Dreams Related To Archive

Trying to find an archived document

Trying to find an archived document or searching through an archive for a particular document is a sign that you are about to miss someone whom you have lost touch with. This person is someone you value a lot but because of distance, time constraints or other priorities in life, you have lost connection with this friend of yours. Try to rekindle your friendship by staying in touch with your friend.

Archive employees

Dreaming of archive employees or people who work in an archive is a warning against deception or unwanted exposure. Some people who are close to you are about to betray your trust. This will lead you to unexpected pain and disappointment. This can also mean having one of your well-kept secrets exposed to a lot of people, and something from your past that you do not wish other people to find out will be revealed.

Dusty archive papers

Dusty archive papers in your dream or going through some very old archive papers is an indication that you are being held captive by painful memories from your past. These memories will linger on for a while and will rule the way you live your life.

Looking at an archive

Looking at an archive or archival documents means that you always use your imagination and creativity when approaching challenges or problems in life. You always strive to show some originality in the way you handle various situations in life and this makes you very special.

Unauthorized access to an archive

Unauthorized access to an archive or being able to gain access to an archive building illegally is a sign that you are being careless in the way you make decisions in life. This might lead you to major changes that may bring some unexpected and unwanted consequences, so try to be more mindful of how you decide.

Working as an archivist

Dreaming of working as an archivist is a bad sign. You will soon be entrapped in a dangerous situation that can either harm your life or destroy your reputation. Learn to use your instincts in this incident. This can be the only weapon you can use to save yourself.

Studying archived documents

Studying archived documents or poring through piles of archived documents tells you that you need to use your creativity more in order to achieve the goals you have set. Learn to be more imaginative and crafty in how you go about things in order to succeed. You will need a lot of time and energy in order for you to reach your goals and being prepared will help a lot.