Dreams Related To Appearance

Changes in own appearance

I wake up as a fairly slim woman with long, loosely curled hair, light brown, with a streak of bright red, hair in it, wearing a leather jacket, heeled boots, some kind of dress. It feels like a "new reality", I make my own movements. I look in a mirror in an office bathroom, and I don't look like my normal self, darker eyes, skin-tone is less pale, different face. I like what I see. I then met with a woman, asking what happened to my old body, she then wants me captured. I jump out the window, onto a crane, climb down, drive off, wonder if I should go back for answers, or enjoy this new me.

Given the complexity and amount of details in this vision, it is difficult to come to a concise interpretation. Imagining yourself in a new reality suggests some disappointment or stress in wake life which your subconscious wishes to alleviate. This same theme can also be seen in your reflection, which does not show you for who you really are. Having different features than your real self indicates rejection among your peers or co-workers, possibly because they do not understand or accept some aspect of your personality or lifestyle. Additionally, hair and hair colored twice usually symbolizes internal struggles with a decision or choice. You may be considering hiding or burying some part of yourself in order to be included in a certain social circle. This dream does not provide a solution to your dilemma, but does suggest that soul searching and time are needed to come to an appropriate decision. If you put off taking care of this issue, you may develop depression or other emotional problems.

Complimented about appearance by family

I dreamed about me, my mother, and my older sister, going on a trip (which we're going on tomorrow). On the trip, my mom took photos of me and my sister. We looked through all the photos. They said I was pretty, just hard to find the moment. I was kinda flattered, they never told me that. The last time they commented on my appearance was 3 years ago and it wasn't a good one.

Being beautiful in a dream vision, particularly if comments to the opposite effect have been made before, is a highly auspicious sign pointing toward positive changes taking place in your life. These changes could come in multiple forms, such as receiving good news or meeting someone who brings special meaning to your days. This happiness is also likely to extend outward letting others see how truly happy and blessed you are.