Dreams Related To Apocalyse

People vanishing during an apocalypse

It was the end of the world. The last day was on repeat, but one tiny thing would change each time. People were vanishing as well as my loved ones and myself. Then I had sex with an ex-boyfriend 15 years ago and I didn't like it.

Dreaming of the end of the world or the apocalypse points to a significant change. You may be on the verge of a personal transformation. Perhaps you feel the need to change your lifestyle or attitude for the sake of your well-being and maybe even a better future. Sex with your ex-boyfriend is a bad sign that an old conflict or issue will be returning to your life. Perhaps this would be the catalyst that would make you decide to leave the past behind and change for the better.

Living underground after apocalypse

I dreamed about a post-apocalyptic world where we would be forced to live underground in small communities and relocate from one community to another through tunnels.

Dreaming of a post-apocalyptic world often portends going through some catastrophic or cataclysmic event that shakes the very foundations of your life. The period of time that follows is likely to be very challenging for you. However, living in an underground community and traveling through tunnels could point toward finding ways to turn this hardship into a blessing or opportunity. It may require some creativity and hard work, but the results could be surprising.