Dreams Related To Amphitheater

Being inside an amphitheater

Being inside an amphitheater is a sign of taking lengthy travel overseas. You could also find yourself being surrounded by some very interesting and exciting people, and socializing with them will make your traveling experience a very memorable time for you.

Tripping over a step in amphitheater

To see yourself tripping over a step in an amphitheater means that while you are involved in your business affairs, traveling will become a meaningless and costly option. Even the strategic planning done before taking business trips will not help make the trips any more effective than they would be if they were not planned.

Size of amphitheater

Finding yourself being overwhelmed by the size of an amphitheater is a sign that you are finally opening up and getting out there to meet others you've never really considered paying any attention to, and now you are actually having fun with these people whenever you take time to hang out with them.