Dreams Related To Alone

Feeling alone

Feeling alone in a dream means the opposite in reality. It means you are surrounded by good friends and family who would be there through your ups and downs. It is a rare thing to have people in your life whom you can trust completely. As such, this dream symbol represents your luck in finding genuine friends and loved ones. Instead of feeling alone as in the dream you had, you would never have to experience this kind of loneliness, so try to take care of the real friends you have.

Living alone

Living alone is often associated with loneliness, however as a dream symbol it is actually a positive thing. Envisioning yourself living alone means you would soon enjoy the freedom you have been craving. This sense of independence may be about living on your own and standing on your own two feet or it could be a more specific sense of independence. For instance, you could gain the opportunity to indulge in some creative independence, allowing you to implement your vision as faithfully as you want to.

Being extremely lonely

Dreaming that you are feeling extremely lonely despite being surrounded by people may be an indication that you need to take some time off. You may be having a hard time focusing on your needs and overall well-being because there are too many things happening, such as work responsibilities and other commitments. Maybe this is your subconscious reminding you to reflect and take a step back so you can clear your mind and discover solutions that may be hard to come by in your current state of disarray.

Alone during holidays

Dreaming that you are alone during the holidays may reveal your tendency to be a bit self-centered. Perhaps you would rather focus on your needs instead of helping out others or worrying about their problems. This kind of attitude may alienate you from your friends and loved ones. Maybe instead of running to you, they would just prefer not to get too close since their affection and friendship may not be properly reciprocated. In a sense, the dream is a premonition of how your life would look like if you always prioritize yourself.

Alone in a dark room

Female, self sitting in a wooden chair in a small four-wall, black room hands folded in lap, legs crossed staring into the darkness alone. It's pitch black, no noise or beings. Strong fear sense. No motion. Same dream if I wake up and fall back asleep. Every night...

A dark room in the dream world symbolizes the dreamer's worries and anxieties over uncertain outcomes. You could be stressed out over a responsibility or a relationship which you think is not what it appears to be. The shadowy female figure in the chair may be a representation of your fears towards an individual or a situation that is unfamiliar to you. Perhaps you feel as if certain people, or even your own limited experience, are keeping you from making a clear judgment or opinion about something of great importance and this state of mind makes you feel tense and uncomfortable.

Being alone

I have had two reoccurring dreams. Both I was alone. One was about being alone in a big house and it was cozy inside and storming outside. The other was me traveling the world alone.

Dreaming of being alone likely pertains to feelings of isolation and rejection. You could be feeling neglected or misunderstood. Then again, it could also mean that you have a tendency to isolate yourself or become detached from your surroundings. The first dream of being by yourself in a big house while it is storming outside symbolizes disconnection. Perhaps you realize that you are unable to empathize with the problems of others because of your privilege. Thus, this could become a lonely existence. On the other hand, solo travels refer to your quest towards self-awareness. In order to empathize and understand the plight of others, perhaps it is necessary to reflect on your own feelings and behavior.

Walking alone in the dark

Traditional sources of dream interpretation suggest that walking around alone in the dark is actually synonymous with blindness in wake life. This does not refer to literal blindness, however. In this case, your dream could be alluding to spiritual or emotional blindness. For instance, you may not think you have a rational reason for behaving a certain way because you have not taken the time to analyze your thoughts, feelings and experiences. As such, this vision should be considered a message from your unconscious self to be more mindful of your actions and reactions.

Alone in a childhood town

Female. I was in a small town I used to live in and nobody was there. I kept looking around and inside houses, but I couldn't find anybody.

A dream that takes place in your childhood or your past reveals nostalgia. Perhaps your current situation has triggered your sentimental side, so you are looking back at memories and past experiences. You could be looking for answers for a present predicament and you think you would find it from locales, personalities and experiences during that chapter in your existence. Unfortunately, you may have come up empty. Your subconscious may be telling you to stop dwelling in the past so you can move forward to a better future.

Someone complaining of being alone

Dreaming of hearing or talking to someone who is complaining about being alone could be a subconscious suggestion that someone you know needs help. This person may be feeling lonely and seeking out attention and affection. Maybe you sensed this person's loneliness in real life and his or her cry for help has been projected into your dream. While you may not be close friends in reality, even just listening may lighten the load and make him or her feel less alone.

Finding someone after being alone

Dreaming of finding a kindred spirit or some company after being alone in your dream is likely an indication of a fateful encounter in reality. Shortly after this dream vision, you may come across a ragtag or eccentric group of people who would make a significant impression on you. This extraordinary group or individual may inspire you to follow the beat of your own drum and not worry too much about what other people would say or how they will judge you for your unconventional actions or behavior.

Being alone for married

Married dreamers dreaming about being alone could be affected by marital issues. These issues may not be evident at the moment because one or both of you are in denial or avoiding the matter altogether. Unfortunately, this tactic would only make the problem worse. In a sense, this dream could be the warning sign telling you that the issues are progressing because you are not talking about it. If not properly communicated to each other and resolved accordingly, this could cause the collapse of your relationship.

Crying because of being alone

Dreaming of crying because you are alone in a dream is actually a positive dream symbol. It means you would soon attend lively gatherings or parties where you would meet nice and interesting personalities. You may have been feeling isolated or bored lately, so your mind projected your misery into this dream scenario. Fortunately, you are not the type who would willingly close yourself off from society, so eventually you would seek out the company of others. In the process, you may find the best friend you have been looking for.

Unable to find anyone while being alone

Envisioning yourself all alone in a dream and unable to find anyone else points to an unexpected situation that would occur in the near future. While this event or circumstance would catch you by surprise, it is one of those things that would turn out to be a pleasant or happy occurrence. This may have something to do with solitude and introspection. Perhaps in trying to find what you are looking for outside of you or in other people, you would reach a realization about your own strength and capability to succeed without the help of others.