Dreams Related To Archway

Under an archway during wedding

Getting married in a white dress which had three gold bands around the arm, with a flower headband, the man was wearing white too. We were underneath a golden archway barefoot in the grass, afterwards running and playing in the grass while rolling around and there were flower engravings on the archway also.

The numerous symbols in this wedding scenario convey an important message about an existing relationship in your life. First of all, getting married is generally a good omen about blessings coming your way. The white dress is also an auspicious symbol signifying improvement, peace and lightness. In addition, the flower crown is a symbol of your accomplishments and influence gained through hard work. However, the gold bands suggest getting robbed, fooled or manipulated by someone you trust. The barefoot running in the grass represents a happy-go-lucky person who may sometimes become careless and get you into trouble as a result. This person could make another mistake soon and you would have to fix the problem once again. Finally, the flower engravings represent your compassion and commitment into making this partnership work. Perhaps your shared experiences and memories are enough for you to hold on and put up with certain inconveniences. You are in it for the long haul.