Dreams Related To Airplanes

An airplane crashing into a big building

I had a dream last night where an airplane had crashed into, what I sensed to be, the World Trade Center. I was in the lobby and pried open four doors to help people escape. I then was in the water, the plane had gone through the building completely intact. The plane was in the water, in pieces, and I was bobbing around, making sure everyone was okay. I remember taking special note of the cockpit, which was completely intact.

Witnessing the events stemming from what seems to be related to a terrorist attack unfold in this dream vision predicts being blamed and disgraced for some occurrence which you had nothing to do with. Even though you think you were not involved in or connected to what had happened, your friends and loved ones may doubt your credibility or innocence based on your recent comments or actions. Your desire to make sure everyone was safe in the aftermath of the dream, even going so far as to swim through the remnants of the plane crash, suggests that while you may be tempted to go to someone else for help, it is better if you try to figure out a solution to your troubles on your own. Getting others involved may only make the situation more complicated and daunting.

Traveling on a plane with everyone dead

I dreamed I was on an airplane going somewhere in a business suit and then I realized everyone on the plane was someone I had known and they were dead. Someone kept trying to open the door of the plane and I felt the air and the pull.

Flying in an airplane during the course of a dream vision is often indicative of some precarious position you are currently in. Just as you have no control over an aircraft or the turbulence when you are aboard a plane, so does this symbol suggest going through troubles which have popped up out of nowhere and are unaffected by your actions. This is followed by the image of the business suit, a sign which amplifies the severity of you current position. The source of your troubles could be environmental or related to the weather, as the multitude of dead people could be associated with climate, both literally and figuratively, that is not ideal for your current endeavors. It seems, then, that this vision is showing your the futility of your attempts to control nature and suggests you should work with it rather than against it.