Dreams Related To Aroma

Aroma from food

Smelling an aroma from food sources or a dish tells you of an upcoming artistic encounter. You will soon find enjoyment being exposed to the beauty of art while visiting a museum, attending a concert and the like.

This also indicates that your exposure will open your mind and you will be able to tap into your creative self. You will open your imagination and realize that you can also put your artistic side to use. Use this experience to enrich your soul and develop your creativity.

Strong perfume aroma

A very strong perfume aroma that comes from your own body or clothes indicates self-satisfaction. You are contented with your life at the moment and find pride in the big and small accomplishments you have done.

However, this is only a sign that you are on the right track towards self-improvement. Do not sit on your laurels for you still have a lot to achieve in life. You have yet to gain more successes if you work on it so keep on striving and pushing forward towards greater heights.

Memory-triggering aroma

If a memory-triggering aroma or a scent that triggered something in your past is in your dream, expect something very major to happen in your life. This is a forewarning that your life will turn mostly for the worse because of an event or incident in the future. Be careful and open your eyes so that you will be prepared for whatever happens.

Aroma you do not like

Smelling aroma you do not like means that you are about to be involved in a conflict or a long quarrel with someone who is very close to you. This will torment you for some period of time.

Aroma exuded by a person

An aroma exuded by a person sitting next to you or close to you is an indication that you will soon face some very tricky and uncomfortable situations with people you hardly know. Learn to face these incidents with tactfulness and subtlety so as to help you get out of these scenarios.

Pleasant aroma

Smelling pleasant aroma in your dream is a sign that someone you respect will play the role of your mentor. This person will be able to lead and guide you towards accomplishing your plans in life.

Aroma from unknown source

If in your dream you smell an aroma from an unknown source, this is a symbol of sexual satisfaction. You find real, great pleasure from your partner especially when it comes to fulfilling your physical sexual needs.

Aroma from an apparent source

If there is aroma from an apparent source in your dream or you happen to see where an aroma is coming from, this is telling you that you have to put more effort into your personal life. You should inject more creativity and imagination in your life so it becomes more meaningful to you.

You as a source of unpleasant aroma

If you are the source of an unpleasant aroma, this is a symbol of being in trouble. You are involved with something that is unlawful or indecent with or without your knowledge. Take precaution because this can harm your career, or even your life.

A cloud of aroma

If you are in a cloud of aroma, this is a sign of good fortune coming your way. You are about to experience something that will bring you happiness, such as good news or some form of amusement. Either way, you will soon be delighted by something that will come in your life.

Choosing between different aromas

Choosing between different aromas or substances with various aromas is a symbol of fear and indecision. You are afraid of deciding on a very important but difficult matter, because you think that it will be disadvantageous to you. However, your fears are unfounded because in the end, you will prove to yourself that things will be better than you expected.

Your fears can be based on what other people are telling you. Try not to listen too much to what others are saying and instead, rely on your instincts and personal judgement. You are wiser than you think you are and capable of making major decisions affecting your life. Follow what your heart is telling you.

A sudden burst of aroma

A sudden burst of aroma tells of finding something that is lost. You will be able to find something that you thought is forever gone. This will bring you much unexpected joy and happiness.

Flower aroma

Smelling flower aroma in your dream is a symbol of upcoming romance. You are about to meet somebody who will make you fall in love again. It is also a sign that somebody you know is in love with you with or without your knowledge of it.