Dreams Related To Artichokes

Cooking with artichokes

Dreaming that you are cooking with artichokes means that you will be able to come out of a very hard and trying situation in such an admirable way that you will inspire others with your strength and tenacity. Your shining example will touch other people's lives and serve as something they will strive for.

Seeing artichokes

Seeing artichokes in your dream spells of romance. You will get yourself involved with someone new in your life, whether it is a deep relationship or just a passing flirtation, but this person will truly make it worthwhile for you.

Eating artichokes

Eating artichokes is a symbol of veneration and high esteem. You will gain the admiration of people you are trying to impress or approach, particularly in the workplace. It can also refer to winning the heart of someone you desire romantically.

Spoiled or rotting artichokes

Spoiled or rotting artichokes signify having your heart broken because of a separation. If you are married, it tells you of an impending separation or divorce from the person you love. If you are single and involved with someone, it means having a break-up. Either way, it is a tragic sign of gloom and heartache.

Making someone eat artichokes

Making someone eat artichokes or offering artichokes to someone like a child or someone dear to you, foretells of a huge obstacle that is about to come your way. You will soon be faced with a difficult roadblock that would seem unconquerable on the road to reaching your goals in life. Do not be disheartened though and keep on working towards your dreams.