antiques

Buying antiques or receiving them as a gift is a sign you will become the designated recipient of something of value from one of your relatives.

Antiques on display

Seeing antiques on display in a dream is a hint that you will soon receive some type of incentive that has value and is surprisingly stylish.

Piled up antiques

Seeing piled up antiques in a small heap signifies you are getting rid of practices that were actually good habits. It is recommended you bring things back in the proper perspective in your household in order to get yourself back on track.

Unexpected find in antique store

To experience an unexpected find in an antique store indicates that you may lose a substantial amount of weight whether you are potentially overweight and need to lose some or even if you are not overweight.

Being an antiques enthusiast

Being an antiques enthusiast and critic in your dreams is a warning that you need to exercise caution when getting involved in the financial affairs of your close acquaintances. You also want to be careful when monitoring someone else's budget because your assistance may backfire.

Someone drawing you

Dreaming about someone drawing you tells you about your longing to share your feelings with someone. Try to offer some positive feelings and attitudes to people around you. Single people experiencing this dream will have a chance to finally find their significant one.

This dream can also be telling you that the small things you invested in the past may bring great returns. Because of your timid nature and solitude, you may be better off engaging yourself in some social or cultural activity in order to change your lonesome existence to something you will be genuinely excited and happy about.

You drawing

Seeing yourself drawing something in your dream is a sign of excessive idealizing things in your life despite all of the real facts. Your confidence may be undermined when something unexpected or negative comes into play.

This dream can also be an indication of your envy towards those who, in your opinion, have better chances in life. This may drive you to overlook and neglect your own goals and aspirations because of the way you think. Try to accept other people's achievements and successes and concentrate on your own ones instead.

Someone drawing something

Experiencing a dream about somebody drawing something in front of you is an indication of a turning point in your life when you will have to make plans for the future.

Looking at a drawing of you

Seeing a drawing of you in your dream is a sign that somebody really loves and cares for you. Try to reciprocate by giving back.

A drawing depicting others

Dreaming about looking at a drawing depicting other people foretells meeting new people and making new friends or establishing connections along the way.

Drawing landscapes or objects

Having a dream about yourself drawing landscapes or distant objects is a good sign of addition to your property or material possessions.

Posing for a drawing

Seeing yourself posing or modeling for a drawing symbolizes additions to your immediate family or in the family of your close relatives.

Seeing many drawings

Having a dream about looking at a collection of drawings in front of you predicts receiving a lot of good news and experiencing pleasant and uplifting things as a result.

Receiving a drawing as a gift

Dreaming about receiving a drawing as a gift signifies possibility of becoming a very famous and respectable person.

Being unable to see a drawing

Dreaming about being unable to see what a drawing contains or having troubles in discerning what's depicted means that your dreams and aspirations will not come true because of some circumstances beyond your control.

A very vivid drawing

Having a dream about drawing something vivid or colorful means that your dreams or aspirations will come true. The object depicted in this drawing is a symbol of your dream you are after, for example if you are seeing yourself drawing a house in vivid colors, your living conditions will improve considerably.

A drawing pencil

Having a dream about holding a drawing pencil or working with it signifies positive outcomes and respect coming to you because of your efforts and time devoted to something you're trying to accomplish.

Drawing tools

Experiencing a dream about handling or working with drawing tools foretells possible career advancement or promotion at your workplace.

Drawing a sacred icon

Seeing yourself drawing an icon depicting symbols of religion is a bad sign of fast approaching death.

This dream warns you about some idealistic entity you have created in your thoughts, which will disappoint you very soon. You are about to undergo some kind of a test that will prove you're wrong.

A single drawing

Being exposed to a single drawing which grabbed your attention in your dream is an indication of a very complicated conversation or discussion you will be drawn into by others.

Viewing a drawing

Seeing yourself viewing a drawing in your dream, for example at an exhibit or as a reproduction, is a sign of very pleasant news or surprises coming your way.

Drawing a portrait of someone you know

Seeing yourself drawing a portrait of a person you know signifies joyful and happy feelings as a result of meeting this person, it can equally mean a marriage proposal offered to you.

Unable to create a drawing

Having a dream about yourself failing to create a drawing of something or someone you trying to make a picture of warns you about the possibility of your cheating being revealed to others.

Looking at a drawing as illustration

Experiencing a dream about looking at an illustration in a book or a magazine depicted as a drawing is a good indication of your career growth or getting promoted at workplace.

Ballet performance

A dream in which you see yourself observing a ballet is indicative of your peculiar habit of trying to disgrace or debase yourself. It also signifies that you might be involved in certain circumstances or conditions which might be exasperating and frustrating for you, but which you continue to bear only because you are too anxious or mortified to deal with them.

This dream could also be a forewarning that you are either anxious or disinclined to share your feelings with your partner because you are frightened that doing so might mess up your relationship with this person. However doing so would only serve to cause further dilemmas in your relationship and would lead to the possibility of a breakup because your partner would get the gut feeling that all is not well between the two of you. This eventually would cause rifts and possible termination of your affair.

Dancing in a ballet

Dreaming about performing with the ballet or dancing along with it as a part of a performance group is indicative of some positive changes in your life. It signifies that you are currently going to become involved in a thrilling or stimulating assemblage or a get together which you and your friends would enjoy infinitely.

Dreaming about being a participant in a ballet recital could also signify that your imprudent and slack behavior which is also inconsiderate may have outcomes which are not only disappointing but are also ones which you might regret later on. Therefore it is essential how you approach things in life and must be careful of the way you behave especially during this sensitive time in life.

Being part of audience during ballet

Dreaming about yourself being a spectator at a ballet recital is symbolic of the solace and consolation which would be offered to you by people who are your close or near acquaintances. These people might help you get over the grief or distress which has been inflicted upon you by your life.

Ballet couple performing a dance

A dream in which you can perceive a couple presenting a ballet dance is symbolic of the treachery and infidelity which would be inflicted upon you by your current lover or better half. This might leave you feeling sad and disoriented.

A premiere of ballet performance

Dreaming about being a part of an audience watching a ballet recital on the opening night has positive connotations. It signifies the attention and consideration which would be shown to you by certain important people. This in turn would help you progress and improve your current campaigns and strategies and help you achieve your goals.

Watching ballet on TV

Dreaming about scrutinizing a ballet performance broadcasted on television has positive connotations. It is symbolic of the arrival of a new person whom you would soon meet and who would turn out to be your soulmate or companion. This particular person would be exactly the one you have been looking for and who would be with you for your entire life.

Ballet performance going wrong

Dreaming about a ballet performance which is disorganized or the performers seem to keep making the wrong moves has ominous connotations. It is symbolic of the calamity or disaster coming your way. All your plans and ventures would be met with catastrophes. This could be due to the fact that you are not giving adequate time and energy to accomplish these projects.

Creating art

Dreaming of the creation of art in any form is usually a negative sign, predicting the slowing or complete halt of effort or progress on some project or projects that are important to you. This stoppage may be due to logistical issues, health problems, or the sudden need to travel away from where you are working. For women, this type of dream could also symbolize a lover or partner cheating and then leaving for someone else.

Looking at art created by you

Seeing art you have created in a dream vision, be it a painting, a sculpture, or pottery, symbolizes your life as you currently see it, potentially without real meaning or purpose. Admiring the fruits of your artistic endeavors while dreaming is a wake-up call to look at where you are currently in your life and to reassess where you want to go before it is too late to change course or go back. This might include reevaluating your current routine, your relationships or your dreams and aspirations for the future.

Visiting an art exhibition

Dreaming about visiting an art museum or exhibition indicates a strong willingness to give of yourself, especially in regards to work or your career. Perusal of fine art symbolizes your dedication to do your best by any means possible, potentially with the goal of receiving a promotion or being recognized and admired by those you work with in a professional capacity.

Being interested in art

Having a dream vision of becoming interested in or entranced by art, be it viewing art in a museum or learning about art through taking a class, symbolizes gaining a positive outcome from the learning of something new. This art could be represented in a dream by paintings, sculptures, or pottery and reflects the acquiring of a practical skill or book knowledge. This knowledge may become useful in a surprising and unexpected fashion, particularly in the pursuit of personal aspirations or career goals.

Talking with an art collector

Dreaming of conversing or having a deep discussion with an art collector or other art professional is neither a positive nor a negative sign. Rather, it is a warning to be cautious of those you place trust in or rely on. Not being aware or concerned with your relationships may allow some unscrupulous person to lie, deceive or take advantage of you.

Art masterpieces

Looking at an art masterpiece in a dream is a negative sign predicting insincere relationships in your life. Examining or studying beautiful art, either at a museum or special exhibit, could be interpreted as a warning to more carefully consider those around you, particularly close friends and new acquaintances. There is a chance that someone is not all they seem to be and may hurt you, surprising you with the level of their deceit and double-dealing.

Marble statues as art

Seeing marble statues and busts in a dream vision, be they in a museum or special exhibit, is an ill omen possibly predicting the loss of a relationship. This person could be a close friend or family member, but ultimately is likely someone you consider a soul mate or life-long friend. Though the exact cause of this break or separation is unclear, just as marble is physically hard and cold, the loss of someone close to you may cause a coldness or hardness within you if you do not take care.

A bronze statue as art

Envisioning a bronze statue in a gallery or museum during a dream is a negative sign. Bronze art is often associated with possible romantic endeavors, such as flirting, courting or dating. However, this particular type of dream indicates that the person you are interested in does not share your affections or reciprocate your advances. As a result, the romantic relationship you may be anticipating to take place will be unable to come to fruition.

A statue of Themis as art

Seeing the statue of Themis in a dream, whether you are studying it or just passing by it in a museum, is usually associated with being involved in long, complicated and expensive legal matters in the near future, such as a court case or custody battle. There is more to this dream than that though. By paying close attention to others surrounding the statue, you may be able to discern the other members of the proceedings, be they on your side or your adversaries.

Many statues as art

Dreaming of multiple statues, such as an art exhibit displayed in a museum, often predicts separation and loss. Seeing many large statues as part of this dream vision usually indicates either a breakup with a lover or partner or the dissolution of a friendship with someone whose company you value greatly. The cause of this separation may be similar personality flaws or not being able to balance each other in the pursuit of your goals and dreams.

Art represented by a muse

Seeing art in the form of the muses in a dream vision is usually representative of a personal desire to better yourself through either the arts or science. This might include experimentation at either work or in your home or the pursuit of artistic endeavors, be it painting, sculpture or pottery. Dreaming of the muses in art is a wakeup call to consider latent talents and abilities which you could harness and use for the benefit of others and yourself.

Visiting an art workshop

Dreaming about visiting an art workshop or studio is usually associated with positive outcomes. Being in a place where art is created in the dream state predicts fame and popularity, with the respect and admiration that usually accompanies it. In addition, this dream also has another positive connotation, indicating growing wealth or increased financial security compared to your present status in life.

Having a dream vision about visiting an art gallery is a negative sign, usually predicting disagreement or conflict in the near future. This might be a small misunderstanding with a friend or co-worker or a larger fight with someone you consider very close to you. Envisioning an art gallery in a dream can be taken as a warning to be careful in your words and actions so as not to cause rifts in your relationships.

Old lithographs as art

Dreaming about old lithographs, especially when they are envisioned as art, is a representation of your current drive to better yourself. This could be a desire to improve yourself in terms of work, such as learning a new skill or taking on a challenging project, or following a passion, like learning to create art or make music. The pursuit of this endeavor could occupy a lot of your time, but lead to a feeling of fulfillment and satisfaction.

Famous paintings as art

Having a dream vision about admiring or trying to acquire famous paintings is a possible representation of dubious activities you are considering to get yourself involved in. The inclination to purchase items of art within a dream reflects partaking in activities of a questionable nature, possibly related to fraud or deception. Though these actions may seem profitable at the moment, it would be wise to consider consequences of such intentions on your future.

Tapestry as art

Observing a beautiful tapestry in a dream, especially when viewed as art, indicates the desire for a luxurious life. This type of dream represents yearning for material possessions, particularly those of high value, and financial security. It could also be a reflection of your intention to court and eventually marry someone who has inherited or accumulated wealth, so you could basically achieve the same goal. Subconsciously you may even be considering possible marriage candidates who meet or exceed your preferred income level, although it may be wise to consider all aspects before getting in too deep.

Countless art items in a museum

Having a dream about an art gallery filled with an uncountable number of priceless artifacts but being unable to peruse them all due to time constraints is a representation of events in your own waking life. This type of dream is often associated with experiencing many events beyond your control and struggling to find your voice and place within this context, because doing so might bring you more confidence and self-assurance in the future.

Dreaming of many pieces of art but being unable to study them all can also represent a desire to become more knowledgeable in either academic subjects or practical skills. Interest in art while dreaming speaks of interest in broadening your store of knowledge, benefiting you in the near future or further down the road. Your mastery could also earn the respect and favor of those around you, particularly colleagues or close friends and family.

Oil paintings as art

Dreaming about creating art in the form of oil paintings is a negative symbol associated with risk. Producing an oil painting in a dream predicts involvement in underhanded or illegal activities. The result of these activities, if realized or caught at, could significantly impact your life in a negative way, perhaps affecting your personal lifestyle or the well-being of those around you.

Icon-painting as art

Dreaming about painting iconic images, such as sacred religious figures, is a favorable sign to experience in a dream vision. Creating iconic art, such as of the Madonna, predicts success and the garnering of positive results from your current endeavor, particularly when you rely on religious faith or spiritual guidance in your undertakings.

A beautiful painting

Dreaming about a beautiful painting that portrays a landscape or some other eye-pleasing image of nature is a lucky symbol that usually means your biggest dreams and deepest desires are soon to come true. Specifically, seeing or observing a beautiful scene on a painted canvas points to some goal you have had for a long time being finally accomplished or some improbable hope actually becoming reality. This is likely to bring many positive moments to your life in multiple ways as well as joy and satisfaction as result.

Stained glass

Seeing or handling stained glass in a dream portends a flurry of activities and commitments in the coming days or weeks. Stained glass usually symbolizes various opportunities and encounters which would enrich your perspective about the world, so expect to be busy socializing and having new experiences in reality. Alternatively, the symbol refers to a tendency to be distracted amid the frenzy of activities you have to attend to. Hence, the vision also serves as a friendly reminder to remain focused and not lose sight of your priorities.

Tattoos on your body

Envisioning your body covered in tattoos when you do not have any in wake life suggests you would need to leave your hometown or where you are currently living in order to achieve your dreams. For example, you may need to live in a dorm in order to attend university or you may need to stay abroad for an extended period of time due to business requirements. On the other hand, seeing a new tattoo on your body alongside other tattoos you already have in wake life may predict not thinking about the results of your actions before setting things in motion. You may do something unwise or offensive because of your lack of foresight.

Tattoos on someone's body

Looking at or admiring the tattoos which adorn another person's body may actually allude to the fact that others in wake life are being jealous or unnaturally obsessed with you. In a sense, your fascination with the designs reflect what you are experiencing in wake life, even if you are not consciously aware of it. These acquaintances or friends may be justified in their feelings of envy, although it would be unwise to provoke or taunt them. Alternatively, this same symbol can be associated with poor self-esteem and a lack of confidence in both your looks and character, suggesting you desire others to admire you with the same ardor as you show in the vision.

Getting a tattoo

Getting a tattoo during the course of a dream vision, whether it is a short trip for a simple design or an intricate piece that seems to take hours, may reflect your tendency to not think before you act. Your friends, family and loved ones could become frustrated with your behavior and stop associating with you. If this happens, you would likely feel much regret and loneliness.

Body completely covered by tattoos

Becoming covered from head to toe with various ink designs and tattoos, when you do not have any in wake life, may be the manifestation of your workaholic tendencies. More specifically, this symbol reflects your consistent lack of attention to relationships, your health and other areas of your life in favor of your career. While this may help you get ahead in that field, your lack of care and attention would lead to a growing imbalance and, eventually, a complete collapse of your lifestyle. This vision may be a warning from your subconscious, then, to re-examine what you truly need in your life.

A stranger with tattoos

Dreaming about a stranger with tattoos, whether you meet this person in passing or have a lengthy conversation with them, may predict a budding romance between you and someone in your group of friends. While this person could have expressed their emotions fairly clearly, it is possible you have yet to give them a straightforward response to confirm or deny your interest. It is likely that your noncommital words and actions are due to traditional values or current responsibilites which you feel may cause more trouble later. However, these ideas may need to be re-examined if you would like to pursue a relationship with this individual.

Tattoos as artwork

Envisioning tattoos as art or admiring a tattoo as though it was artwork could represent how boring you find a particular friendship or how tedious it is interacting with certain individual you see on a daily basis. Through this unusual perception of beauty and skill, your mind may be telling you that it is time to find a way to improve your interactions, either by incorporating flirtation or trying to broaden the topics discussed. An alternative meaning for the symbol could predict meeting a famous celebrity or other well-known figure in society. This interaction could leave a big impression on you and change the way you think about this individual.

A tattoo in general

In some cases, a tattoo by itself may portend being involved in a trial or put in jail, whether or not you are actually at fault. On the other hand, persistent dreams centered around the idea of tattoos may simply point toward an interest in the idea of prisons and life on the inside in an academic or cultural sense, for example, like how they are potrayed in media and how inmates negotiate power. This symbol is also sometimes thought to reflect being open-minded and extremely tolerant of diverse ideas and expressions.

Someone getting a tattoo

Imagining a friend or a stranger in the process of getting a tattoo inked may represent some misgivings you have about the way you conduct yourself. You may be disappointed in your own behavior, particularly by your lack of care or attention to detail. Despite this, you recognize, at least subconsciously, that you possess some latent skills or traits. If utilized, these abilities may improve your self-image and self-confidence.

Someone completely covered by tattoos

Meeting or crossing paths with an individual who is covered from head to toe in tattoos is an ominous symbol to perceive in a dream vision. It alludes to getting into some sort of serious trouble. In many cases, it would be your fault for getting involved with the wrong crowd, but occasionally this could have been brought about by some freak accident. This series of events may cause your life to spiral out of control and lead to other terrible problems.

Dancing on a stage

A dream portraying yourself dancing on a stage, as if performing for a large crowd or audience, speaks of your envy towards people that you consider much more successful than yourself in all aspects of waking life. You may think they have an undeservedly high income, a baselessly happy family, a larger home and a better position at work for no apparent reason, while you were left with something inferior to that although you are much more worthy. There is a possibility that you may be wasting too much time wondering why and how did these people get so lucky instead of investing your efforts into achieving personal success and a better life for your household.

Ballet as dancing

If in a dream you find yourself observing someone engaged in a ballet performance, consider this to be a symbol of your current sentimental and romantic mood. Alternatively, such a dream could be foretelling an upcoming period of aroused creativity, eagerness and willingness to change for the best, as well as improve any aspects of your life that were long requiring your undivided attention. Just like ballet is a refined and demanding art discipline, your aspirations for personal growth and improvement of your life would require persistent efforts and exquisite wisdom on your part to achieve success.

Making a gift

The process of creating or crafting a gift for someone during a dream vision represents the fine control you have or could have over your financial situation. Your ability to manage fiscal responsibilities, physical needs and wants is second to none, and friends and family alike probably seek your advice on matters of money or investments. Careful attention to your accounts and wallet means you are able to live peacefully and know that your day to day needs are completely taken care of.

Red ink as art

Red ink in dreams generally alludes to a burst of creativity and productivity. Because red is the color of passion and love, the flash of inspiration may come to you as a result of a blossoming romance or the arrival of a muse who would unleash your creatives juices. That typically applies to dream scenarios involving writing with red ink or dipping writing instruments into a bottle. If the ink is contained in a bottle, then that means you are suppressing your emotions or instincts.

Receiving a photograph from someone you like

Receiving a photograph from someone you like, regardless of the scenario or subject the picture may contain in your dream, refers to this person's selfish motives especially if you are friends in reality. The object of your affection may just be using your feelings for their own gain, perhaps by asking for favors or using you to make them feel better about themselves. This attention you are receiving from this person would likely end when they no longer stand to gain from your relationship, leaving you to pick up the pieces and nursing emotional wounds.

A photograph for married

In the dream, you could be looking intently at the photo in your hand or staring at a framed photo on a desk or hanging on the wall. For married dreamers, this photograph symbolizes the revelation of some news of secret about the person or people depicted in the picture. This could potentially be something embarassing or it would put them in a bad light to the extent that it could ruin their reputation if it lands in the wrong hands. What you decide to do with this information would significantly affect your relationship with them.

Taking a photograph for young females

For single, young females, dreaming about taking a photograph, like a selfie or taking a picture of a landscape while you are on vacation, means you may uncover unpleasant secrets or disappointing information about your significant other or your crush. This bit of information could completely change your impression of this person and it would consequently alter your current relationship. So maybe you and your partner may decide to part ways or you may completely be turned off and become disillusioned about your crush.

Processing photographs

Dreaming of processing photographs, whether digitally or inside a darkroom, portends upcoming issues and heartbreaks. The heartbreak or impending disappointment does not have to be romantic, you could experience a falling out with a good friend because of betrayal or finding out that their friendly gestures have been insincere all along. As such, the processing of photographs represents the eventual shift in your relationship and perhaps it would mean the end of your friendship. For better or worse, you would learn valuable lessons during this process.

Photographs on film

Inspecting photographs or images on a film, such as envisioning yourself in a darkroom looking at a film negative before printing the photos, suggests positive developments in your current task or project. You may have been experiencing a slow period or backed in a corner on a difficult project, but this vision means you finally get some headway into completing it. Alternatively, this could also mean that you would soon meet up with or reconnect with the person or persons in the film negative you are looking at in the dream.

A photograph of a loved one

The presence of a photograph of a loved one, perhaps a framed photo of your significant other, a parent or any individual who means a lot to you, reveals your desire to make things better with the person in the photo. If things are not okay between the two of you right now, then you may be contemplating on taking concrete steps to fix the problem. Alternatively, if everything is going well, then you may be thinking about improving your relationship or forging a stronger bond, be it romantic or more professional in nature.

A photograph of yourself

Holding or seeing a photograph of yourself, like a selfie, a proper portrait or an image of yourself taken by someone else, means you are about to find out something about your romantic partner or spouse. Your significant other would most likely be the one to tell you about this new information likely related to their true feelings about you. This dream symbol could either point to an encouraging revelation from your partner or a disheartening one. Perhaps other symbols in the vision would help you uncover the tone of this confession.

A photograph moving

Images or photographs that are moving, like a video recording of a moment or a series of photos made into a GIF, suggest trials and tribulations ahead of you. The details of the moving image in the vision likely provide hints about whether these trials are insurmountable or relatively easy to overcome. In general, however, this particular dream symbol points to a very negative period which, as the moving image implies, you would likely have to go through repeatedly in the course of your life. Depending on your attitude, it may be for the wealth of lessons you would eventually learn or something traumatic.

Your own photograph

Looking at a photograph of yourself in the dream world is associated with dissatisfaction in reality, particularly with your circumstances, living situation, relationships, career and personal appearance. While it is possible that only one or two small aspects of your life are less than you want them to be, in most cases this vision is seen in response to great regret and unhappiness over the current situation. Alternatively, this same vision is occasionally seen prior to reconnecting with or running into a friend from the past, especially if their image appeared in the photo with you.

Another possible interpretation for this symbol is relevant to those currently in a romantic relationship, meaning those who are dating, seeing someone or are already married. In this case, looking at an image of yourself suggests you tend to be a bit selfish, putting your wants and needs above those of your partner. This includes intimate and sexual needs as well. Your lack of attention and selfishness may backfire through, causing your significant other to look for love, attention and fulfillment elsewhere.

A photograph of someone you know

Seeing a photograph of someone you know in a dream, particularly someone you do not see often in reality, suggests a subconscious concern or wondering about their well-being. Because you have not talked in some time, it is possible you wish to get together with them and help them in any way you can. If you do see the person in question fairly often, you probably suspect there is some aspect of their situation they are hiding from you, whether it is out of embarrassment or a desire not to cause you unease.

Tearing someone's photograph

The act of tearing up a picture of someone else in the dream world is highly ominous, as it predicts great tragedy and hardship for both this individual and you. In some cases, this vision refers to the sudden disappearance or kidnapping of this loved one and your subsequent inability to ever find or see them again. Other interpretations of this symbol suggest you would do something to put the relationship in great jeopardy, either by having an intimate affair with their significant other or sabotaging their goals.

Unable to find your photograph

Being unable to find a specific photograph of yourself on the wall or in an album on the shelf is often interpreted as a sign that your way of conducting business is perceived as a bit shady by others. You may need to adopt some more honest, tactful ways of getting the job done, so that others can respect you as a person and not just your results. In both personal and business matters you should carefully think about what you want to accomplish and behave according to those goals for maximum effect.

Taking your photograph to a psychic

Taking a selfie or another photo of yourself to a psychic in the realm of dreams points toward a tendency to be overly trusting or gullible in reality. You may spill your secrets too early in your relationship with someone, when you are still unsure whether or not they are a reliable or loyal friend. Some of those you are sharing with may not have your best interests at heart and are more than willing to use what they know against you if the price is right.

Printing photographs

The act of printing a photo or multiple photographs is thought to represent your personal wrongdoings coming to light. This means that while your original crimes against someone were unrecognized, new facts are likely to be found that implicate you beyond a shadow of a doubt. If you have since become close to or friends with the person or persons you aimed to hurt, they would be extremely disturbed by this revelation. You are likely to lose more than your originally intended target should this happen.

Browsing through photographs

Browsing through photographs at some point during a dream vision can be interpreted as a sign that you would soon encounter someone very unique or with an innate special quality. This individual's personality quirks might take you by surprise when you first learn of them, but they are sure to add depth and richness to your life. If the details in the printed photographs were not entirely clear or visible, you may not learn of your companion's special gifts until after being in their acquaintance for a long time.

Another possible interpretation of this dream symbol points toward the possibility of contracting a contagious disease, either through direct or indirect contact with an infected individual. You should take extra precautions to safeguard your health, especially if you see this vision around flu season.

A photograph in general

Pictures and photographs, as general dream symbols, are seen as a kind of snapshot into the dreamer's subconscious. These symbols tend to reveal biases and stereotypes that the dreamer believes in. They can also shed light on habits and other personal tendencies. Depending on the image seen in the photograph, it could even show sexual fantasies and desires that the dreamer themself has not admitted to. As this symbol is so variable, it should be carefully interpreted based on the other symbols present and the dreamer's situation in reality.

A photograph for unmarried

For those who are unmarried or not in a committed relationship, photographs tend to warn that your recent or future romantic interludes may be discovered by someone close to you, usually a family member. While you may have had the best intentions to keep things quiet for awhile, this relative would suddenly bring your private affairs into the spotlight, possibly leading to embarrassment and misunderstanding. If you are determined to keep things under wraps, you may want to be extra cautious, avoiding places other family members or their friends frequent. However, it may be better just to get everything out in the open, so no one is hurt or surprised by a sudden, ill-timed announcement.

Posing for a photograph

The act of posing for a photograph, in the context of a dream vision, predicts your behavior, words, actions or even presence may somehow cause great trouble or conflict for others in reality. Whether it is simply a case of being somewhere at the wrong time or reacting poorly to someone else's actions, you could cause some serious drama or difficulty soon. It may be wise to keep your emotions in check for the time being to avoid any unnecessary outbursts.

Posing for the camera and enjoying the experience is often thought to be a reflection of the dreamer's personality, namely that you enjoy being the center of attention. You probably like when others listen to what you say and shower you with affection and gifts. On the other hand, feeling uncomfortable under the spotlight may indicate a tendency to be a loner and a desire to be left alone. You probably avoid the public eye as much as possible, only showing up to events when it is absolutely necessary.

Drawing a heart shape

Dreaming that you are drawing a heart shape, like when you are having a summer vacation with your family on a beach and playfully draw a heart in the sand using a shell or stick, could pertain to your regrets of being rejected by someone when trying to get their attention of establish a romantic bond with them. This could be symbolic of your deep seated desire for this person and wanting to kindle an affair in your waking life. Be patient as this rejection could just be a detour for a more long-lasting relationship for you.

Objects and people turning into anime

A dream where certain objects or people become anime or animated, like a cartoon version of reality or where anime characters and things are intermingled with life-like things, is an indication of your artistic sensibilities and creative mind. You may be inclined to pursue the arts, such as painting or sculpture, as a full-time source of income or as your hobby. Perhaps this dream symbol suggests that an opportunity would arise in which you can fully indulge in your passion for the arts with positive results.

Anime characters coming alive

Dreaming that anime characters come alive, perhaps characters from an anime you love or from a popular anime that may be in the periphery of your consciousness even if you have not watched it, means you may be prone to distraction and procrastination lately. While wasting your time may give you novel insights and bursts of creativity, they may not bear useful results or yield productivity. Perhaps this vision is a way for you to get back on track and channel your creativity into something worthwhile.

Creating anime

Envisioning yourself creating anime, drawing or sketching the characters before bringing them to life, may be an indication that you have a lot of unspent or excess energy and you may be using it in a less than ideal outlet. For example, you may expend creative energy into hedonistic pursuits like sex or risky activities. Instead of focusing on improving your craft or advancing your position, you may just give in to temptations because the alternative would take a lot of discipline and dedication.

Watching anime by yourself

Watching anime alone, perhaps using your laptop or television in the comfort of your room, actually means the opposite in reality. Instead of being alone, you would get to spend a lively and memorable time with your friends and loved ones. Perhaps you would go on a vacation or bond over coffee and movies. Alternatively, you may feel frustrated about the way things are unfolding in society and part of this may also be because you feel like you nor others seem to be capable of exacting lasting positive change.

Watching anime with someone

Having a companion while you are watching anime in a dream vision, likely a romantic partner or even a close friend in reality who is a constant in your life, means you and this person would soon spend a good chunk of time together. Instead of a peaceful and calming time, it would be more fun-filled and action-packed. This is good because things may have become boring and monotonous lately so you have also been seeking some excitement in your life. This may come up as a spontaneous trip which would be a welcome change.

Yourself as a child drawing the sun

Seeing yourself as a child who is drawing the image of the sun is often thought to reflect some negative feelings or experiences you are going through in reality. You probably feel isolated from others, unable to connect emotionally with colleagues, friends and family. It can also be a sign of lost hope and crushed dreams, especially after you were denied some opportunity or failed at some task you were desperately hoping to succeed at.

Light directed on self portrait

Light shining on your own self portrait in the realm of dreams is thought to be a reflection of yourself in certain periods of your life. A light is focused on the left side of your face and body means you should be looking to the past for answers to your questions, while a light shining on the right side means you should be looking towards the future for ideas and inspiration. Alternatively, a light focused on the top of your head in the picture could reveal a need for spirituality or a reflection on moral values, while on the other hand, a light shining on the bottom of the painting or photograph could reveal a need to dig into the subconscious for understanding.

Yourself as a superman

Envisioning yourself as superman or supergirl is often thought to be a positive image to see in the dream world. It is considered a reflection of your secure sense of self and high self-esteem. It means you have confidence in general or know you are talented in a particular area. Alternatively, this type of vision is also seen before solving a problem that has been bugging you recently.

Seeing a superman

Seeing a superman in your dream sheds light on your own success and luck. In a sense, it is the manifestation of your own positive energy or emotions, particularly the happiness and excitement you would feel after you accomplish your goals.

Others praising a superman

Seeing others praise a superman is often thought to reflect your own jealousy or disappointment when others do not notice and praise you for your hard work and achievements. Perhaps you should consider looking inward and trying to be more humble. You should rely on the internal satisfaction of doing the right thing, not the external admiration or approval that comes with it.

Being a superman from a movie you like

Seeing yourself as a superman from a particular movie you enjoy may be interpreted as a sign that you are currently dissatisfied or uncomfortable with your present life or lifestyle. Maybe you need to shake things up by meeting some new people or changing jobs so that you can breathe some fresh air into your daily routine.

Having superpowers as a superman

Specifically having superhuman strength or speed as a superman is often thought to reflect a desire for control over certain aspects of your life. For example, super speed may reveal a desire for more time to get things done during the day, while x-ray vision could mean you want to know what others think and feel so you can choose your words and behavior more carefully.

Being saved by a superman for women

For women, being a damsel in distress who is saved by a superman suggests she would soon find herself in a complicated knot of a problem, unable to find one end or the other to work herself out. She would need the help of someone older, wiser, stronger or more clever than herself to make things clear once again. If she is dating or married, the trouble may be in relation to her significant other.

A depiction of an anchor

The artistic depiction of an anchor, such as in a painting or as a tattoo, represents stability, balance and enduring peace. It means your current way of life is safe from outside influences that would try to destroy it. In some cases, it can also be associated with relying on your friends and family for support and their dedication to you and your happiness.

Looking closely at a mask

Closely inspecting a mask during a dream, such as one in a display case at a museum, reveals that a current project or endeavor could suffer complications or setbacks. The source of your troubles is likely to be someone else rather than yourself. This individual may be someone already involved and knowledgeable about your ideas, but it is also possible that they are completely unrelated to what you are trying to accomplish.

Seeing strange masks

A vision including the symbol of strange, oddly decorated masks could be interpreted as a sign that you would soon have to deal with individuals who are attempting to control or use you. They would try to accomplish their own selfish goals by telling you lies, appealing to your desire to be well-regarded or misleading you about their true intentions.

Starring in a movie

Envisioning yourself as an actor starring in a movie means you are a horrible judge of character or perhaps you are drawn to spiteful personalities because you initially think they are cool. Unfortunately, the more you hang out with them, the more you will become malicious and mean yourself. Unbeknownst to you, they could even use your loyalty and gullibility to trap you into a scheme, then make you the fall person when things turn nasty.

Going through old pictures

Going through old photographs and pictures during the course of a dream vision represents much the same as it does in reality. It means you have a subconscious desire to relive the good old days before life got complicated and busy. Rather than looking at physical photos, however, you may find it easier to scroll through camera memory cards on your hard drive or browse old photos on Facebook and MySpace.

Colorful drawings

Jungian sources suggest that a particularly colorful or vibrant drawing in the dream realm may point towards its themes or contents manifesting in wake life. In essence, whatever you saw in the drawing would come to life. Therefore, a bright, colorful drawing of a family may allude to a happy marriage for single people or the birth of a child for those who are married. An image of a multi-colored park could refer to an upcoming vacation or the buying of a fancy new house in an upscale neighborhood. If the images on the drawings were not memorable or remarkable, you would probably just experience an overall improvement in the happiness and prosperity of your daily life.

Acting in a play

Freudian sources suggest that acting in a play during REM sleep alludes to putting on a façade in reality. Freud himself suggested that it means you are envious of someone in reality and want to adopt a more successful, popular persona to compete with them. In part, this may be because the individual you envy seems unworthy of the admiration or respect they get from others.

Showing tattoos to a girl

Me and this girl, we enjoyed each other company. Then we got in the car, my mom's car. I let her drive, she knew the way to our destination. I brought a GPS just in case, we get there and were standing outside just laughing, time passes and we are in another area by now. We just standing outside talking. She ask me if I have any tattoos and I said yes. I showed her mines, I asked her to show me hers. She shows me and then she starts to raise up her shirt, I guess she had a body tattoo, I don't know. But for some reason I look at her face and it's blurred out.

Dreaming about going to a place or destination and knowing where you are going is an indication of starting to do new and exciting things you have always dreamed about doing. These future activities would be related to minor improvements in your life or some major transformations. The notion of exchanging the views of tattoos with the girl you were traveling together is suggestive of your own talents, abilities or recently learned skills which could help you make it happen. You are already making steps in the direction of these changes, but perhaps not entirely sure which one of these aspects of your personality to rely on. The dream, therefore, suggests analyzing what you are best at and applying this particular skill or aptitude in order to succeed.

A freshly-inked tattoo on the side

Hi, could u please tell me... I had a dream and woke up, my mother said "Oh, look... your tattoo" and pointed to a tattoo of black birds from my shoulder down my side. And they still had the plastic on them, so they were freshly-inked but stained. Please explain I'd greatly appreciate it!!

From your description of the dream, it seems that you are very familiar with the process of creating tattooed images. This dream vision could therefore be just a reflection of your recent experience which involved tattoos, such as visiting a tattoo parlor or a shop, or having a conversation with someone about getting inked for the first time or adding more tattoos. In dream interpretation, seeing yourself being tattooed means that your romantic relationship with your lover is gradually becoming mundane, uninteresting and lacking excitement for both. This situation would require either spicing up the aspects of your intimate relationship or look for more serious measures to get to the bottom of this issue.

A tattoo on ex-girlfriend's back

Ex girlfriend had a tattoo on her back (shoulders).

Being focused on the tattooed image on your ex-girlfriend's back in a dream means that she has left something behind, either a physical object such as an item belonging to her or to you both when you were still together, or a memory or emotion inside you which makes you incapable of forgetting her presence. It could also mean there is an outstanding issue between you and your ex which has not been resolved to this day.

Getting ripped off with an artwork

I had a dream that I was buying artwork from a cheapskate and I worked for him. I had maybe 7-10 paintings and some ceramic pieces that I picked out from the shop. I was going to pay him cash and he was trying to overcharge me.

The image of art stands out very prominently in this vision, but, unfortunately, the interpretation is rather unlucky. Buying artwork within the context of a dream suggests you are currently involved in a project or business endeavor that is not going to turn out well. Either the funding for the plan is drying up (along with the support that was once behind it) or, if the task is completed, it is likely to fall far short of expected profits. Additionally, knowing that you already had pieces of art from this store in your collection, particularly paintings, predicts being in a risky situation that is probably connected to the current plan you are working on. You should look for specific trouble areas in your work and try to fix them in order to mitigate the damage their development may cause. It might also be a good idea to avoid new, innovative ways of doing things in favor of safer, well-tested methods that guarantee at least some measure of success.

Ornaments of the All-Seeing-Eye

I dreamt that I walked into this room and saw many ornaments of the All-Seeing-Eye, all around. I guess I was looking for something in my dream, but I was just amazed by seeing all these different All-Seeing-Eye ornaments on top of the furniture and hanging on the walls. What could this possibly mean?

This vision could be a sign that you have experienced an important change in your life without even realizing it. The All-Seeing Eye, or the Eye of Providence as it is sometimes referred to, has been used throughout history to represent various beliefs. It has also been associated with clairvoyance, omniscience, and the ability to look into one's own soul, meaning you have learned of gained a new level of self-awareness. The fact that it was so prominent throughout your dream could mean a spiritual awakening has taken place within you. Remain vigilant for any other signs that might appear to you in the near future.

Drawing a picture of blue ocean

I had a dream that I was drawing the sea with blue-color waves, sunshine and also with a boat. What is the meaning of it?

Drawing the image of a boat sailing the sea with the sun shining points to your optimistic nature. Even though the depiction of this scene contains blue waves, meaning disturbance or change, the sunshine reveals your hopeful view that no matter what happens, it would still be a smooth sailing journey overall. Alternatively, this could be a reflection of your yearning for a calm and peaceful existence. Perhaps your reality is a little problematic and you are drawing this ideal scene in the dream to represent your desire to have less complicated proceedings in the real world. Nevertheless, both possibilities still have nuances of optimistic thinking, which may help you weather the challenges ahead.

A canvas with green and blue sea

Canvas of sea foam green and blues blending together. Author's signature is a coworker.

A mixture or coming together of sea foam green and blue hues on a canvas represents successful endeavors or ventures. Blue represents wisdom, while shades of green can mean growth, wealth and vitality. Your colleagues and the company in general could be cooking up a very lucrative business venture that could benefit everyone if realized. The conception and implementation of this idea needs valuable inputs from innovative and visionary minds for it to succeed.

Statues of Norse Gods

I walk to the the statues of Norse Gods somewhere in a temple that strangers showed me. All resembling my younger sister in height but each had different faces. When I approached the statues I was then on a wooden plank high next to the hand where Odin was holding a fire. I looked down and saw a black worm going into the statue. When I turned back to the fire in Odin's hand it was gone and a black cluster of serpents had replaced it. The room started going black, then I fell off the wooden plank.

Temples, in the context of dreams, typically point toward the dreamer's enlightenment and spiritual growth over a period of time. Seeing statues of the Norse Gods in your dream reveals your yearning for success and recognition. Perhaps you want to escape from someone's shadow and make a name for yourself. This desire would seem to be fulfilled, as the image of the flames being replaced with serpents implies, a symbol commonly associated with receiving much-anticipated recognition or promotion. This means that your time and effort on a task or project may produce lucrative results or lead to others recognizing your talents. If you have a chance to stand out or do something great, your efforts are likely to be rewarded.

Drawing a tree in the field

Drawing a tree in a open field of grass then sitting under that tree in the same setting.

A tree in a wide, open field represents loneliness or some separation between you and others. You may spend a period of time by yourself or even cut yourself off from the outside world to focus on yourself and your life mission. The drawing you created at the beginning of the vision could reveal that you are already subconsciously aware that this is your destiny.

Having an anime boyfriend

The dream was that I had an anime boyfriend and he was a secret agent and we couldn't do normal couples' things like hold hands or an assassin would kill us, so in the dream I got mad and said "i just want to be a normal couple and do normal couples' things!". So later in the dream my boyfriend grabbed my hand, but we had to hide it and then I woke up and I don't know how old I was in the dream or who the boyfriend was.

Dreaming of symbols and images from an anime usually reveals the dreamer's attachment and fondness to this genre. It also illustrates your tendency to escape or get lost in your own thoughts. In addition, fictional characters sometimes embody certain characteristics you admire or want to emulate. Alternatively, this anime boyfriend could be a representation of your creative, dreamer side which can sometimes make you appear distant and a little bit eccentric to others. Hence, this dream vision is your mind projecting your desire to control your impulse to get lost in your imagination and be a little more present, especially during social occasions. In effect, this semblance of normality which you want in the dream refers to your efforts at being more realistic with your expectations, whether in relationships or your daily existence.

Mehendi on hands

I dream of putting mehendi on my both hands and it was beautiful. It's a morning dream and today is Ram Nawmi.

Body arts such as tattoo and mehendi or mehndi are often allusions to a spiritual awakening. They can also signify insights and good luck. As such, you may find yourself blessed with a unique opportunity to enter a new phase in your personal journey. Perhaps you would meet your soulmate in the near future. Alternatively, the patterns on your hands can be a reflection of your readiness or desire to embrace your personality and become more empowered. After all, once you learn to love yourself, you begin to attract positive energy and like-minded individuals become drawn to your glowing light.

Old photographs of a couple

I see old black and white photos from the Victorian era and it's the same two couples and the photo is old and torn and aged and I smell soot.

Usually, dream about looking at a photograph means you need to pay more attention the subject of the photo. In the context of your dream, the old photographs of a couple from the Victorian era may be referring to your relationship with your elders. Perhaps you are taking them for granted in reality and your subconscious is trying to remind you to be a little more considerate and learn to value their presence in your life. Black and white can also symbolize reason or rationality. Maybe your interactions with your elders, such as your parents, are often emotionally charged so you end up regretting some of the things you say or do when you are around them. The state of the photographs could also represent your fragile relationship with them. You need to take care and treasure the moments you have with them while you still have the time and luxury.

Being involved with arts and crafts

I always dream of art work, drawing pictures, first I was at my late aunt's home, I saw myself owning a handmade products, school teaching people to make handmade mats, baskets, handbags, clothes, table mats etc. The next dream I was in my old school. I saw 3 people giving art pencils and art brushes, the next dream I was in a school only known to me in my dreams. I saw people making strings of blue and white beads and other handmade products, I wanted to join them but I hesitated, I left the place.

Dreaming of arts and crafts, either as a participant or an observer, usually depicts a desire to create or pursue a passion project. Art can also represent resourcefulness which is why this dream symbol often appears in visions when the dreamer is experiencing a creative or mental block. In the first dream, being the owner of an arts and crafts school means you are eager to turn your dreams into reality. However, being an owner and not a teacher suggests your lack of practical experience which could be a hindrance to success. In the second dream, you are watching others give away pencils and art brushes probably because you feel insecure about yourself especially when you compare yourself to the achievements of your peers. Perhaps you doubt your skills and abilities. Finally, the string of beads in the third dream refers to your tendency to please others. Since you often prioritize other people's needs over your own, you likely do not leave enough time and resources to spend on undertakings you are passionate about. These constant self-doubt and abnegation only serve as roadblocks to your personal goals.

Drawing bats

Last night I saw in my dream that I drew a sketch of twin bats and a girl snatched it and erased the face of bats and in place of it she drew two faces of girls with red lipstick. What does this mean?

Bats represent minor annoyances or sources of stress in your life. By sketching the bats, you are trying to communicate to others what aggravates you, possibly so they would not add to your irritation. As such, when the girl replaced the faces with the images of girls wearing red lipstick, it means your rants or your honesty could backfire on you. Instead of being sympathized or listened to, you could end up being accused of duplicity and insincerity. It also means that you need to think about your words carefully or you risk being misunderstood or inadvertently hurting somebody.

Deciding to get a tattoo

Female. Indecision about getting a navy tattoo.

Tattoos are normally interpreted as a symbol of permanence or the manifestation of the weight of responsibility. In a sense, they are regarded as permanent changes to the body in reality, so such as sign has great significance in the realm of dream visions. A navy tattoo in particular could refer to a change of careers, but it seems more likely to be a metaphor for a different type of lifestyle. Perhaps you are considering making a change to your way of life, such as entering a new or different phase of a relationship or moving to a new place. This vision, then, is a reminder from your subconscious to carefully consider all your options before moving forward.

Rings and a blue tattoo

A man I know from the past had a silver and onyx ring that was mine and I lost also. He had a blue frog tattoo on his hand and made a point of telling me he had it done.

A silver ring reveals depression and inner turmoil which you are trying to hide from your loved ones. On the other hand, onyx represents peace and harmony, so the combination of silver and onyx suggests ambiguity and struggle between sadness and tranquility. Your emotional instability is keeping you from realizing your full potential. In fact, the blue frog represents a dream or a goal of yours that is out of reach. To gain fulfillment and happiness, you need to gain emotional and mental stability. You have to seek professional help and guidance to minimize internal turbulence so you can focus on your personal goals.

Drawing a house, rainbow and garden

I dreamed about drawing a house and coloring it blue after that. The background was a rainbow and a garden.

Drawing in the dream world is connected with the concepts of idealization and focusing more on a fantasy future rather than a likely present. It is also considered a warning that your confidence in the way things work may be shaken due to your misplaced trust. The objects your drew shed a little more light on what you may be putting too much faith in. For instance, the blue house, the rainbow and the garden landscape all suggest a belief in having good luck or increasing your wealth or possessions. While this may be possible, the degree to which you would be able to do so at your current trajectory is possibly overambitious. This vision could be suggesting that instead of placing faith in less sure methods, like lotteries, it may be better to focus on improving your skill set or reassessing your spending habits, which are more likely to yield good results.

Being in a movie about Apocalypse

I was an actor in a movie where I was one of the four horseman of the apocalypse, it was a comedy kind of like a Marvel movie would be, it was mixed with elements of Wayne's world. I was War and my brother Death tried to get out of helping us accomplish our goals like usual, and as soon as he was dragged into the spirit realm where he was tortured over and over I simply had to turn around and pull him out of the spirit world. It was funny.

Both of the main symbols in this vision are rather serious, despite the rather humorous atmosphere. Being an actor in a movie points towards deception and gossip. Although the rumors may not be related to you at first, your proximity to the malicious comments puts you at risk of being next. Furthmore, the apocalyptic imagery in the dream predicts catastrophe and chaos. Perhaps what is shared behind backs would destroy a cherished friendship or wreck upcoming plans you had made. It is possible the tone of humor in the vision is an indicator of an upcoming separation, most likely with the friend or friends you were alienated from due to these rumors. In any case, you should be wary of any gossip around you and avoid saying anything that could be misconstrued or used against you.

Lavender dishes and paint

I dreamed of receiving dozens of sets of dishes. They were black and lavender. Also there was black and lavender paint real deep under my bed. I paint a lot so I was scooping the free paint up into bottles to use. My husband gave me a beautiful orchid and purple pocketbook with silver chain handles.

Receiving many dishes in the dream world can be interpreted as a sign of positive hopes for the future and a general belief that things would turn out for the best. You do not have any actual control over the progression of some events in your life, but you probably believe that in the end everything would be as it should. The paint you found under your bed is considered a symbol of loyalty, so perhaps your faith in the future is due to the presence of trusted companions who would see you through thick and thin. You would always be able to rely on them when times are hard and celebrate with them when good things come to pass.

A woman and a child in a photograph

A woman with a child in a photograph in a dream means? Could not recognize either woman or child.

The portrait of a woman and a child, or a mother and her child, refers to the fulfillment of your dreams. You have a big goal in mind and, fortunately for you, this dream vision is an auspicious symbol which means fate is on your side. All your diligence and determination will come into fruition. This can also symbolize a blossoming relationship with your significant other. You are entering a new phase in your life which would entail more responsibilities, but it would also result in more blessings and rewards.

Sister with art about wedding

My sister presents me an art piece by her of my wedding moment with the groom.

Dreaming about your sister showing you an image of your wedding can be interpreted as a warning sign in the dream realm. A picture of your own wedding symbolizes soon experiencing a set of circumstances that would challenge you to make an urgent decision. As you consider your options, you would need to be prepared to make a big change in your life. The image of your sister should be considered a warning to be alert and more cautious than usual. This is because there could be someone attempting to ruin your relationship with your husband. It would be wise to avoid sharing personal information with people you do not know well or those who have not earned your trust, as this may be the error that forces you to make the difficult choice.

Painting with deceased mother

I was painting a picture of the sea and sky that mirror each other and I was painting the picture of me and telling my mother how to paint the picture using oil paint. My mother died 5 years ago.

In this vision, there are two opposing symbols. On one hand, the beautiful painting of the sky mirroring the earth suggests some long-held dream would finally come true. This may be after years of hoping and praying for a resolution. On the other hand, explaining how to use oil paints alludes to some risky or illegal activities. Perhaps in order to make the push to achieve your goal, you need to do something a little underhanded, like fudge the data or ignore some inconvenient experiment results. Your deceased mother's presence reveals that one of these paths would bring you great happiness and prosperity. You just need to consider your priorities and morals to figure it out.

A butterfly and giraffe tattoo

I dreamed there was a big yellow butterfly tattoo under my armpit. As I was looking at it, a small head of a giraffe was in the middle of the butterfly. I kept trying to lift my arm and show my husband the butterfly.

The butterfly tattoo is an ominous sign of a developing health issue. Scrutinizing a part of your body to get a good look at the tattoo means you need to undergo a thorough physical examination or health evaluation to check for cancer or other serious conditions. Similarly, the giraffe head signifies danger. Though you may feel fine, your body may be in bad shape because of your tendency to indulge in unhealthy foods and a sedentary lifestyle. It is best to check in with your physician on a regular basis so you will know the state of your health and be proactive when it comes to your well-being.

Drawing tigers

I dreamed I was at work taking notes and I drew a tiger next to the notes in black and white, I was drawing a second one and film completing its stripes in the dream?

Being at work during a dream suggests you are carrying some weight on your shoulders in reality. Perhaps it is even your job itself that is causing you stress and discomfort. Taking notes reveals that you have a logical mind. You probably know that you need a break or a change. For instance, you may be considering calling out sick one day, taking an extended vacation or even quitting and looking for a new job altogether. The tigers you drew next to the notes reveal the need to negotiate with those above you in reality, specifically your boss or manager. Depending on the situation, they may be unwilling to give you the time off you desire unless it is absolutely necessary.

Learning to fight by an anime character

Hi! One of my more recent dreams involves me on top of a train learning sword fighting with Shinobu Kocho from the anime Demon Slayer. I was also apparently in New York.

Dreaming of characters from movies or series you watch can sometimes mean that your brain is simply processing all the content you consumed during the day. When you binge-watch something, it is common to have certain characters or images bleed into the dream world. Other aspects of the dream such as being on top of the train and sword fighting mean you crave excitement in your life. Trains follow a specific and predictable route, so finding yourself on top of it reveals your desire for spontaneity and adventure.

Being tattooed against own will

Having a toenail tattooed on the shoulder, not recognizing anyone doing it or where I am, they have no faces, girlfriend is there but in the distance, wanting to get up, saying I'm gonna kill them as I don't want any tattoos but cant speak up.

Being tattooed in the dream realm often reveals a need to move your physical location in order to accomplish something important to you, such as moving up in your career or attending lessons to advance your education. The toenail, however, suggests that in the process of such moving you would be upsetting the balance in your relationships. For instance, you may have a good support network now, but moving would separate you from those who can help guide and positively influence you. You would need to carefully consider if this sacrifice is worth pursuing your dreams.

A play with a blond actor

Seeing a good play in a theatre with a blond actor on a motorbike.

Watching a good play or being part of a good stage performance during a dream vision can often be interpreted as a positive symbol. It alludes to the fact that although you may be on a recognizable path, the outcome would eventually be worth the journey to get there. The blonde actor and the motorcycle could further suggest that you are ready to take on some new challenges or pick up a new hobby. As your life becomes less complicated, you would have time to indulge in passion projects, like playing an instrument, getting involved in a non-profit or just practicing self-care at home.

Someone pictured on paper

Pictures of someone printed on white papers. I am a male.

The image of someone's face printed on white paper represents soon being forced to accept the consequences of your past transgressions. The individual in the photo may be the one who uncovers your dark secrets, or they may represent the man or woman you hurt through your actions. The only way to absolve yourself is to be proactive and seek reconciliation with those whom you have harmed in the past.

Drawing someone

I dreamed about me drawing someone and the person I was drawing was infront of me.

Drawing someone in the dream realm has interesting implications in reality according to Freudian philosophy. It suggests that you are literally painting an idealized version of that individual in reality. If you recognized the man or woman you were drawing, the meaning is more straightforward. However, if you did not recognize your subject, you would have to focus on the drawing itself to see what features stand out and, from there, determine who you may be looking at with rose-colored glasses in wake life.

Looking at a tattoo in the mirror

Having wings tattoo in shoulder blades when looking at it in the mirror.

Dreaming about observing or inspecting your tattoo, existing or imagined, in the mirror could reflect your desire to help others and which may lead you to distant lands or places you have never considered before.

Someone taking your pictures

Having your picture taken in a dream holds two possible interpretations depending on your current situation in the real world. While this signals that you are self-aware of your discontentment in real life that centers on your current situation or profession, this vision also conveys that you could soon receive some news from your partner or the person you like. This might be a good or a bad one, so it is better to prepare yourself nonetheless.