Dreams Related To Anxiety

Having an anxiety attack while at school

I was in a school and in a class, we were all sitting on the floor cross-legged like we used to when we were younger. I can't remember how it happened, but I started crying. I think it was a panic attack and ran out the room. The teacher started chasing me down the corridors saying "You can't keep blaming things on your anxiety" and "Stop being overemotional". I remember the school was quite dark and it felt cold and there were no other classes in the school other than the one I was attending.

Depending on whether you suffer from depression or anxiety in real life, this vision could have a very literal interpretation. School settings in dream visions are usually associated with higher than normal stress levels in the waking world. If you are a student, you may be under pressure from your parents to get good grades or to fit in with your peers. If you are a working adult, you may have a tight deadline that you need to meet. In either case, the words of this vision are quite telling, suggesting that your subconscious does not think you should make excuses for yourself. You may need to ask others for help and support, but the road to getting better can only be traveled one step at a time.

Feeling anxious when calling for help

I've had a repetitive dream about an emergency happening and I try to call the police, but I can't dial the number correctly and it takes too long. I feel serious anxiety and panic in the dream. What does it mean?

This vision is very likely a prediction of a similar situation occurring in wake life. Trying to contact the police but having difficulty dialling the number in a stressful situation suggests you could be easily shaken and become disoriented during an emergency. However, this warning also allows you to make contingency plans, for example, programming your speed dial or updating your emergency contact information.

Feeling anxiety after a murder

I dreamed that I killed one or two people, I don't think I know them or know why I did it. I get the feeling they wronged me in some way, but I don't remember committing the act, I just know in my dream that it happened. I also fear that I will be caught or the bodies will be found and that I will be a suspect. It's horrible guilt and anxiety. I wake up so relieved it is just a dream, but it has re-occurred and I wonder what it means?

Killing someone in a dream vision is often not about the actual act of murder, rather it signifies your desire to end a certain type of behavior or feeling within yourself. In this case, multiple killings over the course of re-occurring visions may also be influenced by the recent media coverage of such carnage, especially if your visions did not possess any rhyme or reason for the deaths. The nature of your dream, then, suggests you are actually a peaceful person who desires to see the end of violence and the growth of understanding among all people.